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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 33

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Episode thirty three
Alexa’s pov
Today was finally the day for the play with the art,science and the social science students.
My group thats is Min ah,kyung seok,bong soon,lee yul and ji na stood in front of the class ready to start our play”sleeping beauty”, the teacher art was to supervise us as we acted our play.
“Alexa you’ll be sleeping beauty,lets just go to the part were you had been sleeping and needed the kiss of a prince to wake you up” min ah said.
“Alexa get on the table and lie on your back like you’re sleeping” min ah instructed.
Min ah was the leader of the group so i had to obey.
I laid on my back on the table closing my eyes like i was sleeping.
“Lee yul you’ll be the prince charming, you’re gonna kiss alexa” i heard and opened my eyes getting up from the table.
“Why aren’t you lying on the table” min ah asked with a smirk.
“Lee yul cant kiss me” i muttered lowly. i looked at kyung seok but he was looking back at me like he didn’t care.
“I cant believe you’re still pretending,you’ve kissed him before so it’s not a big deal” min ah said and whispering filled the class.
“You cheated on your boyfriend with him so just kiss him and lets finish this play” ji na said and scoffed.
I just stood there humiliated and once again eun woo came to my rescue.
He held my hand taking me out of the class.
“If you pass through that door you’ll loose your mark for this play” The art teacher who had been there since everything started but kept quiet said.
I and eun woo left the class not even turning back.
“You shouldn’t be sad okay, they’re all just pathetic” eun woo said as soon as we got outside the class.
“Thanks but i want to be left alone” i replied and made my way towards the library.
I was walking towards my locker when i saw kyung seok.
I ran towards him without even thinking.
“Kyung seok you have to believe me i didn’t cheat on you” i said holding his hand crying.
His face softened before he masked it with a stern face again.
“I’ve moved on and you should move on too besides i have a girlfriend now” kyung seok said coldly.
“Yes i’m his new girlfriend” min ah said bursting out of nowhere and then kissing kyung seok, they both kept kissing lusciously like i didn’t even exist and i was forced to run off my.
My head was on fire, the words that kept ringing in my head was for me to forget about kyung seok cos he had moved on.
Kyung seok’s pov
I was shocked at min ah kissing me, immediately alexa ran off pulled away from the kiss and cleaned my lips in disgust.
I dragged min ah forcefully to a quiet corner.
“What was that for” i asked angrily.
“Well i heard you telling alexa that you’ve moved on, i kissed you so she’ll believe and leave you alone, isn’t that what you want” min ah said with a shrug.
I ruffled my hair angrily trying to control my anger before gripping her hands angrily.
“The next time you try something like that i dont know what i’ll do to you” i said and pushed her making her fall.
“I thought you like me too,you know you’ve stopped snubbing me beside i’ve always liked you since middle school” min ah said pathetically.
“What makes you thinks i’ll like someone as evil as you are huh, i still love alexa because i let you hurt her doesn’t mean i dont love her, from now on if you go anywere near her or make her cry i’ll kill you” i half yelled and walked out angrily.

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