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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 20

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Episode twenty
Alexa’s pov
It’s been a month since kyung seok’s dad died and the house hasn’t been th same, everybody was always in their room till the cook announced food was ready.
Kyung seok no longer picked on me cos he was either indoor alone or with nam shin and ji soo. He only went out if he had a commercial or movie to act. We haven’t been going to school and i couldn’t go alone when the family were still mourning.
“Mom i think we should all go to the beach” i said as soon as we sat for lunch, nam shin and ji soo were present too.
“I dont think i’ll be able to go” mom said.
“Yea we shouldnt go, who knows what shes planning next” kyung seok chipped in.
“Why do you always have to spoil everything” i yelled hitting my chopsticks on kyung seok’s head.
“Yea first you broke my leg, maybe you’ll drown me next” kyung replied hitting his chop sticks on my head too.
“You dont know how to treat a lady, you’re supposed to smile and endure the pain not hit me back” i said again.
“You call yourself a lady, you’re a man” kyung seok replied.
“Another couples fight” nam shin said and mom chuckled.
“We’re going and thats final” i said glaring at kyung seok.
“How do you expect me to go to a beach when my dad is dead” kyung seok yelled and every were became silent.
The house was finally lively for once this month and kyung seok had to spoil it.
“Your dad is up there even though his dead, he’s watching over you and he’ll always watch over you and mom” i said calmly.
“How would you know that when you havent lost someone you, since you came here you’ve caused nothing but trouble” kyung seok said staring into my eyes.
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“I’m sorry if i’ve always caused trouble” i said trying to control my emotion.
“I Think it’ll be best if i leave for nigeria maybe thats the only way you all will be free from my trouble” i said as tears fell freely from my eyes.
“I was only trying to help but i’m sorry if it felt like i was poke nosing, i should have listined to my mom about not coming to korea” i said and ran out of the dining room.

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