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Ice – Episode 28

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Sandra rented an apartment for alex which coincidentally made him the granduwellas neighbor, his apartment was opposite theirs, it was a storey building.


He began to park his luggages and some very important things he will use for the research.



No one knows him as the rich young Alex cause they never saw his face, so he


don’t have a problem living there.








Carlisa stood up from her bed, she really need to clear her head, she thought.


She got dressed and came out of the room, that was the first time she saw the apartment, she was unconscious when she was brought there and she never left the room.


The living room was a bit small.


“Carlisa.” Ivy said coning out of her room.


“Hi.” Carlisa said.


Ivy smiled at her, “am Ivy, your aunt.”


“Yea, I was told.”


“Mi so went out for a while but she will be back soon, she went to bring everything you left at the hotel.”




“Come and have your lunch.”


“No, am not hungry. Where is Elma?”


“She went out to ,she went with miso.”


“Carlisa.” Freda called coming out of her room. “My angel is awake.”


“I want to step out for a while, but will be back soon.” She said and left.



She walked down the stair while alex climbed up the stairs, they where a step away from each other when they stopped recognizing themselves.


“If its not the girl who was almost assaulted if not for my kind gesture.”


“You really had to bring that up. You are so rude and mean, don’t you know am traumatized? But when you keep saying it, it makes me scared.”


“Traumatized? You actually look like one. But it isn’t my fault, you went to the club and got into a fight with them”


“Stop telling me that, I hate hearing it.”


Alex smiled, “you leave here?”


“I don’t know.”


“Well, I hope to see you again, I leave here now.” He said and left.


“Why will he rent the next apartment, he must be damn crazy, he just want to make


my life miserable.”


Carlisa said and left.








Carlisa walked down the street still annoyed with Alex, she looked down and saw her shoes lace untied.


She bent and got it done, when she was done she rose her head and saw imogene coming out of a super market.


“That girl.” She said and increased her pace to catch up with her.


Carlisa was very careful not to be seen by Imogene. She was only concentrated on imogene that she don’t know when she bumped into someone.


“Watch where you are going.” He said angrily.



Carlisa helped him pick his phone from the floor, “no need to be angry, it wasn’t my fault.” She said and looked for imogene but couldn’t find her.


“Where did she go to?” She asked. “Gosh.”she said forming a fist. “I must find that


girl. Sooner or later.”she turned and left.








Alex sipped from his coffee and stretched.


He looked at the computer in front of him, he just finish packing and now its time for work, he will rest when his done.


He search for the granduwellas online.


All it showed was their fake date of birth, and there occupation which where been doctors. And how they vanished without a word.


“Vanish? Isn’t this too suspicious? Why will they vanish without taking anything with them? And according to the internet, there was no death note on any of them so why running?” Alex asked confused.


He sipped from his coffee again.


“This is so gonna be complicated but I feel there is more to it, am suspicious of the


granduwellas now.” He said.








Elma came back home exhausted, she went to her room to get some rest.


She walked to her wardrobe to wear a more comfortable cloth. She saw the bag she took to the granduwellas mansion.


“This bag” she said and carried it. “I almost forgot about the book I took,” she brought it out and sat on her bed.



She opened the book and began to read it page by page. It was the history of the granduwellas and also the prophecy about I. C. E. It also wrote about each family members and where they were including why Lucius was in that state like a dead man. Elma was shocked cause she had three aunts including Rebecca and six uncles.


But she was angry at Maren for destroying her family.


“I will find a way to stop this evil Maren no matter what” she said.








Imogene was able to trace where the great seer was using Nana’s spell.


She barged into the room and met the seer drinking water. He smiled at her, “you are here imogene, now it’s just the chosen one who haven’t visited.”


“Am not here for chatting, I came to ask about my future.”


“You are a witch so you should know,”


“But I don’t know.”


“Ok. Listen carefully.”he said. Imogene looked at him seriously.


“I drove and drive, round the city hall, searching for what I don’t even know.”he sang.


“Hey old man, I came to ask about my future but you are singing a song for me.”


“That might be your future.”


“To sing, don’t be ridiculous and tell me my future.”


“Your future is in your hands, you can chose how you want it to be just like how the chosen change her future.”




“The ice will be together soon. Am so happy.” He said.


“What are you talking about?”


“Me? Did I say anything?”


“Stop playing with me.”


“Am not a kid to play with someone. Make sure you get into that fight tomorrow.” He said and disappeared.


“What fight is he talking about?” Imogene asked confused.













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