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ICE – Episode 11

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Mi so got dressed early in the morning when carlisa was still sleeping. She left the hotel and boarded a taxi which took her the granduwellas hospital. It took 50 minutes to get there.


She paid him and entered the hospital.


“Mi so”.


One of the male intern that worked with her eighteen years ago called immediately he sighted her.




Mi so called smiling, they hugged each other.


“How have you been? Its been eighteen years now, where have you been? ”


“I went back to my country. How is life? You still work here? “.


“Yes, you look so different”.


“You too Dan. What about everyone? ”


“All great”.


“The granduwellas? “.


“They are all dead”.


“What? ”


Miso asked shocked.


“Don’t know what killed them but they all died eighteen years ago. Even poor Rebecca”.


Mi so was extremely shocked to gear all of them are dead.


She thought Freda, Vanessa, Richard daughter and ivy survived.


“Who head the hospital now”.


“A lady. It seems she bought it”.


Mi so was shocked.


“A lady? What’s are name? ”




“Eliza? You mean Eliza? “.


“I just said that”.


“Where is she? “.


“Don’t know. She is not always at work. We hardly see her”.


“When last did she come to the hospital?”.


“A year ago. Don’t know but I heard she is out of the country “.


Dan said.


Eliza isn’t coming to the hospital regularly, but the day she come, she will always use an invisible spell.


How will she live now?


She thought they are still alive and that was why LA was her first option.


“What are we going to do now? “.


She thought.


After talking with Dan, she went back home.


She saw Carlisa seating on the sofa but she ignored her and went to the bathroom.


“What is wrong with her? “.


Carlisa asked.








Elma sat on the bed and brought out the map.


She looked at it.


“His house is just five blocks away, easy”.


She said and drop it in her bag.


She left the hotel and went to the house.


She knocked and knocked but no one reply.


“Excuse me young lady”.


An elderly man called.


She turned.


“Hello sir”.


“Who are you looking for? “.


“The man who lives here”.


“He just left a while ago. Come back later”.


The old man said and left.


“A while ago, I wish i was early “.


She said and left.








“Carlisa I was thinking, we should find something doing to start our life here”.


Mi so said.


“Goof luck”.


Carlisa said harshly.



“Ok young lady this is getting out of hand, what is wrong? “.




“Don’t tell me that, what is really wrong with you? “.


“This place. LA. California, its really annoying”.


“So are we still on that? ”


“Yes mother I can’t move on. Why LA out of all places”.


“Why LA, why LA what is wrong with LA”.


Mi so shouted.


“You are one of the most biggest fool have seen, I wish I knew I would have allowed you to rot in jail since that is what you want. Haven’t I done a good deed for you? I choose this place cause have live half of my life here. Do you know what?……. I will try to make some money, I will make some money and give it to you to go to anywhere you want to go to”.


Mi so said angrily and left the room.


Carlisa sat down on the bad.










Alex sat in his office busy with some file work when his secretary, Sandra came in.


She bowed a little.


“Sir, I brought the papers you asked for”.


“Ok, drop it”.


He said focused on the file in his front.



He was researching on a new specie of animal. He want to check the old newspapers for some news about it.


He began to search through the newspaper but stopped in some point.


“What is this? ”


He asked when he saw a write up.


“The granduwellas? Who are they? “.


He asked looking at the old newspapers.


It was the news about grauduwella been a vampire then, the one that was given by that nurse.


“Who are they? And why did she suspect they were having powers? I have this feeling that there is something fishy here”. He said.




He looked at the address of the hospital.




He called his secretary.


“Sir? “.


“Book a flight for me. I will be going to LA tomorrow”.


He said.


“Ok sir”.


Sandra said and left.

















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