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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 1

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Episode one
Alexa’s pov
Morning mom i greeted kissing mom lightly on her cheek and then sat beside her at the dining table. where’s mia i asked while serving myself a plate of chicken rice.
She left already saying she’ll eat at the school cafeteria mum replied. Wow she left quite early i said in between mouthful. Ok bye mom i said picking my bag from the couch.
But you’ve finished your food yet mom protested. You know i cant be late for school mom i whined and kissed her on her cheek again. Dont bother driving me to school i’ll take a cab instead i added quickly before rushing out of the house.
I got to school and was heading towards the stairs when i heard my name being called by the head mistress
⏪Fast forward⏩
Alexa we have a transfer student from korea. He left korea because of some crisis which involved killing so he’ll be schooling here nd i’d like you to introduce him to the class since your classroom teacher is having an important meeting with others mrs grace the head mistress said
Ok ma’am i replied. He’s at the waiting room mrs lea added quickly before walking away.
I wonder why they didn’t go to another country other than nigeria. Sorry to say nigeria is not a country,its hell itself i thought inwardly.
I got to the waiting room but what i saw made me shocked. I blinked rapidly trying to be sure it wasn’t a dream
who did alexa see??
I Knw this episode is not interesting but u’ll love the next episode Tbc
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