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I’m Proud To Be Black – Episode 23

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Episode twenty three


Alexa’s pov


We got to the airport and i and mom sat down,our flight would be in an hours time.


“Hey” mom called but i didn’t turn to look at her if she wasn’t my mother i would have strangled her to death.


“Alexa i know you’re angry but i was doing this for the best but i’ve changed my mind”mom said and my head snapped to her direction.


“Yea” she nodded,”kyung seoks mom told me how you’ve been like a daughter to her and how you showed her you truly love her by defending her at her husband burial” mom said and i smiled.


“Nam shin also told me about how you found dad and his new wife and you even found out you had a step sister and you beared the hurt yourself cos you didn’t want i and mia to be hurt or worried and for that i respect you” mom said with tears rolling down her face and i couldn’t help but cry too.


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“Thank you so much mom” i said pulling mom into a comforting hug.



“I deprived you and mia of having boyfriends cos i didn’t want you guys to get heartbroken at any point but if you’re okay with having one then i’m okay with it but you’re not to have sex with him” mom said with a stern look.


“I love you so much mom” i said cupping moms cheek.


“And i’m sorry for calling you a disgrace you and mia are the best thing that ever happened to me” mom said smiling.




I went home to change my school uniform and rushed to school even though i was late.


I tried sneaking into the class.


“And were do you think you going” miss hee jin the science teacher said suddenly turning away from the board.

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“Em.. My grandma was admitted in the hospital and i’m the only one she has so i had to stay with her” i lied.


“Bla bla bla i’ll forgive you cos you’re one of my best student,the next time you’ll come late to my class i wouldn’t hesitate giving you detention” miss hee jin said.


“Thanks” i muttered before going to my seat.


“We have a new tranfer student,i’m so sorry for disrupting your class hee jin”,mr hyung min our homeroom teacher said.


A guy entered into the class and the class burst into laughter, seriously he was funny he looked like someone who came from the jungle.


“i’m eun woo and i hope i’m welcome” eun woo said.


“You’re not welcome you’re ugly” hye sun said rudely.


“Says the girl who looks like a frog” i said and the class laughed.




“Hey thank you so much” i said and hugged nam shin.


“You’re welcome and i hope i’m forgiven” nam shin said with a sign.


“Yea you’re forgiven” i replied and smiled.


“Did any notice that rumour about i and alexa has died down,even the pictures has been wiped off from the internet” kyung seok said but i ignored.


“Hey please can i sit here, the other kids wont let me sit with them” eun woo said looking at us all and i herad kyung seok scoff.


“No go sit some were else” kyung seok said.


“Yea you can sit here” i said tapping a chair.


“Thank you so much, you defended me earlier and now you’re allowing me sit with you” eun woo said smiling.








I had been avoiding and ignoring kyung seok since he said he said the kiss was to forget the pains he was feeling and the kiss was a mistake.


I was heading down the stairs when i saw kyung seok coming upstairs i turned immediately and started walking to my room.


“Alexa!!” kyung seok called but i ignored and increased my pace.


“Hey why are you avoiding me”Kyung seok asked holding my hand but i brushed them off alittle angry.



“Wow, can you please stay away from me cos you’ll only use me to forget your pains” i replied sacastically.


“Is this about the kiss, its not like you haven’t kiss before” kyung seok said and i slapped him angrily.


“You stole my first kiss and you did that to forget your pains only, the kiss was a mistake so said, just stay away from me” i yelled angrily walking away.


“Lets date then” kyung seok said and i stopped on my tracks my heart beating rapidly.




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