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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 9

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Episode nine
Alexa’s pov
It’s been a month since kyung seok and his mom left for korea and i’ve not recieved any call from kyung seok’s mom.I’ve tried calling her but it kept saying not reacheable. My phone beeped indicating that i have a message,i picked my phone and checked it, then screamed loud jumping on my bed.
Whats wrong mia asked rushing in worriedly,excuse me i said pushing past her and walked out of my room, running downstairs and yelling mom’s name all the way down. Mom i called again but there was no reply. Mom is not at home i heard mia say and i turned round to find her standinf behind me. I thought today is her day off i replied. Well i think is in a critical condition and a surgery was needed quickly mia said again while i kept mute.
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Why were you bleating like a goat in labour mia asked. It’s non of your business and it takes one to know one i said and winked while mia glared at me angrily.
⏩Fast forward⏩
Mom how was the surgery i asked mom who just returned. Twas successful mom replied, then stopped on her tracks and walked towards me while i stared at her confused.
Are you alright, like maybe fever or something mom asked with a puzzled look. I’m fine mom i whined.You never ask about my surgery except……..I won a
scholarship to an english high school in korea i said to mom squealing in excitement.
No wonder you asked how my surgery went,and why are you excited, i’ve not given my permission yet mom said and my smile turned to a frown.
Well when are you leaving mom asked, two days from now i replied. Hmm so soon,okay go get your things ready, i need to go take a bath i’m exhausted mom said yawning and i smiled happily.
Mom!! you’re not even going to investigate, you letting her go just like that mia yelled after mom who didn’t even pay her attention. Joy killer you’re just jealous i said showing her my butt which she kicked angrily

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