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Ice – Episode 26

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Elma, Bryan and Jay all entered the mansion.


They all went different ways so as to be fast in searching for the bracelet.


Elma so happened to go a room which was locked.


“Why is it locked? It don’t suppose to be.” She said.


“Bryan, Jay.”she called.


The two guys came running to her.


“Are you okay? ” Bryan asked.


“Yea am fine. This room is locked, it don’t suppose to be hard to open, I think something is in there.”


Jay tried opening it, “yes you are right, there is something in there.”


Bryan and jay both struggled and finally opened the door.


The room was dark.


“Why is this room dark when its day?” Bryan asked.



Jay turned on his phone flashlight and with the help of that, he was able to turn on the switch.


The three of them gasped at the sight they saw.


In a glass coffee laid an old man.


“Oh my world, coffee.” bryan said scared.


“Such a cat.”


Elma went close to the coffee, she saw a tag and removed it.




“Great grandfather?” Elma called shocked.


“Great grand father?” Jay asked.


“Yes, he is my great granddad.”


“Wow, amazing.”


Jay dictator blink. “Someone is coming, let’s get out of here. The person is evil.” He said.


“The bracelet?” Elma asked.


“Its with me, now let’s go.”


Elma carried a book besides the coffee and ran out with them.








Alex came out of his car and walked to the soldiers close to the most affected place.


“What’s the result of your test?” He asked.


“Well, we haven’t gotten much, its still like the rest of the affected poles. We don’t now what really caused the blackout”.



“Gosh this is bad.” Alex said and looked up. He then saw something like a burst rope leading to an unknown destination.


“Please excuse me for a while.” He said and left.


He traced the rope to the Granduwella’s mansion.


“What is the rope doing here?”


He knocked at the door but no reply so he went in. The house looks empty.


“Hello.” He said but no reply.


He went in and found out that its an abandoned mansion.


“This house is so big to be abandoned” he said.


He went to all the rooms checking them one by one. He then got to Nicole room and saw that it was a hell mess. He saw a very big hole on the ceiling.


“What the” He looked at the room. He brought out a device and checked the


room. “It seems the thunder came from this room. But what could have caused it?”


He asked confused.








Carlisa pened her eyes. She was confused cause she wasn’t at the hotel but a different place.


“Where am I?”


She asked confused. She place her hand on her head. “My head ache.” She then remembered all what she found out. “No its a dream, am sure of it.”


The door to the room opened.


Elma came in with a tray of food and medicine. “I suspect you will be awake. I brought your medicine and food, you must be hungry.”





“Hmm?” Elma asked looking at her.


“What am I doing here? How did I get here? How did you get here too? Thought you let back to your family’s house. Why do I need drugs?”


“Well, you fell unconscious so we had no choice but to bring you here.”


“How did I fell unconscious and where? How did you find me? Am really confused.”


“Well you went to the Granduwella’s mansion and you came here really frustrated you collapsed immediately you came into the room”.


“Mansion? Please don’t tell me its all true. Its a dream right? Its a dream that I have powers and mi so is not my mom.”


Elma looked at her sadly, “its not a dream.”




“Its true, your mom is rebecca, aunt miso’s best friend. Your dad is Nicole Granduwella. You are an hybrid, you are the chosen one.”


“Please stop lying to me, its all a lie, you guys are just playing a prank on me.”


Elma sat close to her, “its not a prank, am your cousin.”


“So you have powers too?”


“Yes ofcourse.”


Carlisa laughed, “you all are liars”.


“Everything you found out is true, you are Rebecca and Nicole daughter.” Mi so said entering the room.



“Mom you too, why are all of you playing a prank on me, have caught you all so stop it, you can’t play a silly prank on me.” Carlisa said.


“Take,” mi so said giving her a photo frame.


Carlisa hesitantly collected it. She looked at the picture. It was a picture of rebecca and Nicole. “Those are your real parent, am just your mom friend.”


Carlisa looked at the picture shocked, that was the picture of the man she do see in her dreams and the woman they called her mother.


She looks so much like her mom that it will not be hard to identify who her mother is.


“This can’t be real, am still dreaming.” Carlisa asked as she bursted out tears.


Mi so was surprise cause carlisa don’t cry much.


Elma pulled carlisa to her and hugged her comforting her. “Its hard, I know that.”


Elma said

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