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ICE – Episode 1

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Carlisa stood in front of a mirror fully dressed in a crop top and jean trouser. She combed her grey hair and applied make up. She fix her long cross earring to her ear and her nose ring too.


She wore her boot and left the house without anyone knowing.


She stopped a taxi.


“eodi ga? (Where are you going too?) “.


“Jinsa maekjujib (Jinsa club) “.


The driver drove off.


Immediately she got down from the taxi, she paid the driver and entered the club. It was filled with people, some where drunk. Others where dancing, while some sat down watching the view of the club strippers dancing.


Carlisa use her eyes to look round the club. She smiled sighting her friends.


She walked to them.


“Boombayah (party girls) “.




They called happily.


Among her friend, she is the only one who can speak English fluently, thanks to mi so.


“Meotji shineyo (you look great) “.


Cha In Ha said.


She’s been friends with carlisa since fourth grade.


“Ara (I know) “.


Lisa said sitting down close to Na Na.


In Ha smiled, she is use to her friends character already.


“Jihee neun eodie isseoyo? (Where is Ji hee?) “.


“Chogi (over there) “.


In ha said pointing towards a direction.


“Odi? (Where) “.


Lisa asked looking at the direction. She than sighted Jihee.


“Am coming “.


She said and left.




She called.


“neujeotseoyo (You are late)”.


“Ye, ara (Yes, I know). Its not my fault”.


Jihee understand English but can’t speak it well she only know some words.


“arraseo, kaja (OK, Let’s go) “.


Jihee said and left while Carlisa followed her.


They came to the VIP section.


Jihee smiled at the man sitting in her front.


“Annyeonghaseyo, John seonsaengnim (Hello Mr. John) “.


Mr. John smiled.


“You are here Jihee”.


He looked at Lisa.


“Is this your friend? “.


“Ne (yes)”.


“She is beautiful”.


He said.


“Do you speak English? “.


He asked Lisa.


“Yes of course Mr. John”.


“OK. Sit down”.


He said tapping on an empty space close to him. Lisa sat down.


“What will you like to take? “.


“I will be okay with some beer”.


He look at her.


“Are you from Korea cause you speak English fluently”.


“No, am an half breed. My dad is an American while my mom is a Korean”.


“Wow. So is your dad in Korea? “.


“No Mr. John, he is dead. I did not get to meet him”.


“Then how where you able to learn English”.


“My mom stayed in america all her life, so she taught me all the things I know”.


“Silehamnida (Excuse me) “.


Jihee said and left.


The waiter brought two bottles of beer.


“So how old are you? “.


“Mr. John, I thought we came here for business not my personal life”.


Mr. John smiled.


“I like you”.


He said.


He poured some beer into a cup and drank from it.


“Yes we are here for business. A serious one”.


“So tell me…… “.


She said.










Imogene stood in front of warhoy.


She was blind folded.


Her blonde hair was long and pretty.


A scar was on her chin.


The scar given to her by her dad when she was five.


Five monsters walked sneakily toward her.


“Imogene, you have to kill them within……”


Before he could finish what he was saying, imogene killed the monsters.


“That was quick. My student is now stronger than any other person”.


Warhoy said proudly.


Imogene removed the blindfold.


“Next time, get your best men”.


She said.


A servent ran to her and bowed.


“Princess. Your mom seeks tour presence”.


She said and left.


“What does that witch want from me? ”


Imogene thought.


She threw the sword and left the training ground.


Imogene prefer her father to her mother, but Gab hates her. She always try her best to make him happy but he still hate her. He keeps saying he wanted a boy not her. Imogene hates her mom cause what she only do is to tell her to learn new spells.


She bowed.


“Greetings mother”.


She said.


Maren smiled.


“You came sweetie. well there is a new potion I want you to get for me. I don’t trust any person except you. That potion is very important. So I want you to get it for me safe and sound”.


New potion like always, Imogene thought.


“OK mom. I will get it for you”.


Imogene said and left.


“Are you sure about this? ”


Gab asked.


“Yes. She will get it for me”.


Karen replied smiling.










A rabbit came in view eating a carrot. There where carrot lined up to his death but he don’t have any idea.


It trailed the carrot until it fell into the trap set for it. He tried getting out but his leg was hooked.


Elma came out of her hiding place.


“Too bad buddy. You just fell into your death”.


She said.


“I just need three more rabbit, so you stay right here”.


She said and left going to check her other traps.

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She checked her second trap but it was empty.


“Where are this damn fu.cking animals. Have they finally gotten sense. Gosh am hungry”.


She said holding her stomach.


She looked to her left and smiled at the view.


It was a different world, a world totally different from hers.


She have always wish to go to that world but a barrier was blocking her way. If she tries passing through that barrier, it will electrocute her.


“One day, I will know what that place is”.


She said.



She then heard something moving towards her.


She slowly brought out her small knife, she looked at the ground.


“A big meat for a nice dinner”.


She said seeing the shadow of a jaguar.


The animal jumped on her but she was quick enough to move aside.


“Wow a big black jaguar, mom will be proud of me”.


She said.


The jaguar growled at her, but she used her strength to push him to the ground.


She looked at the trap at the back of the jaguar.


“That will do”.


She said.


“I just need to push him there”.


The jaguar charge to her but she gave him a kick which sent him flying up till he landed on the trap.


There was no way of escaping.


“Sorry jaguar but we need to eat. Don’t worry, I will pay you back in your next life.


I hope you forgive me”.


She said and stabbed it in the heart.













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