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I’m Proud To Be Black – Episode 15

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Episode fifteen


Alexa’s pov


We got back from the hospital. Kyung seok insisted that he was given a wheel chair even though he had a minor fracture.


“Who started the prank” mom asked as soon as we got home.


“He started it” i replied pointing at kyung seok who sat on his wheel chair quietly.


“Why do you guys keep acting childish” mom yelled


“Alexa you’ll wheel kyung seok wherever he wants to go till his legs get better, that your punishment and i’ll give kyung seok his when his legs get better” mom said sternly.


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“So does that also mean i’ll wheel him to the toilet too” i asked and scoffed.


“Yes you put me in this condition remember kyung seok replied with a tone of anger in his voice.


#Next morning.


I got to school and went to class, wheeling kyung seok was annoying, and it was more annoying when we got to class and some girls were flirting with him in the name of sympathising. He lied to them that i pushed him down the stairs.


“What did you do to kyung seok” min ah said with almost all the girls in our class behind her but i ignored them all. I tried walking away but a girl pushed me back making me fall on my chair.


“We asked why you did that to kyung seok and you’re trying to walk away” a girl yelled making me scoff.



“The next time you girls touch me those rotten bones you call hands, i’ll tell you why God made me black and i’ll tell you i learnt karate abroad for imps like you” i said angrily


“And you it seems you haven’t learnt your lessons yet, the next time you try this rubbish just say goodbye to all your teeths i said refering to min ah and walked off.

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⏩Fast forward⏪



It was lunch time and since i had to wheel kyung seok around, i had to sit with him and his friends. i ordered for spicy chicken feet and sat down close to nam shin.


“Hey!! its nice having you here” ji soo greeted trying to be friendly.


“Do i look like someone who sat down here to have a conversation with dumb heads” i replied rudely.


“Woah why do you have to be always sassy, even though you’re having some disagreement with kyung seok it doesn’t mean you have to hate us too nam shin said and earned a glare from kyung seok.


“Are you done preaching or do you have to go to coma to keep shut i replied sarcastically and drank from ji soo’s juice.


” wait you drinking my juice,does that make us friends”? ji soo asked smiling.


“Not even in your dreams” i replied and glanced at kyung seok who had been unusually quiet.


“Hi” min ah waved smiling at kyung seok.


“Hey” nam shin and ji soo both replied.


“i was refering to kyung seok not you” min ah replied frowning and i scoffed.


“Hey” kyung seok replied coldly.


“i got this for you” min ah said bringing out a rose flower.



“i dont need it” kyung seok replied and i smiled to myself.


In class kyung seok hardly talks maybe he’s acting like the celebrity that he is.


“you have to take this min ah said again desperately.


“he said he doesn’t want it so can you take that rotten flower away from here” i said not looking at min ah while nam shin and ji soo laughed.


“give me the flower kyung seok said trying to take the flower, maybe he was trying to get back at me but i swat his hand and min ah gave me a deadly glare.


“i thougt you said you wanted to pee” i asked kyung seok


“i never said that” kyung seok replied with a confused expression on his face.


“I know you want to pee but you’re just shy to say it so lets go” i said and stuck my tongue at min ah, pushing her out of the way and wheeling kyung seok before he could protest.


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