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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 28

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Episode twenty eight
Alexa’s pov
The past one week has been the best two days of my life and i felt like it should never end.
Kyung seok has been the most amazing boyfriend just that at times he can be a jealous freak, now i kind of love to the extent that i dont know if i’ll do if he leaves me.
lessons went well and soon we were all out of class heading for the school cafeteria.
“Ahhh….”Kyung seok mouthed gesturing for me to open up my mouth.
“Hey!!we can’t do this here,we’re in school” i said looking around.
Just this once he said pouting and i quickly ate from his chopstick blushing alittle and checking to see if anyone caught us.
“hey you guys are making me jealous” nam shin said making me smile.
“I think i’ll need to go get a girlfriend soon” ji soo added.
I look around the cafeteria and saw eun woo sitting at the far end of the cafeteria alone, as soon as he saw me staring he looked away.
Since the day i saw him on my date with kyung seok he’s been acting weird around me.
“Em…I need to use the restroom” i excused myself standing up.
I was done with making use of the restroom and on my way out i bumped into min ah or rather she bumped into me.
“Hey has your bullying gotten into your eyes that you cant see any longer” i said rudely pushing her alittle.
“Wow,wow,wow, the celebrity’s girlfriend is talking rudely,i dont blame you though enjoy him while you can” min ah said sacastically.
“It’s not funny but lemme pity your sorry ass, hahaha,you can do nothing bring it on i’m not afraid of loosers” i replied staring keenly into min ah’s face.
“You’re gonna loose kyung seok soon, dont get too comfortable lil sis” min ah said again with a wicked grin.
“Oh my God have you gone nuts” i asked touching her forehead and gasped.
“You’re running temperature, i think you need to be admitted sorry i meant abadoned in an assylum before it gets out of hand cos i can see you’re loosing your mind” i said again.
“Kyung seok will be mine soon, i’ll make sure of that, i’ll steal him like my mummy stole your daddy” min ah said tapping my shoulders making me flinch a little.
“I dont have time for lunatics” i replied walking off.
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Class we’ll be having an inventing project soon,i’ll explain for the sake of the new students.
The inventing project is like the tradition of the school to bring students from different department together by pairing them to work on project, like pairing a science student and an act student together to work on a project.
You guys are to use your ideas as a science and art student to invent something then you’ll present it in front of the school and no student is exempted from it, none of you are expected to miss school except you have something important to do which you’re to inform the school about for school mrs min cha explained
“I’m i clear” she asked.
“Yes ma” we all chorused.
“you all should check the notice board to know whom you’re being paired with” mrs min cha before walking out of my mind.
Min ah’s pov
I stood infront of the notice board to see whom i was paired with and i was happy it was a girl.
I checked who alexa was paired with and it was a girl too, i looked to see if anyone was coming but i saw no one, i quickly picked the duster and exchanged the names before smiling satisfied.
i’m gonna make sure i ruin alexa and i’m gonna start by stealing her boyfriend i thought to myself smiling before walking off.

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