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ICE – Episode 4

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Eliza said gesturing her hand to the bed.


Telling me to seat in my room, Elma thought.


She slowly sat down.


“So you really are a witch? ”


“Yes Elma, and I gat something to tell you”.


“And what is it? ”


Eliza sat down close to her.


“You are an hybrid”










Jihee sat down close to Carlisa.


“That guy is really a fool”


Lisa complained.


ye, ara (Yes, I know)” Jihee said.


“So concerning that deal? ”


She asked in a whisper.


“Am meeting with him today after school”


Lisa replied.


Jihee smiled.


“I hope it turns out fine”.










“An hybrid? What is that? ”


“Its means you are a cross breed”


“Cross breed? Am I a chicken or a bird? ”



“No but a vampire”


“Vampire? Are you crazy? They don’t exist”.


“That is what you think, they exist and your mom, Ivy, and your grandmothers are also vampire”


Elma stood up excitedly.


“Wow, that is awesome. I have supernatural powers”


Eliza was shocked cause it was to easy for Elma to accept it.


“But why are we living here? We suppose to fight crimes”.


“Yes and that is why am here. So listen carefully”


Eliza said.










“Carlisa? Don’t you ever wish this world was magical? ”


“Gross. Its not going to be fun”


“Why? ”


“Those are childish acts”


“To you. But to me, I wish we all have a magical power ”


“Aish, I hate anything magical”


“But what if someday you just wake up to have magic”.


“Then I will kill myself”



“But why did you hate them”


“I don’t know, I just hate them. I only love anything action”


“amkae (bitch) you behave like a man”


Lisa glared at her.










“So are you telling me they lost their powers? Who did that to them? ”




“Maren? Who is she? ”


“A witch. A very cunning witch. She have plans to kill you, the chosen one and maybe the sword”.


“Me? Why? Who is the sword and chosen one? ”


“The sword, we don’t know who she is yet. The chosen one is your cousin, but she is faraway from here”.


“Wow, so what am I? ”


“The key”


“Key? ”


“Yes darling”


Eliza looked at her.


“And you have a very important task to do”


“And what is it? ”


“You will have to bring the chosen one and sword together cause the three of you will fulfill the prophecy”


“Wow. But why haven’t I seen my powers”


“Cause of the bracelet you are wearing”


“Really? Then I can remove it now”.


“You don’t suppose to until you are eighteen”


“That is far”


“Its just in a month time and that is why you need to find the chosen one and sword before that time. Then you all will destroy Maren”.


“But apart from taking my family powers, what did she do? ”


“She destroyed our family”.


Ivy said entering the room alongside Vanessa and Freda.


“Destroy? How”.


“She killed the two most powerful vampires who are the parent of the chosen one,


she made your grandfather sick. She arrested my husband and my children, some




Vanessa said.




“And she killed your parent”.


Elma stood up stocked.


“My pa….. Parent? ”


“Yes honey, am not your mom but your aunt. Maren killed your parent”


“My parent? ”


Elma asked shocked.


“Yes and only you can bring back your father. Maren is ruthless and cruel. The


three of you can bring them back together. And that is why you need to find the


chosen one and the sword”.


Ivy said.


“You….. You are not my mother? ”


Elma asked, she slowly left the room.




Ivy called trying to follow her but Freda stopped her.


“Leave her be, she need some space”.


“Ivy why did you lie to her? Her parent weren’t killed by Maren instead Richard died falling in love with her mom while Jane died giving birth to her”. Eliza said.


“I want her to feel nothing but hatred towards Maren….. I know Elma, she is


softhearted. She might not even try killing Maren. She is quick to forgive. I did


that to make her want to kill Maren”.


Ivy said and left the room.








Vanessa came to Elma’s room and found her crying.




She called.


She sat down close to her.


“Why didn’t anyone tell me. Why? I will still love mother, why was I kept in the dark”.


She asked crying.



Vanessa made her to lie her head on her lap.


“My sweetheart, we had a reason for it. We don’t want you to ever feel the lost of a mother. We want you to have a mother who will love you”. Vanessa said and sighed.


“Do you know why we we here instead of been outside the barrier? ”


“No granny”


“Its because of Maren. Years ago, Maren and a beast killed our once happy family. We where all doctors taking care of people. But she destroyed it cause of her selfish reason. Your grandpa and uncles are in her dungeon. She also tried killing you and the chosen one but Eliza created this barrier so that no one will see us to harm you. We also sent the chosen one, Carlisa to a faraway country, where her mother friend will take care of her like her mother. Maren is really a ruthless person killing people. She want to rule this world.”


She held Elma hand.


“Your mom made us to promise to take care of you an we can’t afford to see you


motherless. Sorry we lied to you”.


Vanessa said.




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Alex came out of his room smiling.


He couldn’t stop thinking about the look on the girl face yesterday. It was a mistake when he splash the mud on her face. But it was funny.


Alexander Hamilton is a young teenage of nineteen years. He is cute and rich too. He might be young but his net worth is $500 million dollars. He is a researcher, a special one and any research he does brings in a lot of money. He is also a scientist. The youngest scientist. But that is not all, he is a multi task guy. Not only is he a scientist and researcher, but knows a lot about zoology, botany and anatomy. He is really talented and intelligent. People wonder how it is possible for a nineteen year old guy. No one knows his face. He always wear mask when his



out to address people. He is a secret and rich researcher. Only his parent knows about it. He lives a normal life even though his rich. He stays in Carlifornia but came to Korea for a research.


His there to research on an animal which he resently found out about.


His assistant called.


“Hello Sandra”.


“Hello Mr. Alex, your meeting have been fixed with Mr. Han Ha myung”


“Ok, I will be there soon”


He said and disconnected the call.


Mr. Han is a scientist in Korea.


Sandra might be his secretary but she have never seen his face.


Alex turned and went to his room.








The next day.


Elma made a decision.


She came out of the room with a made up mind.


She stood before Ivy, Eliza, Vanessa and Freda.




Ivy called.


“Have come to a decision”


“And what is it”.


Eliza asked eagerly waiting for an answer.


“I will not……… ”













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