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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 2

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Episode two
Kyung seok’s pov
I watched as the the girl who walked into the waiting room stood shocked mouth agape. Well why won’t she be shocked, I’m one of Korea most popular, handsome and youngest actor.
Hey black bitch I said aren’t you supposed to take me to class ?? It’s not like I’m a t.v set or something so please stop drooling at me I said taunting her.
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What! Seriously she said folding her arms, why would I drool over an ugly duckling like you she said and scoffed, it’s not like you’re my type anyway.
You can sleep there or better still follow me she said again and walked out making me angry. Seriously she’s got some nerves i thought inwardly and went after her.
Alexa’s pov
It was break, everyone headed out of their classes and i watched as some of them gasped and pointed at kyung seok who smiled and waved at them while they giggled like idiots.
I went to the counter and ordered for hamburger and juice and then headed to a table which was occupied by some of my friends who were chatting. Alexa!! Rose called me while i raised my eyebrow indicating for her to go on, you know kyung seok our new classmate rose said and giggled, isn’t he handsome she asked.
I wonder why you have eyes if you don’t know the purpose for them I replied and drank from my juice while rose scoffed. Wait do you mean or are you indirectly saying I’m blind or what rose asked angrily.
You just said that cos alexa never said that melody quickly chipped while I smiled at her . I never knew you were sensible I said patting melody’s head . what!! She yelled glaring at me. The bell ranged disrupting our conversation and also indicating that break was over

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