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I’m Proud To Be Black – Episode 6

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Episode six


Alexa’s pov


Um i kissed….I mean he kissed… No sorry mia stuttered and i quickly stepped on


her leg indicating for her to keep shut.She’s not a good liar, she’ll only get herself caught.


Mom you remember that sophia girl i said staring at mom who nodded. Yes the one who stole mia’s mom added. Yes i and mia caught her kissing a guy, we were just saying that if we were to be the one who kissed a guy and you found out we’d be dead, right mia. Yes mia said nodding.


Ok the lady who dropped you guys after you both went to the supermarket she’s here mom said. Oh!! kyung seok’s mom i replied. Yea she wants you to show her around since she’s new here, go get dressed mom said and walked out. Thank you mia muttered holding her chest as soon as mom left the room. keep on kissing someone who doesn’t brush his teeth i said and mia threw her pillow at me.



⏩Fast forward⏪

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I had a really great time exploring this place with you kyung seok’s mom said while i smiled. Oh!! and thats cold stone i said pointing at a big building ahead of us. So what do they sell there she asked curiously. Ice cream is sold there, really delicious ice cream i said clasping my hands. would you like some ice cream then kyung seok’s mom asked. Oh no ma’am you’ve bought enough for me already.


What’s with you calling me ma’am, just call me mom instead. ok ma’am … Sorry i mean mom i said and she smiled. I’ve always wanted a girl child so when i was pregnant for kyung seok’s little brother, i thought he was a girl and bought every thing a girl would need but after giving birth he was a boy she said in a sad tone. So call me mom she added quickly.


Korea is my dream country, i’ve always wanted to be there but mom wont let me go there even though she’s capable of sending me there. So i think not every thing we’ve planned goes as we want them to be, so dont be sad and i promise to be a good daughter i said smiling at her.


Wait you said korea is your dream country she said looking at me. Yes i replied. I think i have a plan that will make your mom let you go there she said and beckoned for me to come closer, she whispered into my ears and i giggled excitedly. Thanks mom i said and hugged her tightly. I and kyung seok will be going to korea soon so i want you to come visit during the weekend she said with a wink while i nodded.






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