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ICE – Episode 13

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Elma came out of her room to get something to eat when she bumped into Carlisa again.


“You gain? ”


“Lisa? What are you doing here? ”


“I stay here”.


“Stay here? We are neighbors? ”


“Whatever you call it”.


Elm smiled.


“So you live right next to me and I don’t know”.


“How would you know? ”


“It seems like destiny want us to be friends”.


“I doubt it”.


“But why are you so rude? ”


Carlisa looked at her .


“What right do you have to call me rude? We just met and you called me rude? Who are you anyway? You keep following me, or are you a spy? You should mind your business.”


“What did I say wrong? ”


“You…… ”


Carlisa said pointing her finger at her angrily.


“What is going on here? ”


Mi so asked coming of the room.


Elma smiled at her.


“Nothing ma’am, it was actually my fault that she is angry. I was rude to her” Elma said.


Carlisa was surprised cause elma just took the blame.


Mi so came close to her and smiled at her.


“You are such a sweet girl to have taken the blame for someone who don’t deserve it”.


“What? ”


Elma asked.


“Am her mother so I know her well, she was the rude one. You look too innocent to be rude”.


“Ma’am don’t be angry at her, am telling you, its my fault”.


“You stay in this hotel? ”


“Yes ma’am”


“Please stop calling ma’am, am too young for that, just call me Mi so”.


“Mi so? What kind of name is that? ”


“A korean name you idiot”.


Carlisa said getting jealous cause of the closeness between mi so and elma.


“Carlisa that is enough.


Mi so said.


“Carlisa? But she told me Lisa”.


“Yes you can call her Lisa” mi so smiled. “So are you here for a vacation or business? ”



“Asking her about her life already? ” Carlisa asked with a smirk. “I got something to do enjoy knowing yourself” she said and left.


“She is rude”


Elma said.


“Forget about her. So business? ”


“No, I actually came to meet someone but he is the busy type so I have to wait here”.


“Ok. You are really sweet sweetie”.


“Thanks ma’am”.




Elma smiled, “I mean mi so”.


“That is better.


Mi so said smiling.


“Ok, I need to see if the man I back, will see you later”.


“Yes. Come to my room when you get back. “.


“Ok I will”.


Elma said and left.








Carlisa walked down the street angrily.


“Who those she think she is? Making friends with mom immediately they met? ,am


sure she have other motive”.


She thought.


Strolling down the street have become her hobby.


She loves walking to help her cool down or to reduce her worries.


She looked at her bracelet.


“I really miss korea”.


She said to it.








Imogene got dressed using the spell she learnt from Nana. Its a dressing spell.


She smiled at her self satisfied with her look.


“Going somewhere? ”


Nana asked coming out from the bathroom.


“Yes Nana”.


“So you won’t wait for it? ”


“Wait for what? ”


“My transformation”.


“What transformation? ”


“What the heck imogene, we talked about it yesterday”.


“About what? “.


“About my transformation. ” nana yelled.


“Ok so what is it about”.


Imogene asked confused.


“You forgot? “.


“Forgot what? “.


“Oh idiot, what we talk about yesterday”.


“And that is? “.


“i can’t believe this, my best friend forgot what we talk yesterday “.


“Best friend? You are my mother figure”.


“That is why I need the transformation to look more younger. I can’t be called a mother figure, I dot want to feel old n now that am on earth, I want to enjoy myself for a very long time”.


“Ok, I think I was sleeping when you said all this. Can you please tell me more on this transformation”.


“Well I want to transform myself to a young beautiful lady, actually I will look a bit older than you and it happening this evening”.


“Then their is still time, I just want to look round this earth place. J sipp be back before evening”.


“Sure? “.


“Yes am sure”.


Imogene kissed her on her cheek and left.


“Lovely girl, I will get young so I can fight this battle together with you”.


Nana said and smiled.






Imogene went out of the building and was still amaze at the number of people and cars. She have seen the drawings of cars from nana book and lots more and that is why she knows somethings about earth.


She rose her hand up and froze everyone.


She went to a restaurant close by and took two burgers.



“I will definitely want to try this. Its so big”.


She said smiling.


She came back to the front door of the house she stays and made the burgers disappear with a letter, it disappeared to the inside.


She then grew a flower so that she will know her way back, but its an invisible flower. Anywhere she step her feet on will grow the flower.


She unfroze everyone and began to walk down the street.






Jay saw his detector blink.


“A beast is close by”.


He said carrying his gadgets.


He left the house in his scooter.


He stopped the scooter when he saw Imogene walking down the street.


“Wow she Is the one. The beast have been looking for”.


He said and smiled.


He followed her with his scooter.




He said when he got to her.


Imogene looked at him and sighed.


“You again? You that wanted to catch that day in the forest? What do you want


again? Are you following me”.


She asked.


“Wow you we really beautiful without the scar”.


“What do you want before I get you killed”.


She said.


“Not in front of this people cause that will only mean jail for you “.


Imogene rose her hand up making everyone to freeze except Jay.


“What the ”


He asked looking at them




“Now I can kill you and know one will take me to jail or whatever you called it. So back to my question, why are you following me? ”


“Holy cow, are you a witch cause its only a that can freeze people like this “.


Jay asked still surprised at the way she froze everyone.


“I asked yoja question and you dare try to change the topic? “.


Imogene asked.


She used her finger to raise him up above her head a little.


“You will make a delicious meat”.


She said licking her lips.


Jay struggled and place a bracelet on her hand.


Imogene immediately let go of him wincing in pain.


“What is this? What have you done? “.


“That is the golden bracelet. It will make uou weak for the time been. “.


Jay said.


“Remove this bracelet or I remove uou from this world”.


“Go ahead. You are too beautiful to be wicked”.


Imigene tried removing it but was electrocuted.


She tried using her powers but it did not work.


“What have you done to me? ”



“That bracket is a powerful bracelet that can only be removed by me and me alone.


It can weaken any supernatural which I doubt there is except beast”.


“Let me go”.


“Nope not until you apologize”.


“No why”.


“Then suit yourself”.


Jay said and left.


“What type of guy is he? Useless”.


She said angrily still trying to get the bracelet out but it won’t work.








Elma went to look for the seer but as usual he wasn’t at home.


She came back to the hotel frustrated.


She remembered her envouter with mi so and left for her room..


Mi so was happy to see her but carlisa wasn’t, actually carlisa came back home just a while ago.

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“Sit let me get you a cup of tea”.


Mi so said going to make some for her.


“Do you really have to come? “.


Carlisa asked.


“Stupid up carlisa she is my guest not yours”.


Carlisa angrily stood up and left the room.


“She seems to be angry with you”.


“Yes, we had a quarrel “.


“Then you guys should settle yourselves cause you are family”.


“Yes you are right but Carlisa is a very stubborn girl who won’t listen to me……


Anyway, do you live in Los Angeles”.


Mi so asked.


“Yes. But aunt why did you ask? ”


“Cause there is something familiar about you”.











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