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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 34

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Episode thirty four
Alexa’s pov
I stood infront of lotte world with eun woo, he had taken me to the park before but insisted we go somewere else.
I smiled remembering the fun i had with kyung seok when he took me out on a date here but my smile turned into a small frown when i remembered that we were not in good terms.
“Lets go somewere else” i said walking away.
“I like you” eun woo said turning me swiftly to face him.
I took my gaze to the floor, yea he has been nice and helpful to me.
He was always there when i need someone to lean on, he always protected me and made me feel like a human but my heart belonged to another.
“Lets go somewere else, you need a hair cut” i said ignoring what he said as soon as he tried leaning for a kiss.
Eun woo nodded and we both left together to get him a hair cut.
“Wow you look different, if you were a girl i’d call you gorgeous” i said poking eun woo’s cheek making him smile.
“You still haven’t told me about how you feel on what i said earlier” eun woo said out of the blue.
“Um… The thing is…I” i stuttered nervously.
“I understand, you’re still inlove with kyung seok” eun woo said with hurt evident on his voice.
“Let’s just go grab some ice cream” he said again grabbing my hand making me feel guilty for turning him down.
I sat in class like a zombie resting my head on my desk as always.
“We have a new student” the home room teacher said entering into the class but i didn’t bother to raise my head.
“Hi my name is mia its nice being a korea” the supposed new student said.
“Gosh another black student again” i heard min ah grumbled.
“I heard blacks are cheats,is that true” i heard but i couldn’t make out the voice of the person who made the statement cos i was still resting my head.
“I heard koreans lack manners, no need to ask if its true cos you’re a proof of that but guess what mia is gonna tame anyone who tries stepping on her toes” the new student said again and i raised my head in shock.
That voice i could recognize it anywere.
“Mia” i called shocked and she smiled looking at my direction.
I dragged her out of the class as soon as the teacher left.
“Mia what are you doing here, you’re supposed to be in college” i said staring at her uniform.
“Well i decided to come help my lil sis out” mia said with shrug.
“You’re done with high school, you told me you were to resume today,if you miss this opportunity you’ll have to wait till next year” i said again.
“I don’t care, i can’t go to college and watch my sister go through emotional pain,college can wait besides we’ll both finish high school together and even go to college together” mia said smiling.
“Mia you should go back” i said almost in tears.
“Hey i’ll do anything for you even though you can be a crack head sometimes but i want to help you” mia said holding my chin up.
“I Love you so much mia” i said and hugged her tightly.
“I Love you too but the hug can wait just go show me that theif min ah and your boyfriend who doesn’t listen to explanations” mia said dragging my hand making me smile.

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