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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 25

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Episode twenty five
Alexa’s pov
“Yes i’ll be your gilfriend” i finally said and screams erupted from the class.
kyung seok smiled and handed me a flower, while min ah stormed out of the class.
He pecked my lips with phones flashing at us and i was sure our relationship would be all over the internet.
“Ah…” kyung seok said gesturing for me to open my mouth and then he placed some kimchi in my mouth with his chopstick.
“Wait seriously!! no fights or arguements but you guys are feeding each other” mom asked mouth agape.
kyung seok had told me not to tell mom till she saw it from the internet.
“you both are acting really creepy” mom said again making i and kyung seok smile.
Mom’s phone beeped,she picked up her phone checking it and her lips crept into a smile.
“You guys are dating?” mom asked both excitedly and shocked.
“Yea she’s my girlfriend” kyung seok replied with a shrug placing his hand on my shoulders and i nodded.
“I’m so happy for you guys, finally there’s gonna be peace in this house” mom said motioning for me to hug her and i did.
min ah’s pov
I sat on my bed crying, “that bitch is taking everything away from me” i thought and rested my chin on my knees.
Since dad found out about alexa in korea,he’s been distant from me and when i commit minor crimes he’s always comparing me with alexa and her sister whom i dont even know.
Dad had told me i was the reason he remained with mom for so many years but now i feel he’s looking for a way to divorce mom.
Alexa had taken away the little love dad had for me and now she has taken kyung seok too.
I had a crush on kyung seok since middle school but alexa who came not long ago had taken him away from me and the thought of it made me cry more.
“Hey whats wrong with my baby” mom asked entering into my room.
“Mom you know i told you about me having a crush on kyung seok but now alexa has stolen him, they’re dating” i explained and sniffed.
“Is that why you’re crying like a looser, i dont even like kyung seok” mom said with a snarl.
“Why do you keep sayin you dont like kyung seok just because of your personal beef with his mother, i shouldn’t have explained to you in the first place” i yelled at mom fustrated and layed on my bed backing her.
“I have a plan” mom said and i sat up eager to hear the plan.
Mom beckoned on me to come closer and when i did she whispered on my ears and i laughed excited to carry out the plan.
“Dont get too excited and just give them two days to enjoy their relationship and then you’ll execute the plan” mom said with a smile before walking out of my room.
I was so happy, “very soon kyung seok will be mine” i thought and smiled to myself.

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