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ICE – Episode 17

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Carlisa and elma left for the job.


The next day in the morning, carlisa got ready to go baby sit some kids. She sighed.


“I hate children, they frustrate life easily. Gosh”.


She said.


Mi so came to the room.


“Have told elma about it, so she is getting ready. You’d breakfast is ready”.


She said and left.



Caelus applied her make up and went to eat her breakfast, after that she went to call Elma who was ready.


The both of them left.


“So where are we going yo? ”


Elma asked in the taxi.




“Wow I love it”.


Elma said.


They got to the house and the babies parent left them with the kids, the kids are quad but still little.


“So cute”.


Elma said.




Carlisa said.


“Stop grossing, arent they then cutest ever”..


“They we ugly”.


Elma picked one of the kids and smiled at himehichhe reciprocated.


“He likes me”.


Elma said happily.


“Elma keep playing with tge kids, am tired for now”.


Carlisa said and went out of thr house.


Carlisa cane back I’m yen minutes later.


One of the quad crawled yo hetabd held her leg.


“Let go you little monster”.


She said angrily making tge baby ctyand that made all tbrbabies cru.


“What have you done? “.


Elma asked.




“Now the babies will cry until they become sick and the parent won’t pay is they


might arrest us”.


Elma said


“Yeah, I made a mistake”.


Elma pat one of the quad and he kept quiet. She did the same for the last three but


only one continue crying.


“Why won’t she stop? “.


Elma asked confused. She looked at Carlisa.


“Try taking care of that one, maybe she want you “.


“Care? Not happening”.


“Do children irritate you? ”


“Yes of course they do”.


“Wow so you are a monster. ”


“For hating children? “.


“Yes. They have feeling too ok? “.


Elma said.




Carlisa said and carried the girl.


“Now shush”.


“Don’t do it like that. Do it like this”.


Elma said showing her how to pat the baby. And in no time, the girl stopped crying and slept off.


Carlisa for the first time saw how cute the babies are. She had that open heart again.


She smiled.









Imogene decided to take a walk down street but she met jay on the road. “Why do we keep meeting each other? ” Jay asked.




Imogene showed him his bracket on her hand.


“Am sure its because of this on on my hand”.


“You bad”.


“Here you, have told you I won’t harm anyone so believe me”


“And take this thing off me”.


“Sorry I can’t”.


“You can’t? Why? Do you like me that you always want to see me”.”maybe”.


“this fool. I hate you”


“I hate you too”.


Imogene left angrily.








Carlisa and elma left the children immediately their parents came back. They decided to walk home.


“Gosh am hungry, does kids really took away my strength. But they are cute”.


Elma said.


“Go and buy what you will eat and don’t bother me”.


Carlisa said.


“What about you? What will you like to eat? “.


“Don’t bother. Catch up with me when you are done “.


Carlisa said.


Elma went to the shop close by and hot what she will eat.


She sighted carlisa who have gone far.


“She is fast”.


She said and began to run. She mistakenly hit someone without knowing. She left without saying sorry.


“Gosh that girl. She can’t say sorry”.


The lady said and followed elma in anger.


“Carlisa wait up”.


Elma shouted.


Carlisa stopped walking.




Elma said breathlessly.


She stood in front of carlisa.


“Do you jump or run, you walk really fast”.


Elma complained.


“You are now complaining. Aigoo, this girl don’t have fear anymore”.


The lady whom elma hit mistakenly held her hand and turned elma to face her. She


raise her hand to slap Elma but stopped.


The bracelet on her hand stopped her.


Imogene tried moving her hand but the bracelet wouldn’t let her so she dropped her hand down.


“You dare push me and left without saying sorry. Are you blind or something”.


Imogene asked angrily.


“I did not do that”.


Elma said.


“You did not? ”


“Hey you”.


Carlisa said coming to their middle facing Imogene. M



A very bright appeared in the sky, the same light that appeared when they where born. It was invisible to humans but visible to supernaturals.


The only thing that happened physically was a heavy breeze which stopped immediately.


Imogene, carlisa and elms where unaware of this, they don’t know it happened, it


was all invisible to them.


“How dare you try to slap her”.


Carlisa asked.


“Are you her mother? ”


“I am not her mother but her friend. And I won’t take it if you ever raise your hand at her “. Imogene smirked.


“And if I do what will you do? “.


“Something you can’t ever imagine”.


“Someone like you doing something unimaginable to me, you must be a coward”.


“How dare you call me a coward, who do you think you are? “.


“I think am a beautiful and smart girl unlike you who is the goal opposite “.


“Aish, this bitch. I will forget the law and harm you here”.


“And there she is calling me a bitch when she easily can say I can comment a crime forgetting the law”.


“Why do you sound like you are scared?


Are you scared of me? “.


“Common you two”.


Elma said.


“Scared? You must be stupid to think that way”.


“Aigoo, this girl is a sicko”.


“Okay that’s enough. Lady am sorry for bumping into you please go now”.


Imogene glared at the both of them and left.


“Why will you do that? Did I ask you,? I would have thought her a big lesson”.


Carlisa said and left angrily.


“Carlisa, a big character”.


Elma said and followed carlisa.


During the time the lights stoned , baba saw it and remembered what the seer said.


She smiked cause I. C. E have met.













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