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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 8

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Chapter 8


Nicholas’s p.o.v


“So even your beautiful sexy looking P.A is wearing your suit jacket…what an amazing P.A you have son…”he smirked more. Oh my gosh ,Iyna is still wearing my suit jacket.




I stare at my dad quietly as he smirked at me,i don’t even know where to start from , I always get confused when it comes to my dad,he just has that power to pull



words out of my mouth,while my grandpa will read my whole heart out before my eyes.


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“Cat cut your tongue son? Dad asked.


“Um…dad,well you know… she’s wearing a bad dress which isn’t appropriate so I


told her to wear the Jacket on it.”I said .


He grinned and shook his head.


“Am your father little man…I know you can’t just give a woman your fu.ckin jacket to put on…infact you love it when girls dress inappropriate, then why do you feel concern that your P.A is dressing like that ? He asked .


Gosh his right,what do I tell him now, I will have to find something to say . “Well….hers is really bad, I wouldn’t want my clients to think my P.A is a slut “I replied.


He watched me for a while .


“Nicholas….”he called.


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He smirked.


“I know you son,…what you said just now is far from why you gave her the jacket


….your being possessive of her ..tell me, how did she charm you ? Dad asked .


Gosh what’s dad driving at ,I seriously won’t answer this question.


“Dad.. please let’s just leave this matter ,let’s talk why your here …so what business are you talking about? I quickly changed the topic.


“Umm…. there’s a function at the house tomorrow all business men and women are


gonna be there, it’s just a normal function it’s done once in a while and you pretty know that ,but I want to tell you it will be important you come, cause Mr Donald Dimitri will be coming over, his one of the best business man in England, his Ready to make a deal with our company so we should try to make the merge with him ” he said .


I thought for a while .


“That’s great dad…of course i will be there “I replied.


“And make sure you come with a date ….look for a very beautiful woman and


bring son”he said .


My eyes shoot out,gosh what’s all this?


He stood up.


“A date?” I asked.


“Yes Son, you need to come with a date cause everyone there will have a date , it’s a business party remember….and it starts 8 in the evening..,don’t be late son “he said and tap my shoulder then smirked .


“Alright dad…till then “I replied and he left.



I rubbed my temple and thought about it , well I was even planning to take a date there , but Iyna crossed my mind, should I take her ?…will she say yes?…of course she will she doesn’t have a choice and she can’t say no to me ….


I smirked,my dad said I should bring a very beautiful woman,but in my eyes no other woman is as beautiful as my Iyna …no woman….not at all.


smirked. Iyna’s p.o.v


Am seated in my office uprating some information in my laptop when my telephone rang, I picked it up.




“My office now “that’s all the beast said and hanged up.


This guy really has a fu.ckin attitude,whats gotten into his head.


I gently got up,picked his suit jacket which I’ve hanged on my chair earlier and went to his office.


I knocked and I heard come in , I gently walked in and closed the door and went to him.


“Yes Mr hensmith”I said and he was really looking upset . Now what’s he angry at ?


“Why did you take it off? He asked in a hard tone. “S_sir……


“Nicholas….call me Nick or Nicholas from henceforth”he said . I rolled my eyes.


“S_ umm…Nick.. I don’t understand why I still had to put it on,do you want me dead with heat? I asked angrily.


He looked at me for a while and stood up from his chair,and walked closer to me I was already shaking,i moved a bit from him ,but he went to my back , I didn’t bother turning, gosh my heart is beating so fast ,what’s he gonna do?


“So you prefer people look at you in this dress? He said in my ear and I shivered at his breath in my ear ,I closed my eyes so tight as I feel my heart will jump out from my chest ,his just too close gosh.


He began touching my hair ,and bend his head too my neck and tickle me with his nose, I started breathing fast, why can’t I push him away , he touched my arms and run his finger over it up and down.gosh am going to faint it suddenly build up an unknown desire in me


“Do you…. know…how…. beautiful…you are ? He whispered.


I couldn’t talk, I was shaking badly ,no man and I mean no man has ever done this too me, I couldn’t find my voice ,gosh what is this beast doing to me .


“Look at me “he whispered.


I can’t turn, cause his too close to me I could feel his chest pressed on my back ,I shook my head saying no.then he turned me to face him ,I looked down,i don’t dare look up .


He used his finger to raise my jaw up and looked into my eyes ,I was actually holding my breath right now , I totally feel my whole body is on fire , his eyes are so he going to kiss me ?


He moved away from me ,and I suddenly felt cold of his arms around me, why did he move away .


“Iyna …I need you to follow me to a business function tomorrow, dress beautiful i will pick you up at 7:30 you don’t need to come to work tomorrow..,you my leave now “he said it all without looking at me .


“Okay s_umm Nicholas”I said .

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And I quickly rushed out of his office, gosh my chest is so heavy, why did he do that to me , his touch is so gently and I don’t know how I felt that moment, but I was really nervous….


No guy has ever being that close to me to do this ,his the only one …..


But why did I allow him ?


Iyna’s p.o.v


Right now am getting ready for Nicholas to come pick me, yeah he said I should call him Nicholas,do I have a choice ?


Tobi dressed me so beautiful with a long cream gown with a low shoulder length and a sprinkle of flowers around it , but my breast isn’t showing that much, but it is a little tho.


I wore a gold hill, it belongs to Tobi she had told me to wear it and giving me her gold purse .


She curled my hair down and it looks so beautiful and she gave me some unexplainable make up, this girl just turned me into someone else.


“Yapi….we are done ….tah_da” she turned me to the mirror and I gasped,at my


reflection,i look so beautiful.


“Wow Tobs I look so beautiful…..”I whispered.


“Not only beautiful girl you look gorgeous…your gonna knock out all the men off their feet at that party , especially Mr hottie “she said grinning happily.


I just Chuckled,shes calling Mr hensmith hottie ..what a naughty girl,just then there was a knock on the door.


Oh my gosh that should be him, will he like this dress,?gosh am feeling so nervous.


“Your prince charming is here girl….let me go get the door ” Tobi said happily


going to open the door I pulled her back.


“Tobs I feel kind of nervous, do you think he will like this dress? I asked I don’t even know why I care if he likes it or not.


“What are you saying?.he won’t just like it but love it .,girl your looking


super…don’t ruin this makeup do you get it …now be a gently girlfriend and let me go open the door for your prince charming”she said . The knock came again.


“Oh my world, his knocking again…I should go get the door , you stay here for a


while okay …um..after 5 minutes you come out …and make sure you smile …okay


“she asked .


I nodded .


She smiled and rushed out of the room,i looked at myself in the mirror ,why do I


even care if he likes my dressing or not, but some how I want him to love it .


Gosh I think am going crazy now.


Nicholas’s p.o.v


I dressed up so handsomely, I want Iyna to love my look , so I wore one of my best suit ,I don’t know why I want to please her but I just have that feeling to look good for her.


I never care to look good for women but am suddenly doing things i never Imagine doing since I met Iyna, am so confused what’s wrong with me.


One point I want her on my bed the next point I draw back…I almost kissed her at the office yesterday,she looks so beautiful that I wanted to take her right there on my desk .


But something pulled Me back, I just couldn’t do it ,and am afraid to hurt her, gosh this isn’t me …this is not Nicholas hensmith anymore.


I knocked on the door and someone opened it , oh it’s her friend she was smiling. “Hello prince charming come Inside “she took my hand and pulled me in smiling Wow she’s funny .


“Your looking so great prince charming..,you just seat and make your self comfortable Iyna will be here soon “she said cheerfully


I smiled at her and looked at their apartment,well at least its beautiful even if it’s little.


“Thanks”I told her .


“Your welcome”she smiled .


“So the last time you didn’t tell me your Name”I said .



“Umm..yeah …that’s because you weren’t even bothered to ask you only wanted iyna’s name …but you can call me Tobi…but the full name is Tobia…”she said happily.


I like her , too be sincere she seems carefree , I like it .


“It’s a nice name “I said and she blushed.


I Chuckled.


“Thanks prince charming..”she said .


Just then I saw Iyna and my heartbeat stopped.


What the …she’s looking so gorgeous with that dress and her hair …she smiled , did she just smile ?


I got up from my seat as she walked closer to me .


“Awwwnnnn….I think someone appreciate my good work Iyna,. His just staring


non_stop” Tobi said and Iyna gave her a scornful look…she chuckled.


“Shall we? I asked .


She nodded, and I pulled her by the waist .


“Have a nice night girlfriend and prince charming” Tobi said and Iyna chuckled. We walked out of her house and I held her to my car I opened the door for her and she got in, then I went to seat and I told Diva to drive .


“I must say you look gorgeous” I said looking at her she smiled.


“Thanks”she replied.


And the rest of the drive was in silence,but I kept glancing at her but she looked out of the window.


Gosh this girl is taking my breath away .



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