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I'm Proud To Be Black – Epilogue

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Author’s pov
The video of min ah and her mom went viral allover the internet.
Min ah was taken to a psychiatric hospital for treatment after showing traits of madness because of depression.
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Alexa’s dad divorced min ah’s mom and begged alexa’s mom to take him back but he got rejected, he was forgiven by alexa’s mom,alexa and mia.
Eun woo traveled to the states to stay with his mom while alexa and kyung seok became almost separable with both of them promising not to leave the other.



I’m proud to be black, God made us black for a purpose and so we should never let anyone look down on us because who we are. We should always fight for ourselves or rather let God fight for us. I did not say we should be bitchy/sassy like alexa oo because i said we should not let anyone look down on us. Being bitchy/sassy isn’t good at times.

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