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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 5

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Episode five
Mia’s pov
Twas monday morning i and alexa went to school together,after the morning assembly,we all went to our classes. Lecture went well and soon it was time for break. I was about heading out of the class when i felt a hand touch me and i turned to see my secret crush richard.
Any problem i asked him. Um… Yes i want to talk to you about something near the restroom before you have lunch he said and walked past me while i blushed heavily.
I walked to the rest room to see richard waiting for me. You wanted to see me i said. Yep i wanted to tell you i like you,i really like you, i cant hide my feelings anymore he said while i picked my nails nevously. Befor i knew it he lifted my chin, we stared at each other awkwardly and he kissed me while i kissed back.
Stop!! we are in school i said and ran off. I ran to a corner and i rested my back against the wall. I enjoyed the kiss though i thought inwardly. What i’m i even thinking i said and facepalmed myself before walking to join the others at the cafeteria.
⏩Fast forward⏪
Wait you mean you kissed the guy with the big teeth alexa said and laughed. Alexa!! i half yelled, i’m not joking i said angrily. Ok sorry i’ll be serious now she said.
You mean richard kissed you and the kissed back she said again. How many time have i told you or should i yell into your ears with a megaphone before u’ll understand i said visibly angry that alexa was asking over and over again.
Gosh you guys exchanged spit alexa said squeezing her face in disgust. Yes and you’ll do that someday too i said to her.
What if he didn’t brush his teeth alexa asked and gasped. Alexa!! i yelled can you be serious for once i said getting irritated. I was just thinking…. Then stop thinking cos you’ll alway think bout stupid things i said cutting her shut.
If mom hears about you kissing a boy then you’ll be dead alexa said while i rolled my eyes.
Who kissed who mom asked opening the door leaving me and alexa to gasp.

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