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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 6

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Chapter 6


Iyna’s p.o.v


I got home so exhausted, Tobi met me from the kitchen holding a plate of pancake in her hand eating.


“She’s finally back….so the work is 14 hours “She said sitting down.


“Obviously, and am so tired , gosh that guy is really crazy ,he let me do everything, am so exhausted as if it’s not enough the bastard gave me a file to work on again”I said .


Tobi chuckled and I stare at her .


“Your boss is really nice….I didn’t know he was this charming”she said smiling.

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I stare at her angrily.


“Tobi this isn’t Fair , each time i complain to you you just laugh and say something different,did you even heard what I said ? I asked eyeing her.


“Yes…I did….but you know,i think it’s your level of job,besides your his P.A …so


be expecting to do so many works ….this is just the beginning girl ” she said .


And i look at her with wide mouth , I feel like slaping her.


“Your so stupid Tobi…your not even the Tobi of before again…your siding the idiot instead of me …I just feel like slaping you “I said . But am just joking,am I mad slap my best friend?


She looked at me with wide eyes.


“Oops…sorry girlfriend, but before you slap Me…I need to go back to the kitchen, as you can see the pancake is finished from the plate…I need it to have strength”she said and got up .

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Jezz Tobi has finally gone mad.


I Chuckled and stood up to my room,.


After I showered,ate I got ontop of my bed took my laptop and the file and start working on it , my phone rang and I looked at the caller ID,it was my brother Raymon calling.


“Hay Ray” I said happily.


“Beauty queen…how are you ?he asked .


“Am so good ,how is everyone over there ? I asked .


“Everyone is cool, I was Missing you terribly so I called , grandma wants to talk to you “he says .


“Please give her “I said .


Waiting to hear my grandma’s voice .


“Iynaama” my grandma said cheerfully in the phone i smiled widely .


“Grandma …how are you ?I asked happily.


Suddenly wishing to see her.


“Am okay are you doing there …I hope you aint stress my dear ? She asked . “No granny …am okay …I’ve even gotten a job ,and it’s in a big company…they pay well” I said .


“Oh. Am so happy my dear, we are seriously missing you here dear…I just wish your here, but you have to go …it wasn’t easy being here my child …you just needed space “she said worriedly and I could feel shes about to cry .



I couldn’t help the tears that Fell from my eyes , one thing you should know is am very emotional just like my granny.


“Grandma.. please don’t cry, I understand, I will come to visit some time .. please don’t be sad “I said cleaning my tears from my cheek.


“I know my dear , just being emotional again “she laughed .


I smiled .


“How is mother … could i talk to her ? I asked .


I just want to hear her voice.


“Iyna …you know how your mom is…she said she doesn’t want to talk to you “she said and I cried silently.


When will she ever love me? Was it my fault that she gave birth to me, am so innocent yet am suffering for another person’s sin.


“Okay ..granny …you should take care of your self okay,..make sure you take your medication,dont starve your self know it’s not good for your health.”I said . Am really trying to keep myself from crying out loud.


“Oh my dear Raymon is taking care of me, even your mom, and am getting better


….I want you to take care of your self more …my child remember you need to be


careful,dont let your mother’s past hunt you …you both have different life’s, my dear I know you said you won’t love any man, but once you see whom your heart desires even your heart won’t stop you …. please my child , learn to love and beloved…my blessing is always with you ” she said .


I took a deep breath.


“Alright grandma I will try …you should rest now “i said .


“Okay dear ” she says.


“Goodnight”I said and hanged up.


I took q deep breath after dropping my phone on the bedside table .


I continued with the file arrangements,after about 30 minutes sleep came and I fell asleep Thinking about what my grandma had said to me .


*Once you see whom your heart desires even your heart can’t stop you*


*Learn to love and beloved*


And it kept ringing


I rushed into the company next morning, I dressed with a black pencil skirt and a white T.shirt but it was a bit tight on my skin Making my boobs to stand well and my hip showing my nice curve I put on my black middle length hill and this time I left my long weaving hair down which is almost to my waist.

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I went to my office unlocked my door and place my bag on it ,found the file and brought it out , I scan through it to be sure I made no mistake while placing it in oder , I took a deep breath.


I arranged my hair and smooth my dress, blow out some air from my mouth and matched out,


Rose too walked out of her office and when our eyes met we both smiled,she walked towards me ,rose is a beautiful lady I must say . “Iyna…your so early”she kissed my cheek.


“Yeah..If I don’t your boss will hang me “I said and she chuckled.


She brought out something like a paper from her bag .


“Look into it Iyna…I noticed you didn’t go for Break yesterday that’s the time table


…we do have break once which is in the afternoon..,every morning all the staffs gather at the extreme hall for breakfast that’s where you choose anything you want cause everything is there “she explained.


Wow this company is really something eals, I can’t believe they even have breakfast together and go for lunch at company restaurant, amazing the beast is really rich.


I smiled at Rose.


“Thanks so much ,..can I keep it? I asked .


“It’s yours … everyone has it”she said smiling.


“Alright then”.I said smiling at her.


“You should go now am sure Mr hensmith is Waiting for you for the meeting”she said and I nodded .


I walked towards his office and knocked on the door,i heard come in and I did. His looking so handsome with his sleeve rolled up, wow are we matching by mistake,cause his wearing black and white too he raised his head and saw me , he began looking at me from head to toe,.


What’s wrong ? Why is he looking at me like that ?


“Good morning sir”I said .


“Here is the file you asked me to arrange”I said dropping it on the desk .


But this guy is still looking at me angrily, what did I do now why is he angry.or is it because we mistakenly matched today . “What are you wearing? He asked .


I frowned


“Cloth of course”I replied.


“Don’t play dumb with me ms hayes”he said angrily




Is this guy mad


” Mr hensmith, I don’t understand you “I said .


“Why are you dressed like this ? He asked using his eyes to scan me.


“If it’s about the matching am sorry but you don’t expect me to know you were gonna be dressed like this today “I said being sincere.


“Who the is talking about the matching?, did you look at your self In the mirror before coming out today ….”he asked angrily. God am angry already.


“Mr hensmith I would like it if you stop Insulting me “I said .


“Just see the dress…it’s so tight, almost your breast is pulling out, are you trying to seduce my workers …how could you where such a thing? He asked angrily.


Oh, his Angry because my dress is tight, but I wonder why his complaining about mine , yesterday Rose dressed with a tight dress but he said nothing and here he is condemning mine .


He got up from his chair took his suit jacket and threw it at me ,I quickly caught it .


“Why are you giving me this.? I asked confused.


“Put it on, we are going for the meeting”he said picking some files.


Oh my world,did he just asked me to wear his suit, is he mad, no his already mad.


“Am sorry but I can’t” I said stretching it so he could collect it.


He gave me a very stern look.


“You better put it on Ms Hayes…I don’t want to repeat myself”he said .


God I wish I could just slap him.


I wore it gently , argnnn gosh it’s so big am inside like ant,and the hand so far longer then my hand , this guy is so annoying.


“Have this “he gave me some files and I try to collect it since the hand is so big and the leather is covering my hand , gosh this man is so big …no wonder why he called me little woman.


Instead of me wearing the suit ,its the suit wearing me,arggnn I wish I could knock out his eyes .


When he looked at me he smirked.


“You look more better and presentable now …”he said .


I just eyed him.


“Common it’s time for the meeting” he said and we both walked out of his office. Me behind him, with this big suit am wearing,and the files he gave me to hold . Gosh what will does workers or board members say once they see me wearing my boss suit?


I have a great feeling that this meeting will be something eals.


With this big suit am Wearing… arggn..beast.



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