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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 4

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Chapter 4


Iyna’s p.o.v


I rushed into my apartment really fuming with anger I throw my hand bag on the couch and grumble…gosh .


“How dare that bastard… arggn…I feel like hitting him so hard on the face that he will forget his one of the hensmith’s….how dare him ” I yelled ….at no one .


Suddenly Tobi came rushing from the kitchen door, looking at me like ice grown four heads.


“Iyna…tell me …why are you so upset? She asked .


“You won’t believe who the the boss was…..”I groaned.


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Tobi shook her head and came towards me and touch my arm.


“Did you see a ghost …..umm…maybe the one in fear files

….I know you Really


hate that movie”she said.



Oh my god …what is she even saying.



“Tobia …your so annoying….who told you i saw a ghost …

the fu.ckin boss of that



company is no one else but that club stupid arrogant jackass of a guy ” I yelled and fell on the couch burring my face in my hand . Tobi came towards me.

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“Oh my world…Iyna. . this is really bad…so you didn’t get the job….asshhh I knew it ….I know you won’t get the job …”she says and I looked at her confused. “Tobi..tell me …what do you mean you knew I won’t have the job? I asked glaring at her.


“Iynaama…..the thing is …you see, it was someone who told me about the


interview in the N.H CO-OPERATION…I didn’t even know he will be the boss I



thought his father was the boss … that’s why I didn’t stop you from going there “she said .


I looked at her shocked.


“So you knew the company belongs to the Hensmith’s…and you didn’t even tell me


so I won’t bother myself going? I asked .






am sorry Iyna…

I thought you knew it….oh oh oh….

wait a minute…why


didn’t I think about this from the start….”she asks





I stare at her confused.








“Iyna …

what am trying to say is….

the N…

stands for Ni….


while the



stands for Hensmith….

am just realizing it now …

because the last time I heard


of that company it was J.H which is Jason hensmith….

I didn’t take notice that the


name changed”she explained with wide eyes





Yeah , if she would had knew she wouldn’t had let me go.




“Now I seriously have a problem…

I feel like crying…

but I don’t know what to



I don’t even know how to start the tears” I said burring my head in my hand











“Oh no Iyna…you don’t need to worry …

am sure I could help you out…

let me get


the rub…

once you apply it on your eyes …

uncontrollable tears will start coming



….”Tobi said .









I looked at her angrily,shes making mockery of me.


“Stop it Tobi…it’s not funny, am being caged here…the BASTARD threatened to make my life miserable if I don’t work for him or sleep with so helpless”I said her eyes widen.


“He wants to sleep with you ?” She asked.


“Yeah but I was against it, his a jerk to think I’d sleep with him” I said disgusting the thought.


Tobi suddenly smile.


“Really…wow that’s amazing Iyna…. your so lucky…you will be working 24/7 with


him….his so handsome and every woman’s dream….and this is your opportunity to


grab it girl ” she said happily.


I looked at her surprised.


“TOBIA” I shouted.


“What …I was only trying to be specific….the guy is one in a hell sexy ….I


suddenly wish am the one who slapped him,if I knew his now the owner of the company….am seriously envying you girl ” Tobi says dreamily.


Gosh this girl is so annoying,she doesn’t even care what I will go through but busy praising the BASTARD.



“Your so gross Tobi…am going to the room”I said getting up and taking my bag. “Hay wait ….at least tell me …did he touch you ? She yelled after me cause I was already close to my room door .


“Yes….”I yelled back.


“Where ? She yelled back happily.


“On your stupid mouth “I yelled back.


“Huh? Tobi says ..I turned back to see her touching her mouth and I Chuckled before going to my room and closing the door.


Gosh I can’t believe I’d work for that beast tomorrow.






My alarm rang ,as i rolled on my bed still sleeping I fell on the floor with my butt.


“Ouch”I cried out in pain.


“Stupid can it ring now…I still wanna sle….., it’s 6:15 …oh my




I quickly jumped.up from bed and rushed into the bathroom,i set the alarm to 5:30 but the useless alarm rang 6:15 gosh I don’t want to be homeless.


After taking my bath, I hurried out to my room, cream my body,i wore cream body hug gown ,the length stopped at my upper thighs…I brush my hair and tie it up in a ponytail, I got on my 5inch black hill, took my bag put in everything i needed, I rushed out of my room.i quickly checked the time.


It’s fu.ckin 6:35 gosh I don’t want this trouble please,i quickly got a cab and soon I was on the way .


I checked the time over and over again, I seriously don’t want that beast trouble,i don’t want it.


Soon we arrived at the large company i paid the cab man and rushed into the building,checking my time 5 minutes left .


Holy Trinity, I rushed took the elevator to the 18th floor 2minutes remaining.i quickly made way to the second hall it was 7 on the dot when I reached his front office, gosh my breathing is so fast.


I knocked on the door and a little voice said come in.


Nicholas’s p.o.v


I was right In my office waiting for Iyna too come , I was so Edgar to see her face ,don’t ask me why ,I myself don’t know,i was checking the time but she’s not here yet,that girl is trying my patience.



I was really pissed but why was I angry , what if she doesn’t come ,soon a knock interrupted me and I said a little come in and the door open to present the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen…the one I was thinking won’t come again.


I took in her outfit,gosh she’s looking so gorgeous and splendid,i just want to have her in my bed and do things to that soft glowing skin of hers, I’ve never desired a woman the way I desire her and I don’t admire women too , but suddenly I started admiring her.


She now stood Infront of my desk, and I looked at her quietly.


Iyna’s p.o.v


The tension in this office is killing me, the moment I walked in he sat on his desk looking at me , I felt restless,but this guy is just too freaking good looking, but in his sleeve lay a deadly manly behavior.


How can be be so handsome and the same time cruel…he just blackmailed me into working for him .


I stood Infront of his desk.


“Well morning…sir” I said .


Well his my boss now so what do you expect I call him? Beast ? So that he can rip my neck off …Never.


“Your 3 seconds late” he said .


I looked at him like his grown five horns or maybe 10 is he mad , 3 seconds late? “Huh? I asked


“Your late …I told you to be here 7 sharp …any seconds shouldn’t had passed it

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…”he said leaning back in his seat, I feel like pulling out his eyes and feed them to the vultures.


“You must be joking aint you Mr hensmith…I got here exactly 7,so what point are you trying to make ? Seriously this beast is making me upset , how dare him . “Or are you gonna fire me? I asked praying that he says yes. He smirked.


“I know your plan ms hayes..but sorry your not leaving this company anytime soon , so take a seat .”he said and I sat down .


I was looking at everywhere else but not him.


“Am sure you already know your job as a P.A…you just have to set meetings, running out some documents,making calls to business associates , giving me information about Clint and scheduling and rescheduling my meetings if necessary, and most importantly,going out with me in terms of business meetings and that includes driving out of America as well” he said looking at me.



I looked at him angrily, I agree to everything but the traveling out with him is suddenly giving me headache, I can’t even stand him for a day . “Do you have a complaint? He asked looking at me .


I wanted to scream , yes you bastard,am not traveling with you but instead I said .


“No problem sir” can you imagine, how did I get myself into this.


I would had even danced with him to avoid this trouble, I didn’t even know it will get to this extent.


“So …that’s settle then…”he said picking up some papers for me and I collected them and our hands brushed each other .


Suddenly I felt electric ride through my skin at his touch , I looked up and met his eyes on me But we were still holding the paper together, I pulled the paper out of his hand and avoid his eyes.


Gosh my heart is beating,i don’t like it at all.


“Make a photocopy of all the papers…you can leave now ,your office is next to mine , and look for Rose she will explain some things to you …you may leave and get to work” he said sternly.


“Yes sir” with my face down I stood up and hurried out of the office.


And I realize the breath i didn’t know I was holding since .


Now where do I see that rose girl.


“Hello ..are you Iyna ? A girl about my age maybe older with 1 or 2 met me .


“Umm yes? I said more like a question.


“Am Rose…and Mr hensmith has told me to tell you something’s am sure he must have explained some part already”she said and I smiled. “Yeah he did…”I smiled .


“Okay then…I will tell you everything,now…you will have to attend meetings and make phone calls to must importantly any of his clients…and also you will cancel any meeting you know it’s not healthy for the company…Mr hensmith will only follow the information’s you give him please be careful not to make mistakes he might end up firing you …he really doesn’t take shit “she said .


As if he will even fire me, that’s what am even looking for , but the BASTARD doesn’t want to fire me , I smiled at her . “Sure. …is there anything eals? I asked .


“Umm..yeah…you will be making coffee for him in between two hours and take it


to his office” she said .


My eyes popped open .




So I’d be making coffee for that beast in every two hours ,is this girl kidding me,


when did P.A job turned to a maid.


What have I gotten myself into???



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