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Ice – Episode 30

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Carlisa came back angry, she couldn’t believe the fact that she ran away from Imogene.


“For me to deal with her, I will need power. Eliza and elma told me about me been am hybrid, so I have power. I will get that power to punish her and protect myself.” Carlisa said.


She quickly stood up and went to elma’s room.


“Elma tell me everything about ice.” Carlisa said immediately she barged into elma’s room.


“Ok…….. Ice consists of me, you, and the sword. You are the chosen one while am


the key, we all have powers.”


“How can I get that power?”


“Its in you already, all you have to do is to perform a ritual on our birthday.”


“Ok, am in.”




“I said am in, so tell Eliza about it before I change my mind, I will be going out for a while.” Carlisa said and left.


“That is strange, why did she agree?” Elma asked confused.


She stood up and went to Eliza room to inform her.








Imogene went back to the seer to get an information about how to get more power.


The seer as usual was doing nothing, just sitting down.


“You have become my regular visitor I see.”


“Oldman, I need answers, I need more powers, how do I get them?”


“Little girl, am a seer not a knower. I only see your future and past so no do you expect ke to know?”


“Do you know someone who can tell me?”








“Who is she?”


“The chosen one aunty.”


“Are you been serious?”


“But if you want yo get more power, you must go to her.”


“She is my enemy aunty.”


“Then you don’t need more powers.”


Imogene thought for a while. “Won’t she hurt me, when she knows I hate the chosen one?”


“She will not when you tell her you re the sword.”


“Sword? Yes, jut go to her and tell her you are the sword and you need answers. She is in the right position to tell you how to get it.”


“This is crazy.” She looked at the seer who was smiling. “Am leaving.” She left.








Alex and carlisa meets again.


Carlisa climbed up the stairs going to the apartment with a book.



She missed a stairs and slip but luckily for her Alex was behind her so he caught her.


“It awkward, this is the second time we met on the stairs.”


“Help me up first.”


Alex helped her straighten up.


“Its been confirmed, you live here.”


“I have no time for your drama, so goodbye.” Carlisa said and left.


“I just save her life but she did not say thank you, is that hard now?”








The next day


In the granduwellas apartment.


Someone knocked on the door.


“Who is that?” Eliza asked.


“I will go get it.” Elma said and went to open the door.


She stood motionless seeing who it was.








Imogene went home thinking about what the seer said. She needs the power but she can only get it though Carlisa’s relative. She sighed, what other choice do she have.


“I will just tell them that I came in peace and talk to the witch.” She said and left.






“who is there?” Ivy asked when she saw elma motionless.


Elma opened the door weirdly for everyone to see Imogene.


Ivy stood up, “who is she?”


“Mother, she is the sword.” Elma said.


Everyone of them stood up.”what?” Ivy asked.


“So she is the sword? Welcome to our humble home.” Eliza said.


Imogene looked round the apartment trying to figure out what was humble.


“Come in.” Freda voice brought her back from her trace world.


She entered the house.


“So what brought you here?” Vanessa asked.


“I came to talk to Eliza. It has something to do with ice.” Imogene said remembering what the seer said about ice.


“Really? Then come with me.” Eliza said and led her to her room.


“So what do you want to talk to me about?”


“How can I get more power?”




“Don’t get me wrong, but I was told to meet you. You have the answer, am trying to fight off someone dangerous and I need more power.”


“I understand. You are more powerful than you think cause you are the sword.”




“Yes. Ice, the ice consist of three people, and you happen to be one of them. In two days you three will get your full power.”


“Two days?”




“That is not a problem, I will wait for those days.”


“Great, you will have to be together with the remaining girls, they are here.”


“No problem.”


Imogene said.


“So you will have to stay here.”


“I will do all I can to get that power.”


Imogene said and left the room.








On her way to the living room, she bumped into the last person she want to see.


Carlisa looked at her shocked. “What are you doing here? Have you come to steal from us?”


“Even if I want to steal, it won’t and will never be from this house cause nothing here is worth my sweat.”


“You crazy bitch, how dare you?”


“How dare me? Am saying the truth, what can I steal from here?”


“What are you doing here?”


“I came to get something, something I will use to destroy you.” Imogene said.


“You won’t be able to destroy me.”


“Then watch and see.” Imogene said.



Carlisa raised her hand to punch her but stopped when she saw Eliza coming towards them. “Hi carlisa.”




“I can see you have met the sword.”




“Imogene is the l sword. The three of you are complete now.”


“This can’t be Eliza. She tried killing me” Carlisa said.


“Sorry about that, but its in the past.” Imogene said innocently. Carlisa looked at her surprisingly.

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“Elma, come here darling. ” Eliza said. The two girls all turned.


Elma slowly walked to them.


“Now you three are together. The chosen one, the key and the sword.”


“The chosen one is also among the ice?” Imogene asked.


“Yes she is, you girls should take your time in knowing each other.” Eliza said and left.


Imogene and carlisa glared at each other and left.


Elma sighed, she heard their conversation and that made her know the real reason


why they both agreed.








The three girl sat in front of Eliza.



“You girls will have to meditate for a whole day before your birthday. Its mandatory.”


“Why must it be mandatory?” Carlisa asked.


“Cause it get your mind body and soul prepared. What will happen might affect you when you are not relaxed.”


“Don’t worry Eliza, I will do what you say,” Imogene said, carlisa looked at her with disgust.


“I will do as you say.” Carlisa said.


Elma sighed looking at the both of them. “No problem aunt, we will all do as you say.”


“Great, then get prepared cause its tomorrow.” Eliza said and left.


“Imogene don’t you dare try showing off cause it makes you more ugly than the way you are.”


“At least am better than you who asked whether it was mandatory, am not lazy or trying to show off but determined. I can’t wait to finally kill you.”


“Then we will have to see who kill who.” Carlisa said and left.


Imogene too got up and left.


“What should I do to those two?” Elma asked.













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