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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 7

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Chapter 7


Iyna’s p.o.v


We both walked Into the boardroom, they were 8 chairs at each side of the long table then one each opposite, men were more cause there were only 3women sitted but they look elderly and let me say they are about 30up words and they are some young men too and old men too, so we are only four women in the room.


As Mr hensmith walked they all stood up and theres this guy maybe Mr hensmith age was Just looking at me , I wasn’t feeling comfortable,i try to hide myself behind Mr hensmith.


The guy came closer to shake Mr hensmith.


“Nice seeing you again Nicholas”the man said .


Mr hensmith was not even smiling.

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“Yeah”he simply replied I Could sense his tone was off.


The guy looked to me.


“And who is this gorgeous damsel with you ? He asked .


“Umm…am Iyna..Mr hensmith’s P.A” I replied.


“Oh what a beautiful Queen you are “he said taking my hand and kissing the back .I could see how Mr hensmith’s face turned red


“You can call me Collins Brand” he said.i just gave him a fake smile and try to pull my hand from his which he held longer than necessary.


Mr hensmith sat down and Collin’s sat two chairs away from Mr hensmith.


“Have a seat Iyna ” Collins said gesturing that I seat close to him,is this man crazy

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I looked at mr hensmith and saw him ready to punch Collins. “No thanks,am good here “I said and sat close to Mr hensmith.


As the meeting began , I could feel Collins eyes on me, gosh am even wearing Mr Hensmith’s suit ,what is he even looking at , I was so uncomfortable.


The meeting went for an hour ,I jotted some important things down, Collins is just looking at me , can’t this guy concentrate at his work .


I excused myself to go for the washroom,cause suddenly the heat in there is killing me.


Nicholas’s p.o.v



Collins is trying my patience seriously, I could see his insensitive stare at my woman , yes just for you too know Iyna belongs to me.


As if I knew all this men won’t get there eyes off her especially Collins , I had to tell her to wear my suit so her breast could be covered and her hip too cause the suit is at least a little bit covering there .


I wonder if she had come in like that ,all there eyes will be fixed on her body ..God this Collins is trying me , his lusting after my woman.


I clinched my fist ,gosh I could just Punch this guy and ruin the meeting, soon Iyna stood up and excused herself, I knew she was feeling uncomfortable with how Collins was looking at her


Some minutes later the idiot took an excuse and walk out ,gosh what’s wrong with this guy? Am gonna kill him cause right now am not concentrating in this meeting. “So Mr hensmith what do you think? One of the board members asked . I looked at him confused.


“Ummm… please come again” I said .


“Sir…we are saying that once the merger of the other company supply those workers , they might be a benefit for the both companies to have more cash …so are we going with plan A or B will be better? He asked .


To be sincere, am not concentrating at all, my mind is on Iyna and that bastard. “Umm…yes…umm…s_sure will be ok… excuse me “I said and got up and walked out of the boardroom looking for Iyna . Am gonna fu.ckin deal with that sonofabitch.


How dare him lust after my woman.


Even when she’s wearing my suit.


Iyna’s p.o.v


After the strong heat in that board room I went to the washroom and did my business,i look at the over sized suit am Wearing, gosh I look so small in it, I suddenly chuckled at my reflection in the mirror.


I look so little,just like an ant all thanks to the beast who forced me into wearing this, argnnn the nerve of that man.


I walked out of the washroom heading towards the boardroom when I felt someone grab my wrist, I quickly turned to see Collins smirking at me. Gosh what does this man want?


“Hy Iyna …how are you ?he asked .


I try to act cool


“Hy..and am fine.”I replied.



“Umm…sorry to bother you , but you really look beautiful and you just hide your self in the suit why? He asked .


Like seriously what’s wrong with this man?


“Well I kind of have an issue with my zipper so I borrowed it “I lied eyeing the


unwanted man Infront of me.


He raised an eyebrow.


“I perserve its Mr hensmith suit jacket” he said.


Gosh this guy is pissing me off.


“Look Mr Brand…I have to go now “I said trying to walk away but he held my hand again.


Gosh I hate it when men touch me like that


“Common sweetie,am sorry I didn’t mean to get you upset believe me…I just want us to be friends…do you mind if I have your number? He asked .


No,way in hell am I giving this man my number,this are the kind of people that will destroy my life .


“Am sorry but i can’t … please excuse me “I tried to walk pass him but he gently pulled me back .


Gosh am gonna slap this man.


“Common…am really nice ,I just wanna be friends with you .. nothing more “he said .


“Look Mr….”I stopped at my truck as I saw Mr hensmith behind him with his red


eyes , but the idiot Infront of me hasn’t noticed.


“Are you afraid of your boss? He asked .


I quickly pulled my wrist from his hold, gosh am suddenly sweating,mr hensmith started coming towards us .


“Um…um…I ..h_have to go…”I tried to go but he held me .


“Please”he begged .


“Anything the matter here?” Mr hensmith asked and at once Collins left me.


He faced Nicholas smirking.


“Oh Nicholas….I was just talking to your P.A…I must say she’s really


beautiful…what a good catch “he said .


Nicholas looked at him so angrily and pulled me to him.


“Stay away Collins…am warning you “he said and dragged me with him.


They both seem as if they hate each other .


“Go get me coffee” with that he walked into his office and I scoffed before turning to go to the kitchen.


Gosh his so rude , I wonder if he talks to his parents like that .



I walked into the kitchen and saw Andy and Rose talking and laughing.they saw me.


“Hay..Iyna how was the meeting? Rose asked.

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“It was okay …”I replied.


“I hope Mr hensmith isn’t poking on you ? Andy asked and I Chuckled. “His Really grumpy all the time ..I actually came to make him coffee ” I said moving to the coffee machine.


“Gosh , but Mr hensmith is a very handsome man you know… sometimes I just wish I was in your place Iyna your Really lucky girl “she said and I smiled . Only if you knew am forced here .


“Am sure she’s already falling for him” Andy said grinning.


I looked at them as they both chuckled.


“Of course not , that won’t happen” I said .


They looked at each other and back to me.


“I wish, but it will anyway”Rose replied and I rolled my eyes and they chuckled. “She’s Even wearing his suit jacket” Andy said Oh I’ve not even removed it yet .


“I saw it too, it looks good tho “Rose winked.


“It’s not what you guys think really, he said my dress was too tight so he gave me to cover up “I said .


They just nodded and chuckled


I just rolled my eyes,now this two will start thinking something is on between i and the bastard.


After I was done preparing the coffee I went back to his office but not before knocking then I saw another man seated Infront of his desk .


But he looks older and so much look alike as Nicholas, could this be Nicholas


father ?.


Nicholas’s p.o.v


Am so furious at that Collins for trying to mess with Iyna , but she actually wasn’t feeling comfortable with him,i controlled my anger not to shout at her and just asked her to get me coffee .


Soon my office door was knocked on and In walked my father .


“Dad? I was surprised.


He was smirking.


I really look like my dad so much , am his younger version.


“son…how are you ? He asked coming to me as we hugged I smiled.


“Am cool dad.. wasn’t expecting you at all “I said .



“Yeah I know, I came to discuss some important information with you that will benefit your company”he said and I smiled.


“Alright dad have a seat “I said and he sat in one of the chairs Infront of my desk while I sat in mine .


“So dad what’s that ? I asked.


“Well it’s…..


He was cut of by the knock on the door , I said come in and the most beautiful emerald eyes walked in with my coffee , I smiled .


“Sir here is the coffee “she said and placed it on my desk .


My dad was just staring at her , I knew his gonna say something stupid by the time she leaves.


“Dad I want you to meet my P.A iynaama hayes” I introduced.


“Oh how are you pretty lady ? My dad asked smiling.


She smiled back, wow this is the first time am seeing her smiling she fu.ckin has a dimple ,gosh she looks so beautiful when she smiles and her dimples flash . “Am fine sir “she replied.


“You may leave”I told her and she left .


I watched her untill she left the office,i turned to face my dad and he was just smirking at me,i know his gonna say something,. Just throw the bomb dad. “So, even your beautiful sexy looking P.A is wearing your suit jacket…what an amazing P.A you have son …”he smirked more . Oh my gosh, Iyna is still wearing my suit Jacket.





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