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ICE – Episode 19

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Elma arranged her cloths in her bag ready to go.


She sighed looking at the room for the last time.


“I will miss you my sweet room,” she said.


“Oops, I haven’t told carlisa and aunt mi so yet.” She left for their room.


She knocked on the door when she got there. “Hello Elma,” mi so said when she saw her. “Hi aunt, please where is Carlisa?” “She’s inside, come inside.”


Elma walked in.


Carlisa was on the bed listening to music through her earpiece.


“Lisa,” Elma called. Carlisa did not answer her cause of the earpiece plugged into her ears.


“Carlisa,” Elma called again.


Carlisa looked at her. “Elma,” she said and removed the earpiece. “What are you doing here?”


“Actually I came to tell you that am leaving.”


“Leaving? Carlisa asked.


“To where?” Mi so asked.


“Back to my family. Am done with my mission here. Have met the person wanted to meet.”



“Ok go,” Carlisa said and plugged back her earpiece into her ear.


Elma sighed and looked at mi so, “ok aunt, I will be leaving now.”


“Ok dear ,take care of yourself, ” mi so said and brought out a piece of paper. Her phone was with Carlisa. “Take, write down you number.”


Elma collected it and wrote down her number.


“Ok aunt, see ya”.


She said and hugged mi so.


“I will miss you, darling” mi so said.


Elma looked at Carlisa who was focused on what she was doing with the phone.


“Bye Carlisa” Elma said and left.


Immediately she left, Carlisa stood up from the bed. “Friends never last.” She said


and went to the restroom.








Imogene came across an old book of Nana which was in her bag.


She wanted to take a book from her bag when she saw the old book.


She brought it out and went through it.


It was actually a book, which has a lot of spells for locating someone.


“Locating spell? I can use it to find the chosen one “.


She said happily.


She went through it and came across the perfect spell she need. But she will need a sculpture and she will have to make a potion. The things she needed for the potion where there already and the sculpture too was there so it wasn’t hard finding them.


She showed everything to Nana.


“So you went though my stuff again?”



“Not really Nana, just wanted to take a book but this showed up.”


“Do to it what ever you wish.”


Nana said and went to the kitchen.


“I actually wanted you to help me.”




“Ok i will do it myself. ”


“Go ahead sweetie”.








After a long drive, Elma arrived at the apartment where she leaves with her family.


“Elma” ivy called going to hug her. Elma hugged her tight.


“I miss you mom”.


“I so much miss you too my dear. How have you been?” She asked.


“Fine mother, so how have you been?”


“Fine darling… Let’s go inside”.


They both went in.


Elma hugged her grandaunt and grandma together with Eliza. “I missed you all so much” she said.


Elma got refreshed and ate the food prepared by ivy.


After that, she went to meet Eliza.


“Hi Eliza”.


“My love”



“What is my next mission”.


“No no no not yet, rest first, then I will tell you in the morning”.


“Know I want to know now” Elma said whining like a child.


“Ok fine. But first go and rest”.


“No aunt”.


“Ok. Well you are still looking for the chosen one and the sword. All you have to do is to find a bracelet just like yours on the chosen one hand. ”


“Ok. In fact I have seen someone with it recently”.


“Please think”.


Elma sat down, Carlisa


“Carlisa? ”


“Yes a girl I may. She just came back from Korea with her mom miso so they stayed at the hotel I live in”


“Mi so? “Eliza asked. “Oh goodness, that Carlisa is the chosen one”.


“How? When? ”


“You two where given the same bracelet on your birth to prevent you from using your magic and Carlisa and mi so took her to another country”. “OMG, this is so unbelievable “.


Elma said.








Imogene brought of the mix potion and poured it on the sculpture, it immediately shine bright.


She smiled.


“Nana please freeze everyone for now.”


She said.


Nana sighed and did as she was told.


Imogene left the house with the sculpture on her hand ,everyone was frozed.


The sculpture led her to the hotel near by.


“An hotel? ” imogene asked.


She still followed where the light shined and got to room 105.


“The chosen one must be in here.” She said and dropped the sculpture down. The light disappeared and everyone where back to normal.


She sighed and knocked on the door.


“Am coming,” Carlisa said.


Imogene was filled with anger getting ready to kill who ever comes out first.


Carlisa opened the door. Her expression changed when she saw imogene.


“You” they both said at the same time.













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