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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 31

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Episode thirty one
Alexa’s pov
kyung seok had stopped talking to me, i lived in their house like i was a ghost,i stayed in my room most of the time except we were to have breakfast,lunch and dinner.
The image of i and lee yul kissing was allover the internet,i dont even know how that picture was taken but i was recognized as a cheat.
I got to school holding tightly to my bag recieving all the scowls from the students and every where i went eyes followed.
I got to my class, every one was staring at me like i was some sought of digusting shit.
“Hey kid sis” min ah said standing in front of my seat.
“I watched the entertainment news this morning and saw that you cheated on kyung seok what a pity!” min ah said again but i ignored.
“Oh sorry!i forgot your mom is a slut too but i dont blame you, you’re following after her footstep” min ah said again making the class laugh and i couldn’t take it anymore.
“How dare you talk about my mom that way” i yelled and slapped,before she could retaliate i had started pulling her hair.
Some bunch of hands pulled me making me fall and i turned see almost all the girls in the class behind min ah who held a wicked grin.
“Aren’t you a slut and a cheat too,you just cheated on your bf and here you are fighting” mi so said(alexa’s classmate).
“Gosh she’s so pathetic, she act’s like the ape she is black and ugly” mi cha said(alexa’s classmate.
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I sat on the floor with tears threatening to, i wished someone could help me before i broke down and luckily it happened.
“You girls are the one being pathetic,you’re all jealous about the fact that kyung seok chose her over you all” eun woo said and helped me up leading me to the restroom.
“I didn’t cheat on him, he wouldn’t just let me explain” i cried in front of eun woo like a baby.
“It’s okay i believe you”eun woo replied drawing me close to himself and for one i was relieved, relieved at the fact that someone in school believed me.

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