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I’m Proud To Be Black – Episode 26

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Episode twenty Six


Alexa’s pov


Today was weekend and today was also my first date with kyung seok.


We both decided to have a low key date, with a face cap and sunglasses to avoid the paparazi.

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We both agreed on wearing matching couple outfit. An ash sweatshirt and blue pants to match.


I walked down the stairs already dressed, i met kyung seok in the sitting room sipping tea.


“Hey you look great” kyung seok complimented making me blush.


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“Breakfast is ready, you guys should eat before going for the date” mom said.


“Dont bother mom we’ll eat on our way” kyung seok said smiling.


“How are you guys going to deal with the paparazi and your crazy fans” mom asked again.


“Dont worry mom, we’ve got that covered” i replied showing mom our face cap and sunglasses while sipping from kyung seok’s tea.


I was alittle hungry cos i didn’t eat last night, i stayed up late with mia telling her about how i and kyung seok were dating and about our date today.





I and kyung seok were making our way in the crowd with our face cap and sunglasses making it hard for people to recognize us.


“Alexa!!” i heard someone call my name and i turned to find eun woo smiling.

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“Hey” i smiled and waved at him.


“You look really cute” eun woo complimented and i blushed alittle.


“Where are you off to” eun woo asked.


“It’s none of your business” kyung seok replied with a snarl.


“Hey you dont have to be rude” i said nudging kyung seok by the arm.


“We’re going on a date” i replied eun woo.


“Wow!!you’ve become a celebrity too” eun woo said making me smile.


We both kept talking with eun woo complimenting my looks every now and then.


“Hey your boyfriend is leaving without you” eun woo pointed to kyung seok who was alittle far from were we stood.


“Kyung” i yelled trying to shorten his name and hastening my step to meet up with him.


“Kyung” i called again but he didn’t reply me.


“Do kyung seok” i called his full name finally fustrated.


“Wait isn’t that our oppa a girl said.


“I’m not sure bout that” another girl said.


“Let’s run after him and find out if its our oppa” someone suggested and soon they were all after kyung seok who was running away as well.



I stood on my spot laughing.


Some knocked me down while running making me fall, my sunglass and face cap fell as well and i stood up dusting myself forgetting i was a celebrity’s girlfriend.


“His girlfriend is here too” some one yelled pointing at me and i took off with half of the crowd running after me the other half still running after me.


I wasn’t a good at running and soon they caught up with me encircling me.


“Noona sarangheayo” the boys chanted all touching me, both the dirty and clean.


“unnie sarangamnida” some little girls said smiling touching me too.


The yelling of the crowd was too much so i couldn’t hear all what they were saying. Some gave me rose and some kept kissing the back of my hands and i felt disgusted a little.


Different smell of people, plus the crowd almost suffocated me.




I sat in the car with kyung seok, some hefty guys were sent by kyung seok to get me away from the crowd and i couldn’t be more thankful.


I tried talking to kyung seok but he ignored me, i even kept apologizing for what i didn’t know i did but he still ignored me.


“Yeobo(honey)” i called poking kyung seok by cheeks “we dont have to fight, we’re going on a date remember” i said again giving him my best pout making him smile.


“Hey if you keep on doing that we’ll get an accident” kyung seok said with a smile.



“Just dont blush when other guys are complimenting you, you’re to blush only at my compliment” kyung seok said again with a stern face making me smile knowing he was jealous.


“Why are you smiling” kyung seok asked.


“Nothing i replied and shook my head” not ready for another fight….





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