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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 35

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Episode thirty five
Alexa’s pov
“Why are we sitting here when your boyfriend is sitting over there” mia asked as i sat on an empty table with eun woo in the cafeteria.
“I told you he was angry with me remember” i said and munched on my hamburger.
“Screw that? are you gonna seat and watch that bitch take whats yours” mia asked.
“You know what come with me” she added standing up with her tray. Render More Supports To Us By Sharing Out Our Stories To Friends And Medias
“Were are we going” i asked trailing behind her with my tray in my hands.
“Miss could you please stand up my pen fell under your chair” mia said to min ah who was sitting beside kyung seok.
“Mia what are you doing” i whispered hoping mia wouldn’t cause a scene.
A glare from mia made me shut up.
“Seriously!!! pick your pen and get your fu.cking ass outta here” min ah said standing up.
“Wow tanks for standing up for me to sit” mia said sitting on the chair.
“As you can see you don’t belong here how would you go about stealing peoples boyfriends,oops i forgot you’re slut like your mom but you know what this guy here isn’t meant for you” mia said pointing at kyung seok.
“Whats your business huh nosy bitch” min ah replied.
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“Say that one more time and you’re gonna regret it” mia said angrily.
I Turned to stare at kyung seok who had been quiet and i saw him staring at me keenly making me look away immediately.
“nosy bitch what are you gonna do” min ah said and a punch on her nose sent her to the floor hissing in pain.
“This is for making my sister cry” mia said slapping min ah making her head snap to the other side.
“And you” mia said and threw my hamburger and kyung seok making me gasp.
“I’ll come for you when i’m done with her” mia said and grabbed min ah’s hair pulling it.
“Mia that’s enough” i said, the cafeteria was rowdy with everyone watching the fight between min ah and the new black student,a hand grabbed me and drew me to a corner, it was kyung seok.
“Alexa i’m sorry for everything and i want you back” kyung seok pleaded making tears well up in my eyes.
“I’m sorry for not letting you explain” he said again trying to hold my hand and i withdrew my hand.
“I don’t want you anymore, you left me heart broken, i became a laughing stock all because you rejected me and so i moved on. I love someone else, when you rejected me he accepted me and made me a human” i said crying.
Kyung seok hugged me, and i pushed him away forcefully.
“Stay away from me i wouldn’t want the one i love get hurt seeing us togther, you
should move on too” i said and ran off.
Min ah’s pov
Mom can you believe they humiliated me i said crying to mom who was sitting on my bed.
I explained everything to mom still crying.
“Why do always have to be a weakling” mom asked.
“I’m not a weakling mom, i set her up with lee yul and i can disgrace her once more” i said with a wicked grin.
“I’m gonna embarass her in front of the whole school, when i’m done with her she’s gonna regret ever coming to korea” i said again making me smile.
I and mom walked out to celebrate and we bumped into a maid right infront of the door.
“What were you doing outside my door” i asked suspiciously.
“I Was just making sure this place was clean” the maid replied.
“Leave this dirty hag alone and lets go celebrate” mom said walking away.
I glanced at the maid one last time before walking off to join mom.

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