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I’m Proud To Be Black – Episode 27

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Episode twenty seven


Alexa’s pov


Kyung seok drove to lotte world,its one of the most popular park in korea and also loved by couples.


“Lets buy ice cream” i squealed like a child pointing at an ice cream trunk.


we both went to the ice cream trunk, kyung seok bought two and gave me one while he took the other.


“Lets ride the gyro swing” kyung seok said holding my hand.


“i’m not gonna ride that” i replied scared and pulled my hand away from his hand.


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“i cant believe the almighty fearless girlfriend is scared of riding a gyro swing” kyung seok said and laughed.


“I’m not scared it’s just that i dont want our identity to be revealed” i replied and hit his chest alittle embarassed.



“There’s no way our identity is gonna be revealed when we’re wearing a face cap and a sunglass, you’re scared just admit it” kyung seok said and laughed again.


“I’m not scared, remember we both were wearing the face cap and sunglass but your crazy fans caught us” i said trying to defend myself.


“ok just wait for me here and dont go any were i’ll be right back” kyung seok said walking off.


“Were are you going” i asked.


“Stop asking questions and do as i say” kyung seok replied.



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The crowd in the park started trooping out and i wondered why. Soon enough they were all gone, i tried calling kyung seok but he didn’t pick up.


!Did you miss me to the extent that you kept calling” kyung seok asked from behind me and i turned.


“Of course not, i just wanted to let you know that we should leave cause everyone has deserted this place” i replied.


“We’re not leaving” kyung seok said holding my hand and pulling me to the direction of the gyro swing.


“But everyone has gone,aren’t we supposed to leave too” i asked.


“I bought the place for an hour since you’re so concerned about masking our identity” kyung seok replied with a shrug like it was nothing.


“What!!!” i half yelled “why would you do that” i asked.


“I cant believe you’re scared, scaredy cat” kyung seok said taunting me.


“I’m not scared lets go ride it” i replied.




The gyro swing started moving and i gripped kyung seok’s hand tightly, i turned to see him smiling and i released his hand.


“Ah…Please let just get down from this thing” i yelled really scared.


“Of course not we’ll both enjoy the ride” kyung seok replied and soon enough i started crying like a child.


“Please just get me outta here, i’m scared” i finally admitted still crying, i dont know what he did but the gyro swing stopped moving and we both got down.


Kyung seok tried holding my hand but i brushed them off.


“dont talk to me ever again,i’ll go home myself” i said angry at him.


“Hey you said you were’nt scared, how was i supposed to know you were actually scared” kyung seok replied.


“Just leave me alone” i replied cleaning my tears and started walking aimlessly round the park. I didn’t even know the way to the exit of the park but i kept walking.


Soon it started to snow and i felt cold, i couldn’t believe kyung seok still left because i told him to.


“Hey you should wear this” kyung seok said appearing in front of me making me smile alittle.


“I’m only collecting this because i dont want the money used in buying it to waste” i replied collecting the thick sweater.


“I’m sorry for what happened ealier” kyung seok apologized pouting his lips with puppy eyes.



“Dont even try acting cute you’re still the same ugly duckling i know” i replied smacking his head.


“Ouch!!!” he yelped in pain, “i thought you’ll change after we started dating but you’re still the same as ever” kyung seok said with a frown.


“Whatever i forgive you, lets just go home” i replied walking ahead of him.


He tried wrapping his hand on my shoulder but i pushed them off,i turned to see him quiet and his face looked pale.


“I want you to give me a piggy back” i said with a pout and kyung seok smiled carrying me on his back with me gigling every now and then.


Eun woo’s pov


I felt sad seeing alexa going on a date with kyung seok earlier. I liked her cos she was the first girl who ever stood up for me.


I should just forget about her i’m not even sure she’ll like me i thought and sighed.





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