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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 8

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Episode eight
Alexa’s pov
Mom i bought some grilled meat while coming over i said bringing it out of the nylon bag an unwrapping it from the newspaper. Is it healthy kyung seok said stuffing some grilled me into his mouth, was the man clean he asked while i let out a small growl.
Everyone’s not like you and your hands the only thing thats gonna make this grilled .meat unhealthy if u keep taking from it i said and he glared at me
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Maybe he’s your dad, that’s why you’re defending him he said and scoffed. Kyung seok!!! his mom yelled. its okay i said a little sad, even though i kind of hated my dad for what he did, i still had a soft spot for him. I dont have a dad i said and you can insult him if you like you’re only insulting the idiot who left my mum i said cos i badly wanted to insult his dad too but it’d be inappropriate cos his mom was here.
I watched as kyung seok’s face was filled with guilt. Why dont you show her your room kyung seok’s mom said nudging him by the arm trying to brighten the air. What!! i exclaimed theres no way i’m following this crazy being to his room i said and folded my arms. And there’s no way i’m taking a black ugly bitch to my room kyung seok said and i scoffed
Before i forget we’ll be leaveing to korea tomorrow kyung seok’s mom said while eating some grilled meat. Why i asked surprised. There was a change in plan my husband wants me to take care of something in the company since the crisis has died down.
And also they want the city’s sweet back, i’m their oppa you know, one of the top
five most handsome guy Kyung seok said smiling. The people who added you
among the top five most handsome are blind, i mean someone as ugly as you i said
with a sigh. Plus i never asked you to talk, i was talking to mom only i said and
rolled my eyes
I had fun with kyung seok’s mom even though i quarelled with kyung seok through out.

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