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Ice – Episode 25

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Maren came to Imogene room, nana was out.

Imogene stood up immediately she saw her mom.

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“Sit down. We need to talk.”

Imigene obeyed.

“What is wrong?”

“We need to talk about your failure.”


“We need to talk about the reason for your failure.”

“What is the reason?”

“I know you hate me so much sweetie but you want your father’s love. I have tips.”

“And what are they?”

Maren smiled, “as you know, defect the chosen one.”

“I know.”

“The chosen one is more powerful than you think. I will give you the tip on how to defect her and win your father’s heart.”

“Am listening.”

“Good day my lady, ” Nana said entering the room.

Maren smiled at her “I will have to leave now. ” she hugged imogene and whispered into her ear. “Let’s talk later and don’t tell anyone about anything.” She left.

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“The queen came? Am shocked.” Baba said and walked to Imogene wardrobe. “What did she say?”

“Nothing. Just came to taunt me.” Imogene said.

Her mind drifted to what the queen want to tell her.




Carlisa came out of the mansion looking so frustrated.

She wasn’t in control of her body anymore, she was been controlled by the demons in her.

The demons, Zeus and Lucas are two demon king who want to destroy Maren. She is their enemies. It all happened thirteen years ago, when I. C. E where still five years, the day Imogene got her scar. The two demon king where invited to maren’s palace for a peaceful gathering.

Maren asked them to form an alliance with her so she can defect the chosen one but they refuse cause it was against their law to form an alliance with anyone. Maren became angry and make the both of them invisible. The two king where so mad at her and they vowed revenge.

They waited for long and all they just need is someone (the supernaturals) who haven’t done magic before, do it in anger. Carlisa fulfilled their dream, they possessed her cause she was angry. But they also discovered that she is the chosen one and that make them more happy to be in her, they will use her power to their advantage.

Carlisa controlled body went to where elma stays. The demons led her there.

Carlisa stood at the door and fell down unconscious.

Eliza, mi so, Elma, ivy, Freda and Vanessa all ran out when they heard the door open.

“Carlisa” mi so called running to her unconscious body. They all ran to her.

“Carlisa,” Freda called, her granddaughter is right next to her.

“Oh no.” Eliza said after examining her.

“What is wrong aunt?” Elma asked.

“Carlisa have been possessed by the two demon kings.”

“What? Those two creatures.” Vanessa said.

“Oh my poor granddaughter” Freda said.

“What is the solution?” Elma asked.

“Her bracelet, we need to find her bracelet, only then can they leave her.” Eliza





“I need to find that bracelet. I need to find it as soon as possible,” elma thought.

She was getting really worried about Carlisa. Who was still unconscious.

She ran to Eliza.

“Eliza please how can I get the bracelet?”

“In the mansion. ”

“OK, am going there to search for it.”

“No sweetie, wait a minute.”

“what wrong?”

“There is a problem. ”

“What problem?”

“If you are able to find the bracelet, it will heal her of the demons but they will return immediately its removed and the bracelet have to be removed after the eighteen birthday. And the next time they visit her body, they will use her to destroy a lot of people, places and things cause she will be powerful, they will take advantage of that.”

“But what if we don’t put the bracelet back on her wrist?”

“Then, the demons will possess her body completely.”

“This don’t sound good.”

“Yes sweetie, am confused.”

“Well aunt, we will have to look for a way after our birthday but now, we need to save her and besides you once told me that a werewolf can’t transform when they are possessed, it will kill them. I won’t allow my sister to die, I will look for a solution.”

Eliza smiled, “you are acting like you suppose to. You are really a good big sister.”

“Big sister?”

“Yes, you where born first before Carlisa and the sword.”

“All this while I thought I was the youngest, they all look older than me.”

“Yes they kinda do.”

Elma sighed, “ok aunt I will have to go find that bracelet.”

“You can’t go alone.”

“Don’t worry aunt, I will be fine. Just consider this my first lesson.” Elma said and





Elma came out of the house. She was a bit scared of going to the mansion alone.

She sighed and left.

The mansion wasn’t far from the house so she decided to walk to the mansion.

“Hey.” She heard someone call, she ignored.

“Elma.” she turned, it was bryan and Jay.

She smiled at them. They both walked to her.

“What are you doing here?” Bryan asked.

“Going towards that direction.” She said pointing at the direction.

“You realise there is nothing there except that mansion.”

Elma smiled, “am going to the mansion.”

“Why? No one is there,” Jay said.

“Yes I know, just want to get something.”

Jay saw a bracelet in her hand. “Oh my, this bracelt.” he said and looked at it closely. “This bracket is a powerful bracelet ,it makes supernaturals unable to use their powers.” He said and looked at elma. “Are you one?”

“No, am not, a friend got it for me.”

“If you are human then it won’t be brownish but pink.” Jay said.

Elma looked at her hand, “its pink.”

“That makes you a supernatural. ”

“Wow you have powers, what are you? Vampire? Witch? Wolf? Mermaid?” Bryan asked.

“No, am a vampire.”

“Have always dreamt of seeing one.” Jay said.

“Well I need to go now.”

“Why are you going there? We might help.”


“Am a beast hunter.”Jay said.

“Yes he is strong and so am I, am a wrestler.”

“What’s that?”

“I will tell you later.”

“Well I will need company.”

“Then that settles it, let’s go.” Bryan said, they all left.






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