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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 5

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Chapter 5


Iyna’s p.o.v


Well my office is very beautiful and cozy but a little smaller then the beast own..duhhh….his a beast isn’t he ? Well don’t answer me I know he is.


I worked on the photocopy in about 30 minutes and thank goodness I was fast enough.


After I did the copying, I arranged the files all together and kept the old ones aside and the copied once aside too.


I packed them on my hand and head to his office,i gently knocked on the door and i heard come in ,so I gently opened and walked in he was busy reading some papers, I walked towards his desk.


“Am done with it sir”I said looking at him he looked up from his paper and looked at me .

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“Drop them on the desk and get me my coffee “he said .


What a rude jerk,i dropped them and left .


Such a stupid man,so authoritative and annoying I wish I could blow him hard on the jaw.


Who does he think he is keeping me here to work for him just because I slapped him,how dare that bastard…I wish I…..


What the,i just hit something,but before I could fall I was caught,i looked up to see a very handsome looking guy ,but his not as handsome as the beast tho. “Are you OK”he asked .


I tried to leave his arms,i really hate it when males touch me like that .


“Yeah…sorry ,I wasn’t looking well”I said.


He smiled.

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“No problem,are you new here? He asked .


“Yeah”I replied.


“My name is Andy Williams”he introduced.


“Iyna hayes”I said and we shook each other .


“So tell me Iyna where are you going?he asked .


“Too make coffee for my boss”I replied.


“Mr hensmith?he asked


“Who else is the boss here ? I asked him he chuckled.


I mean his the only boss so why is this dude saying something different,asking me nasty question.


“Your on fire girl… question for question”he said .


I smiled even if it didn’t reach my heart.


“I need to start going,he must be waiting for me”I said trying to walk away. “But Iyna that’s not the way,the kitchen is at the other side of the hall”he said . Oh,i actually forgot,this is embarrassing,i was thinking to much about him that I missed my way.


“Oh thanks Andy I was a little off…I will go now”I said and turned to go.


“Am also going there “he grinned at me ..I rolled my eyes and we walked together


to the kitchen.


Nicholas’s p.o.v


After Iyna left my office,i picked up the files I asked her to photocopy,and she did them well by arranging them separately, that’s nice …she’s doing well.


That girl ,I don’t just know but I want her badly , I really want to have her on my bed and get her out of my system…but something is pulling me back…..


I don’t really care about women ,mine is to use you and leave you after all am paying the fu.ckin women …


I asked her to get me my coffee and see looked like she will murder me any minute,she really has attitude, women don’t dare behave with me the way she does…but when ever she does it I feel amazed ,she’s really got guts tho. Why isn’t she back with the coffee yet.


Just then my office door pulled open and she walked in with a coffee in her hand


,she dropped it on the desk .


“Sir your coffee “she said .


I don’t like it that she calles me sir, at least not from her.


“Just call me Nicholas when we are alone “I said .


She didn’t say anything but stood quietly.


I took the coffee and took a sip that moment I spat everything out as my eyes turned red.


What the did she made for me ?.


Iyna’s p.o.v


I watched as he spat out the coffee, what happened?


“What the hell is this?he yelled.


frowned. “Coffee”I replied.


“What do hell do you mean coffee…what nonsense coffee is this…is this the way I drink my coffee didn’t rose fu.ckin tell you I hate to much Suger …this coffee is too sugary …get it out of here”he yelled.


But rose didn’t tell me that , and he just yelled at me as if it’s my fault, I just stood staring at him angrily.


“What. ..? Don’t you hear take it away …get this rubbish out of my face and make a new one …your so useless”he yelled.


My eyes popped out as he called me useless,i wanted to cry….my mom do tell me am useless too, he seem shock of what he said ,my tears was trying to pull out but I managed to act cool…I gently picked the cup of coffee and walked out of the office not even looking back.


Everyone thinks am useless, even today my boss called me useless,just because of coffee.


Me useless.


I quickly made another coffee and took it to him, I didn’t say a word but just walked out .I reached my office and sat on my desk .


That was when I realized I was crying,i rested my head on my desk and cried out. It was finally time to go home,gosh tired ,I stood up and knocked on his office he said come in and I walked in.


His busy writing something in a file,or was he signing,who cares…I went up Infront of his desk and he didn’t even bother looking up,this guy is so arrogant. I cleared my throat and he finally looked up,and our eyes met,his eye’s are so beautiful like…..Iyna behave.,I shook my head and concentrated on why I came in “Rose told me , before i go home I need to tell you …so here I am telling you am going home” I said without looking at his eyes.


He took in a deep breath,and closed the file he was holding.


“Take this file and set everything in order…and return it to the office tomorrow”he said stretching it so I could take it but I refused.


Is this dude mad ,or has he been smoking weed,how dare him give me another work after my day is already over.


“Mr hensmith..I seriously don’t understand why I need to collect this file,i thought it’s only for business? So why do I have to go home and work at home again..? I asked .



He gave me a squeezed eyebrow and lean back on his chair as he drop the file Infront of me on the desk .


“Do you know I hate your mouth? He asked and I rolled my eyes, I hate him completely too.


“Look iynaama…..


“Just call me Iyna…”I cut him off.


He gave me a deadly stare and I ignored him.


“Listen to me you this little woman,”he yelled and my eyes popped out … did he just call me little woman .


“I won’t tolerate your nonsense,am your boss and you have to respect me and follow my orders , now take the file and stopped ranting”he said with his eyes red. I quickly picked up the file, gosh he looks so scary right now, and am so scared , thinking about this just reminded me how my mom will slap me hard and call me useless, his no different from my mother .


“We will be having some clients here for a business meeting in the boardroom tomorrow,i would had gone alone but your my P.A so you have to follow me, your dismiss “he said and looked at his laptop.


I didn’t say anything but turned around and left,.


His just like my mother .


Nicholas’s p.o.v


I know you guys must be hating me for treating Iyna like that, I really don’t know why but am feeling things I don’t want to feel towards her, am not the type Ready for women .


But since I saw her I can’t understand myself anymore,yes she’s attractive very attractive and to top it all shes beautiful with the nice curves and all…


But I’d never try to go close to women the way am pulling into her, I don’t like it, I thought shouting at her and giving her strict orders will help me feel shes nothing to me ,but when I called her useless this morning I felt a pain in my chest …


She’s not useless, infact she’s so brilliant,but the coffee really wasn’t what I do drink ,I knew maybe Rose didn’t tell her but I myself just shouted and now again I shouted at her .


I could see how suddenly she was hurt by my outburst and i sensed she became scared and quickly took the file .


But why was she so scared , I wasn’t going to hit her …I was just talking,but the fear was just too visible.

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After I dismiss her and she walked out without saying a word, I feel like something isn’t right , I like it when she talks back at me .


Infact why am I still sitting here, I need to take her home myself.


I quickly got up took my suit jacket my phone and hurried out of the company.


I quickly got into my car and told Diva my driver to drive .


I don’t know why am doing this but I can’t stop myself, she was walking along the


road am sure she’s going to the bus_stop to get a cab,i told Diva to block her which


he did .


Iyna’s p.o.v


I was walking to the bus,_stop to get a cab home when a black S.U.V van pulled on my path .


I looked confused,who is this and why was he blocking me.


Then the window was winned down and there sat the beast,he was looking at me.


“Get in” that’s all he said .


I frowned,who the hell is he to control me like that ?I refused and began walking again the car follow me ,when I saw him this time he was fuming.


“I said GET IN” he said with a hard tone,gosh what’s this guy’s problem?.


I reluctantly opened the car door and got in sitting by his side , I refused to say a word .


I don’t just know what’s wrong with this guy his acting psycho, after about 30 minutes drive the car stopped Infront of my house.


How did he know my house, infact does he know me this much?


“Thank you “I said .


Opened my door and got out he didn’t even bother to answer ,he zoomed off immediately,i stare at the car .


This guy is something eals ,why did he take the stress to even drive me home?



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