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ICE – Episode 14

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Elma smiled when she took a sip from the tea.


“This is really delicious. ”




“Yes, its really delicious”.


Elma said.


Carlisa scoffed.


“We know”.


“So tell me, how have life been in LA”.


“Awesome aunt”.


Mi so smiled.


“I like you” she said.


Elma smiled while carlisa glared at her, she then place an earpiece in her ear not to listen to any of their nonsense.


“Aunt what is wrong with Lisa? ”


Elma asked.


“She is just angry cause she hate LA, but its for her benefit and she won’t understand that. She is just stubborn”.


“Where do you stay before? ”


“South Korea”.


Elma looked at Carlisa whose eyes where closed.


“I can see through her and I know there is this good side in her”.


Elma said smiling.


Miso couldn’t believe it, cause she was having this same thought some time ago but this days she have been having doubt. But a new girl told her that there is still a good side in Carlisa and that gave her a little hope. “I guess so”.


Mi so said even though she did not totally believe.








Imogene went home frustrated, the bracelet wouldn’t go off her hand.


She angrily sat on the chair.


“Stupid bracelet, stupid boy, stupid everything, stupid everyone”.


“That doesn’t include me right? ”


Nana asked.


“Of course not”.


“Wait is that the golden bracelet? ”


Nana asked.


“So you know it too”.


“Did you meet a beast hunter? ”


“No, I just met some stupid boy who place it on my hand”.


“Is he a beast hunter? “.


“Nana how am I suppose to know? ”


“Its only beast hunters that have this”.


“Then he must be one”.


“Oh no”.


“Why? What is so special about them”.


“Beast hunter are humans who kills beast. They are dangerous and have all the weapon to kill a beast so stay away from that them”.


“Then what about this bracelet? “.



“We have to get it out if not it will suck out all your powers and you will be rendered powerless”.


Imogene stood up when she heard that.


“Powerless? I don’t want to be powerless, I need my power to kill the chosen one”.


“And that is why we must take it out”.


“Then take it out”.


Imogene said.


“It can only be removed by the beast hunter”.


“Oh no, what am I going to do? ”


“We need to find that beast hunter and I will hypnotize him to remove it”.


“Ok fine let’s find him”.


“Let’s go”.


”Then what about your transformation? “.


“When we get back dear”.


“No. Have you forgotten that once you do the portion you are meant to take it that day or it will change and make you older?”


“Yes but you are more important now”.


“No nana, this bracelet can wait. But first your transformation. Besides I don’t want an old woman to stay close to me. I need someone to talk to “.


“Ok fine, but we will go immediately have been transformed? ”


“Yes of course”.


Imogene replied with a smile.



It was evening already, so Nana stood by the window where the setting sun was.


She held the portion with her two hands and closed her eyes.


“Transform me to the younger me”.


She said and drank it.


Immediately she began to wince in pain as the transformation began to take place.


Imogene stood up worried, nana was in pains.


Nana fell down with her hair covering her face.


Her hair color turned brown, she became slim and a little bit taller.




Imogene called going to her.


She knelt down close to her.


Nana opened her eyes and slowly get up.


Imogene was shocked cause she looks young and beautiful.




Imogene called shocked.


Nana looked at her hand.


“Oh goodness my hand looks younger”.


She said.


She stood up and looked at herself through the mirror.


“Oh my world, I look younger “.


She said touching her face.


She looked at imogene smiling.


“Am beautiful again”.


“Yes you are nana”.


“Shit this is awesome…… Now let’s go get that bracelet off after that, party time”.


“Party time? “.



“Yes, so let’s go look for that beast hunter of a boy”.


Nana said and drag Imogene out.








Nana and Imogene left the house to look for jay with a tracking spell.


Nana keeps showing imogene the way cause she is the one who casted the spell to know where she will go next.


Imigene looked back.


“Am really thirsty”.


“Let’s go, there is a place where they sell water in front”.


Nana said.


Imogene turned but bumped into someone.


“Why do I keep bumping into people? ”


Elma asked.


She left to check the seer again but as usual she couldn’t find him, so she was on her way back to the hotel.


“Watch it”.


Imogene said.


“And the people I bump into are always angry and beautiful. What have I done to deserve this? ”


She looked at imogene. “Am really sorry for bumping into you, it wasn’t my




Elma said.


“Watch where you go next time”.


Imogene said and left together with nana who looked at elma for some minutes.


“Gosh people should really watch where they go to”.


Imogene said.








Nana were able to track where jay was.


They saw him sitting on his scooter drinking water.


‘Is that him? ”


Nana asked.


“Yes that is the fool”.


Imogene said.


“Ok, let’s go meet this fool”.


Nana said and they walk to him.


“Hey you”.


Imogene called.


Jay looked at them and was amazed at her beauty.




Imogene called.


“What? ”


“You have to remove the bracelet now or you shall face the consequences “.


“And here I was enjoying the weather but she came and spoilt everything. She even came with her elder sister. Are you guys going to beat me? ” He asked.




“She is not my eldest sister. She is my mom”.


Jay laughed.


“Your mom? Seriously, she is too young to be your mother”.



“Hey quit chatting and let get this over with”.


nana said. She looked at Jay.


“Ok young man its time for you to remove it or I make you do it by force”.


She said.


“By fault? The highest thing you can do is to hypnotize me cause witches don’t have strength to fight. And the only beast here have been rendered powerless “. Jay said and took a sip from his water.


Imogene and nana where shocked, cause how did he know that they planned on hypnotizing him.


“That is a lie. We where going to do worst”.


Imogene said.


“Worst than hypnotizing? Funny”.


“Stop mentioning hypnotizing already”. Imogene said. She looked at nana. “Nana now”.


Nana cast a spell to hypnotize jay.


Jay stood still looking at them.


“Now I command you to remove the bracelet”.


Nana said.


Jay smirked.


“I told you the only thing you can do was to hypnotize me”.


He said.


“What? “Imogene and nana said at the same time.


“You are suppose to be hypnotized then why are you still normal?”.


“Cause your spell won’t work on me, I have several protection on me. Ever since I met imogene and saw her do magic even though she is a beast, I went to get protections”.



“Smart” nana said.




Imogene called.


“What? That was a smart idea”.


She replied defending herself.


“So what must I do for you to remove it? ” imogene asked with a serious face.


Jay smiled.


“What I wanted to hear. You will have to leave”.


“No way”.


“Then forget it, the bracelet is yours”.


“what ever your name is, just remove it”.


“Then promise me you will leave”.


“I can’t promise that”.




“You see am a friendly beast”.


“A friendly beast who froze people to hurt someone”.


“That was because I was confused on what to do at that time”.


“Go on with your story”.


“Their is a threat on people’s life. A girl who is really evil, her work is to destroy. She tried destroying my world but could not so she came to earth to destroy everyone. Am a protector and it was my fault she left so I came to get her and



punish her and I will need my powers to do so. I had to get my witch mother to come with me to help me”.


“An evil lady? Wow”.


“Will you remove it”.


“How can I trust you”.


“I don’t break the trust people have on me.”.


“I still don’t trust you”.


He brought out another bracelet.


“This is to let me know when you hurt someone. Or do your magic on an innocent person”.


He said and put it on her wrist.


“Gosh what’s with you and bracelets? “.


“they are my friends. So how did you became a witch too? “.


“You ask too much questions”.


“The bracelet? “.


“Ok fine, I was born with it and that is why am a protector”.


Jay sighed and remove it.


“Before you think of harming me too, that bracelet I gave to you will also prevent you from harming others, when you try to do so, it will electrocute you”. Jay said and claim his scooter.


“You…. ”


Imogene said angrily.


“Bye for now sweetie”.


Jay said and left.



“Am going to kill him”.


“Calm down and let’s go back. Besides you are a good liar”.


Nana said.
















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