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I’m Proud To Be Black – Episode 19

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Episode nineteen


Alexa’s pov


My phone rang several times and it was kyung seok calling me, i was still angry about the fact that i was all over the news, the fact that i was the cause of his broken leg didn’t give him the right to make it a news for the world to hear.


my phone again but this time it was from mia.


“Hey mia” i said as soon as i picked the call.


“Haven’t you watched the news” mia asked panicking.


“What news” i asked confused.


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“It’s kyung seok is he okay, he’s dad is dead he died from a plane crash while returning back from a business trip to korea” mia explained.


“Wait what” i yelled and quickly hanged up dialling kyung seoks number.


“Alexa dad is dead and mom is unconciouse” kyung said with a crack on he’s voice.


“Just hold on for a moment i’ll be there soon” i said hanging up and rushing out of


the house.






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“Kyung seok” i called as soon as i got to were he was sitting.


“Dad is dead and mom is unconciouse, i dont want to be an orphan” kyung seok said crying.



“Hey shush kyung seok dont cry anymore, i’ll always be here for, whenever you’re sad you can always lean on my shoulders” i said hugging him.


“Thank you” kyung seok said and i felt his lips on mine.


Omg kyung seok kissed me, we isn’t what happen in korea movies, i kissed him back hoping he would feel better maybe by the kiss.


Anonymous pov


Woah just another picture for the media, it’s gonna make a really good headline. “most popular korean actor kyung seok caught kissing a black” i said and laughed before scurrying off.




Finally today was kyung seok’s dad funeral right, everyone had started giving their condolence to kyung seok and his mom.


“Wow finally you’re widow” min ah’s mom said walking in with dad and min ah.


“Hey you’re not supposed to say that” dad said more like a whisper but i heard.


“You’re not to tell me what to do” min ah’s mom snapped.


“My condolence” dad, min ah and her mom chorused.


“But seriously the black cloth looks good on you” min ah’s mom said with sacarsm and i watched as mom resumed crying while kyung seok stared into space like no one exists and i had to come in.


“Hey madam could you please shut your crappy mouth” i yelled staring at min ah’s mom.


“How dare you talk to me like that you daughter of a slut” min ah’s mom said walking towards me.



“You’re the slut here, you’re the one who stole someone else’s husband and you’re a wicked witch who’s worst than the devil” i said angrily.


“Alexa!!” dad called alarmed.

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“Hey mr you’re not to call my name but control this loosed dog” here i snapped.


“How dare you” min ah’s mom said slapped me and i returned the slap.


This has always been what i’ve wishing for and it seems my wish has been granted cos i wont hesitate beating crap out of min ah’s mom.


She slapped me again but this time i punched her and she fell to the ground holding her face in pain, i rushed to her pulling her hair, i was helping mom beat he up for stealing dad coupled with the fact that she was hurting kyung seok mom with her mom.


Dad and min ah pulled us apart, cameras were already flashing at us.


Leave me alone take that wench out of here, go teach your wife how to sympathise cos she’s heartless i yelled pushing dad away from me violently.


“I’ll make your life miserable” min ah’s mom said walking out, with dad and min ah apologizing before walking out and i scoffed cos i know min ah’s apology was not geniune, she was only apologizing cos she had a crush on kyung seok.






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