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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 22

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Episode twenty two
Alexa’s pov
My eyes almost fell off at what i saw, the picture where kyung seok kissed me at the hospital was all over the internet, thank goodness mom doesn’t watch sbn,kfs or kbs i would have been dead by now, no wonder those girls from earlier were scowling at me.
Min ah’s pov
I picked up my phone and dailed mi so’s number and it went through.
“You idiot i never told you to fill the internet with kyung seok kissing that bitch, how can you be so stupid, i told you to fill the internet with things that will tarnish her image both at school or anywere.
You better get rid of that thing right now or i’ll kill you” i yelled and hunged up.
I was so pissed right now, the worst part was that only few people were against kyung seok dating a black girl.
I’ll make sure i ruin alexa’s life cos kyung seok is mine alone.
Alexa’s pov
We had gotten home and the kiss between i and kyung seok was all over the news and he was shocked as well.
“So you guys were dating secretly and picking on each other as a cover” ji soo teased.
“We aren’t dating” i snapped at ji soo.
“The kiss was a mistake, i only kissed her to forget about the fact that dad was dead” kyung seok said and i felt hurt he kissed me to forget his pain and it was my first kiss at that.
My phone rang,it was a call from mom and i put it on speaker.
“Good evening m…”
“Shut up you idiot, i allowed you go to korea to study and all you did was to go kiss a guy, a celebrity at that” mom yelled cutting me short.
“i’m come pick you up tomorrow, i’ll travel to korea myself and you’ll never go back there you such a disgrace” mom yelled and hunged up and by this time i was already in tears.
I couldn’t raise my head up cos i could feel their piercing gaze.
“I’ll help you arrange your clothes” nam shin said i looked at him a little hurt.
“Yea thats all you all wanted, for me to leave you should me happy now, i’m greatful for everything” i said in tears before running upstairs.
I woke up next morning with eye bags and my hair was a total mess, i went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth,took my bathe before wearing a grey hoodie and black pants.
I rolled my luggage downstairs, i had packed my bags last night, i went downstairs and the kyung seok, mom, nam shin and ji soo seated for breakfast.
“Alexa you should come eat” mom staring at me and down at my luggage.
“I’m not hungry” i replied.
“I’m sorry for what i said last night” nam shin apologized.
“Its okay i know i’ve been a pest since i came so its good riddance to bad rubbish” i replied trying to control my emotion.
“Hey you’ve never been a pest, i’ve learnt to see you as my daughter and i wish your mom would reconsider” mom said and i burst into tears while she drew close to me holding me.
Mom had come to pick me up and kyung seok’s mom had a small talk with mom before i left.
We hopped into a cab going straight to the airport and tears couldn’t stop pouring out of my eyes.

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