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I’m Proud To Be Black – Episode 11

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Episode eleven


Finally its today, i’m so happy and excited. Everything was ready for the flight.Mia had helped me prepare everything i’d need in korea. Mom gave me a long sermon, she was like, Alexa i love you and i’ll miss you but when you get to korea dont you dare have a boyfriend and also you know you’re sassy so dont disgrace me with your character over there mom ranted on and on.

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Mom if we continue like this i’m gonna miss my flight i said to mom tired of the sermon. So are you saying i talk too much mom asked glaring at me. No mom that’s not what i meant, i meant that time is running out and you know that the airport is far from our house i explained.


Ok mia get alexa’s luggage into the car trunk mom said to mia. Mom i’ve been doing all the work since yesterday and alexa didn’t even touch a thing, i’m not even the one travelling mia grumbled almost in tears. Your sister is travelling you’re supposed to help her and not complain lazy being mom said and i stuck my tongue at her in mockery. Even rhough i and mia quarelled often i’ll miss her so much.


⏩Fast forward⏪


Hmm korea at last i said smiling to myself as i stepped out of the aeroplane and picked my phone to make a phone call.



Yes i just arrived i said . Ok i’ll come pick you up the receiver at the other end said. Mom i yell as i ran towards her hugging her. Wow you’ve gotten really beautiful kyung seok’s mom complimented. Mom you’re acting like you’ve not seen me for ages when its just a month and some weeks i whined.

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Why didn’t you take me to your house i asked when mom drove into a hotel and booked for a room . Well i have surprise for you so i’ll take you home tomorrow she replied smiling.


Oh and this are your uniform you can rest this week and resume next week she said.


Nope i get easily bored so i’ll resume tomorrow i replied. ok you can order for anything i’ll get going she said walking towards the door.


#next morning


I had my bath,brushed my teeth and wore my uniform i didn’t feel like eating so i didn’t order for food. Mom picked me up and dropped me at school. I went to the principal who handed me to my homeroom teacher *


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Class we have a new student, you can come in now rhe teacher beckoned on me and i entered into the class. What she’s black i heard, why would the admit an ape i heard again and that statement got me angry. Yes i’m black and so fu.cking what i said angrily


I’m black and so fu.cking what if you dont have any nice word to say keep your mouth shut i said angrily glaring at them all .

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I saw the teacher staring at me so i apologized. Ok you can introduce yourself now he said. Anyeong haseyo(hello),je ireumue alexa imnida(my name is alexa), bangap suemnida(pleased to meet you) i said with a light bow.


Wow she speaks korean i heard and smiled proudly. Ok you can go seat over there the teacher said and pointed to a seat behind a guy who was resting his head and also you need to work on your korean accent, you did well though the teacher said and smiled while i bowed.


I walked towards my seat and the guy seating infront of me raised his head.


What!! seriousl, how could we attend the same school i thought and scoffed.


Black bitch he called looking shocked as well and the class turned staring at us.







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