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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 23

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Chapter 23


Nicholas p.o.v


I was already getting so worried, Diva Iyna and Tobi hasn’t arrived yet, what’s keeping them? Everyone in the venue are already murmuring to one another. “Son you should calm down, am sure they will get here soon” my dad try to calm me down.


I paced up and down, everyone try to calm me down, just then we saw Tobi and diva coming, oh my god what happened to him his bleeding, everyone rushed to him.


“What’s going on diva …? I asked


“Sir…there …is …a … problem……”he answered as he pant.


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“Talk to us , how did you get injured and where is Iyna ? My dad asked.


“Nicholas, Iyna has been kidnapped” Tobi said with fear as she cried .


Everyone gasped.


“It all happened In a flash, a car came from no where and block us, they took Iyna and pointed a gun at me then another short diva they were three men” Tobi said. Am freaking scared right now.


“Oh my God….what the ” I cursed .


“We need to report this to the police we need to find Iyna as soon as possible” my mom said .


Just then my phone started ringing kelvin gave it to me “Hello” I said .


“Hello mr groom” a familiar voice said , oh my god she’s laughing that’s Dorris , she’s back .


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“Dorris? I said and everyone eyes widen.


“Oh…thank goodness he still remembers me, how nice” she laughed.



I clinched my fist if I get hold of her, I swear am going to kill her with my bear hands .


“I know you took Iyna , what do you want from us? I yelled In the phone.


“Come to the address am about to send to you, and make sure you come alone, no extra body,….and you better be fast cause your precious bride is fighting for her life now ” she laughed.


My eyes turned red.


“You bitch” I shouted but she hanged up.


That instant I got a text


“What did she say? Everyone asked at the Same time.


“She got Iyna , she wants me to come alone, I have to go” I said trying to go.


“No way, am coming with you ” Collins kelvin and Jack said .


I looked at them quietly.


“If she sees you it will be trouble”I said.


“Son they have to go with you , there’s no more time ” my dad said .


We agreed that I will only meet her while they hide behind, dad said he will call the police as soon as we go.


Please let nothing happened to Iyna and my child , cause I will kill that bitch that calls herself Dorris.




Tobi’s p.o.v


Am so scared right now , we all stood as we watch Nicholas and the other guys left




“Take diva to the clinic immediately” Nicholas father said .


Nichol, Althea , and me took him into Nichols car and drove off to the clinic.


They started attending to divas wond.


“I think we have to go there too” Nichol said , and Althea and me looked at her.


“Is that a good idea ? Althea asked worriedly.


“We have to go, we need to at least see what will happen we could help out ” Nichol said .


I agreed .Althea too agreed .


“I saw the location from his phone earlier, we should start going” Nichol said . “You girls should be safe “diva said we nodded and left him at the clinic as we hurried got into the car and drove to the destination.




Iyna’s p.o.v



I can’t even breath well anymore, am sweating badly like I’ve been poured a big bucket of water, my wedding gone is even making it worse, the heat is killing me slowly, I cried silently, it’s been 30 minutes and I’ve been under this heat with the water still boiling under me, I don’t think I will survive this…..I will die.


“Oh queen, I can see your already giving up, just try to hold your self for a little while your husband is on the way “she said .


What If I die before he gets here , this is really bad, I couldn’t even talk, am just praying in my heart .


Nicholas please come , am slowly dying.


She walked out of the room.




Nicholas p.o.v


We arrived at the place it’s an old uncompleted building, I told Collins and the rest to wait in the car they could come in later.they agreed.


I quickly walked inside and saw Dorris seated holding a gun, smiling. Two other guys stood beside her.


“His finally here, how wonderful” she said .


“What nonsense is this, where is Iyna? I yelled.


“Tie him up” she commanded ignoring my question the two guys walked towards me I wanted to fight them.


“I will shoot if you move” she said and I didn’t they drag me to a chair and tied me , she got up and laughed Evily.


“Happy weddings day Nicholas hensmith” she mocked.


Thank goodness Collins and the rest came.


“Dorris, what has gotten over you , your so evil , I never knew you were like this , your just worse than your mother ” I shouted.


“Of course, I should….how would it feel when you loss the one you loved? bad


right ? She asked , I just stare at her …




Collins p.o.v


After Nicholas left, we waited for a while and got out of the car.


“We will go in there but we need to be careful so we don’t get caught” I said


They nodded and we left, Nicholas father already called the police,and they are on their way.


The rooms are too much we kept passing one after the other .




Tobi’s p.o.v



We finally arrived at the place and we got down from the car, we could see Nicholas car parked at a far end, we three walked gently into the building it was an uncompleted building with different rooms all over.


“Let’s go through this stairs”Nichol said and we nodded and started going.


Then we saw one of the men that attacked us earlier standing his back turn to us.


“We need to deal with him” Althea whispered.


I looked round and we found a big wooden stick, Nichol picked it up and tip toe to him, the idiot doesn’t know yet she lifted it up and i and Althea closed our eyes we heard thud and when we opened our eyes the guy has passed out.


“Common quickly” Nichol called and we rushed to drag the guy to one Conor, Althea picked his gun, so we can use in defending our selves.


“We need to open this door Because he was securing it ” Nichol said .


“Yes” I replied.


We gently pulled the door open and behold what we saw shocked us, we all looked up to see Iyna tied up and heat was all over the room, smoke almost blinding everywhere.


“Iyna ” we all called and rushed towards her, she almost looked lifeless there’s a hot water In a big metal boiling under her . “Jesus Christ” Nichol exclaimed.


“Iyna just hold on …we will get you down ” I said almost with tears .


“To…bi” Iyna whispered ,she couldn’t even talk.


“What do we do ? Althea asked scaredly.


“The water is boiling so it means it has a switch” Nichol said ..


She rushed to the side of the boiling water and started searching for the switch.


“I found it” she said and she switched off the water .


“What do we do now, we have to get her down ” I said .


“We have to find the metal cover first ” Nichol said .


“I think that’s it” Althea exclaimed and we rushed to the big round cover . “Oh my God it’s so heavy ” I said we Three of us try to lift it up.


“We have to cover the water to stop the heat ” Nichol said with clinched teeth.


We Started rolling it towards the water but , it was too heavy so we couldn’t move


fast , Iyna was coughing so badly .


We are already half way there.


“Iyna please try to keep breathing, we will get you out” I said .


We kept rolling it, finally we reached the big water and try to lift the cover up , it was too heavy for us , we were already sweating.



Then the metal made a loud nose and our eyes popped out .damn, am sure they heard the sound.




Nicholas p.o.v


I sat down looking at Dorris as am tied, she was laughing her head out.


“Dorris you won’t get away with this ” I said angrily.


“Of course I will , I called you here to kill you which will be simple, look at this rope” she pointed up and I saw it.


“This is the rope still holding your dear wife alive, once I shoot it or cut it , she will die” she said Evily.


Oh my god , Iyna my baby , she has to be alive oh my surprise for her, her brother has gone to the airport to bring their mom, what will happen now?

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“Your a witch ‘ I shouted.


“Yes …a big one ” she answered.


“I just want to end you , my mother died and I will have to kill you and your beloved wife too” she said I almost want to cry .


I was about to reply her when we heard a loud sound from across the room. “Damn what was that …hah …keep an eye on him , am coming” she said and ran quickly out of the room.


Leaving the two useless guys with me .


Just as expected 3 minutes later the police entered.


“Put your weapons down” one said and the two idiots gently placed there guns down.


Two police hand cuffed them both Collins ran to loss my hand .


“She went that way ” I pointed and we all rushed with the Police following us .




Tobi’s p.o.v


It all happened in a flash .


“If you girls dare move I will shoot ” Dorris said pointing the gun at us as she walked in, Nichol has dropped the gun we carried earlier since we were trying to lift the metal.(Join Group) More stories @ We all stood quietly.


“So you three idiots think you can by pass me huh? You want to save her, what’s the use when she’s already dying, it seems I will just have to end you all today , God has a way of doing miracles” she said the gun still pointed at us.


“Your so Evily , you will rot in hell believe me Dorris, you’ve crossed your limits” Nichol said angrily.


“That’s why non of us liked you from the start, your a devil” Althea shouted.


I was quite.


She laughed .


“Of course I am, and I will end you all right here ” she said and we all looked scared.


“I don’t think that’s necessary Dorris ” Nichol said , them Nicholas has entered from behind and Dorris doesn’t know ,she frowned.


“Put down your weapon or I shoot ” one of the police said .


Dorris looked so angry, what she did next shocked us.


“Fuck”she shouted and swiftly turned towards Iyna and shoot the rope.


We all screamed.”NOOOOOOO”.



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