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Ice – Episode 27

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Imogene walked into her mother’s chamber after getting permission.


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Maren looked at her with a smile on her face, “you came.”


“Yes of course.”


“Sit down.”


Imogene sat on her bed. “So what do you want to tell me?” She asked.


“Something important about the chosen one and the person you trust the most.”


“The person I trust the most? Nana?”




“What about her?”


“She is not the person you think she is.”


“What do you mean by that?”


“Your nana is a betrayal, she is lying to you.”


“Mother please, don’t you ever say that about nana, she can never betray me.”


Maren smiled, “do you know your nana knew where the chosen one was before you found her?”


“What? Nana don’t even know how the chosen one look like.”


“What sort of lies have she told you? She knew sweetie, she works for the chosen one, she want to destroy you. That witch is a wolf in sheep clothing, she is not your friend but enemy.”



“Enough with your lies, stop saying that about nana, are you jealous of her cause I love her more than you?”


Maren smiled, “you don’t believe me? Then watch this.”


Imogene looked at the mirror close to Maren, it was nana talking to Marcus about the chosen one. Maren edited some part about imogene and only showed her the part about them talking about the chosen one.


Imogene was shocked. “This can’t be real, I don’t believe you, you must have done that yourself to make me hate her right?”


Maren smiled, “you think am lying? Have never lied to you.”


Imogene blinked a couple of times, her mother have never lied to her, well for all she know.


“Stop talking mother, please stop.”


“you don’t believe me, then let me show you more evidences.” Maren said and gave her some pictures of the chosen one.


“I saw that in Nana’s room.”


“I still don’t believe you.”


“Then let’s make a deal, try doing what i ask you to do for now then watch what happens next.”


“How can I trust you?”


“Don’t worry sweetheart, am your mother so why will I harm you, I know how you can destroy the chosen one.”




“First you have to do all what I tell you to.”



“Ok, I will.”


Maren smiled, “then you will have to leave this palace without anyone knowing.”




“Its your choice, If you want to prove to your father that you are not worthless then follow my advice. And i will remove that bracket on your hand.”


Imogene looked at the bracelet and thought about it ,”ok, fine, I will leave. But you won’t harm nana in any way if not, you will have me to deal with.”


Maren smiled, she broke the bracelet using a spell and also cast a spell to make the beast hunter unable to notice that she is a beast. “Go back to earth, I will tell you what to o there.”


Imogene bowed and left.








Alex placed a call to Sandra his secretary. She picked at the third ring. “Hello sir.”


“Look for an apartment close to the granduwellas mansion immediately.”


“Ok, it will be done in four days.”


“Not four days but today, I need to move to the apartment, its part of my new research.”


“Ok but why the granduwellas mansion, are you researching on an animal in their house or in the area.”


“Stop asking questions and do as I say.”


Alex said and disconnected the call.


“I must find out cause of the blackout in LA”.








Elma couldn’t stop thinking about Bryan.


She was confused on what was happening to her.


She quickly stood up from her bed, got dressed and left the house.


“Am not going to the mansion to meet Bryan, I just want to go for sight seeing,” she said smiling nervously.


She walked towards the mansion, the exact same place where she saw Bryan.


“Am not waiting for Bryan, I just want to relax here”. She said and sat down.


She sat down patiently expecting Bryan to show up. And finally he did and this time, alone.


Elma smiled.


Bryan came down from his scooter and walked to her, “Elma, what are you doing here? Do you want to visit the mansion again?”


“No, I decided to take a walk but am so tired that was why I decided to take a rest here.”


“Ok,” Bryan said.


“But am okay now so I will just have to go back to my boring house.” She said standing up.


“Boring? Why don’t we take a walk together, and grab some ice cream on the way.”


“That sounds like a good idea.”


Elma said smiling.



Bryan locked his scooter and they both left.








Carlisa sat on her bed still thinking about everything that happened to her, she was confused. The bracelet was on her hand again, the demon have left her already. Carlisa was still frustrated, everything was so frustrating.


She closed her eyes as tears flow down her eyes.






Elma and Bryan both had a nice time together with them knowing each other well.


They had some ice cream and went back to where Bryan kept his scooter. He drove Elma home.


Elma came down from the scooter and smiled at him, “I really had a nice time.”


“Yes, I had fun too.”he said.


“So I will be going.”


“See you soon,” he said and winced at her.


Elma waved at him and left. Bryan left riding his scooter.






Elma walked into the apartment but no one was home.


“Where did everyone go to?” She asked.


She went to carlisa’s room, and there Carlisa was, lost in thought.


“Carlisa.” She called.


Carlisa looked at her.



“Still thinking about everything that happened, you need a break. You look so pale when you haven’t transform yet.”


“My life have turned dark, the truth hurt.”


“You shouldn’t worry at all, take a break. Take a walk and you will be better again, I will go with you, Bryan took me to many places, and I wouldn’t mind taking you there.”


“Bryan?” Carlisa asked weakly.


“Yes, he is a nice person. Please let’s go for a walk together.”


“Ok I will.” Carlisa said.








Imogene left the palace when nana wasn’t around, taking some potions with her.


She left without informing Nana or anyone but maren been a cunning witch, knew the time she left. Immediately imogene teleported back to earth, Maren ordered an arrest on nana.


“Make sure she thinks imogene betrayed her, I won’t allow her influence my daughter again.” She said to the head soldier.


They went to where nana was and arrested her.


“Why are you doing this to me?”


“It was an order.”


“From who?”


“From princess Imogene.”


“She can never do that to me, let me see her.”


“You can’t, she went back to earth.” They said and dragged her to jail.


The portal led Imogene back to earth. She sighed, “now I will have to kill carlisa no matter what. Sorry nana, sorry I left without telling you.” She said and left.













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