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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 22

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Chapter 22


Iyna’s p.o.v




yes it’s been 2 months already, and does two months were awesome, Nicholas told us everything that happened how serina died , although I don’t know her but she was Dorris mom, talking about Dorris the police hasn’t found her yet, she’s still hiding, but they haven’t stopped yet.


Nicholas father Jason survived the gun short, and he healed two weeks later after the incident, mom Vanessa really cried , and everyone around including me, thank goodness the doctor said the bullet didn’t reach his heart ,or he would have died , we still are grateful he survived.


My family came, but my mom didn’t only my brother and grandma , I really felt bad she hated me that much,my grandma found out about my pregnancy and ask me to tell Nicholas, I was really scared that he might not want a baby yet, and I was also scared that what happened to my mom shouldn’t repeat it self .


They convinced me untill I agree to tell him, that day Nicholas invited everyone to

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a big hall he said he has a surprise for me, I was wondering what surprise he had


for me.




Iyna’s p.o.v


Everyone was sitted , and other business men, what’s going on here, is there a party or something? I looked over at Nicholas and he was smiling his head out. “Nicholas what’s going on? I asked.


“Oh! Sorry baby, it’s an engagement party ” he said .


I frowned, I wonder who is engaged.


“So who’s engaged? I asked.

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“I will let you know soon, come have a sit” he pulled out a chair for me ,and I


smiled at him after saying thanks, he excused himself and his family met me and


we all hugged and chatted while the party was going on, few minutes later i began


to wonder where Nicholas had gone, he didn’t say he will stay long this much, just


then we heard the microphone,and we all turned to the direction, it was Nicholas.


“Tonight,we all are gathered here for a special occasion,this is the moment I’ve


been waiting for all my life,to have the opportunity to show the world the woman


that has stolen my heart ” he said .


And everyone started clapping.


Oh my world, he winked me.i blush .


“We met by accident, she really slapped me so hard that day ” he said and everybody laughed.


“One way or the other , I got her to work for me , of course I blackmailed her with the slap, and she agreed to work , isn’t that wonderful? He asked . Everyone cheered and shouted *it is* we all laughed.


“She got my heart beating and hang each time i set my eyes on her, she’s so beautiful that I want nothing more than to keep her with me for the rest of my life , iynaama hayes… please would you join me on stage? He asked . I looked round and everyone is smiling, I blush so hard.


“Common my angel his waiting for you “mom Vanessa said .


I looked at my grandma and brother she smiled and he gave me thumbs up, Nichol and Althea winked me , I gently stood up with all eyes on me I walked to the stage he held his hand out and i gently took it and he pulled me on the stage stairs . Now we stood looking at each other.


“Iyna, the very first day I set my eyes on you , I knew your the one for me, there was no doubt about it ” he said .


“Did you remember when I told you to wear my suit jacket? He asked I nodded remembering that day , God I can never forget it, it was really funny and annoying. “Even if she forgets I can never , your a jealous man” Collins shouted in the crowd everybody started laughing even Nicholas chuckled.


Nicholas and Collins has become good friends again,and Collins is a very nice guy. “I was jealous that other men will get to look at you ” he said and my heart skipped a bit, so he was already inlove with me then , and he was jealous that’s why, thinking about that incident and how the suit was bigger than me made me to chuckle.


“Iyna…if there’s anything i wanna hold on to for ever, it’s you , I want to be with you forever, maybe we’ve been together for just a little while but my love for you is strong, Iyna ……”he gently said.


And before I knew it, he got down on one knee and pulled out a small box from his pocket, oh my God his proposing.


“Iyna I want you beside me all the time, your already my addiction, my attitude,


my heart , my hubby, without you it will be useless, my heart is desperate to have


you all to my self, Iyna I love you so much, and I don’t want to loss you ” he said .


By now am already crying.


“Please marry me” he said.



Oh my God, this is so amazing, I looked round and everyone was cheering yes yes yes yes…..


This is the life I’ve always dreamt of , to be happy with the Man i love, today his asked me to marry him, and I will marry him.


“Iyna…..”he called, oh my I’ve been in deep thought, I smiled and nodded…


“Yes, yes ,yes…..I will marry you ” I said happily, he was happy and brought out


the 24karat diamond ring, and wore it on my ring finger , everybody cheered , and he got up and kissed the life out of me, everyone clapped. “So who’s engagement party is it? I asked.


“Ours of course” he replied.


“So you knew I was gonna say yes? I asked .


“Of course, I was confident about that “he said .


I think it’s time i tell him am pregnant.


“Nicholas…there’s something I want to tell you ” I said .


“Sure my wife to be” he said Making me blush.


“Am ……am ….well…am pregnant” I said .


He looked at me surprised, everyone gasped, before I knew it he hugged me and turned me around, happily.


“Am going to be a father , am going to be a father ” he kept shouting as everyone laughed and clap and came hugging and saying congratulations. I was really happy that day , I wish my mom was here to see this.


Flashback End.


Today is my wedding day and Tobi and Althea is here with me, making me up,i smiled at myself in the mirror, I’ve been pregnant for two months now , Nicholas said he wants to marry me as soon as possible, so after the engagement he said the wedding is in a month time, and here we are .


“Your so beautiful, he won’t take his eyes off you “Althea said happily.


I smiled.


“He will have to pick his jaw from the floor” Tobi said and we laughed.


Altheas phone rang and she went to speak to the person.


“Iyna am really happy for you , Nicholas is really the best man ” she said .


“Am so greatful I slapped him that day ” I replied, we Chuckled.


“Yeah…it was a good sign tho” she replied.


Althea came back.


“Common it’s time to get the bride to the venue, before the groom kill someone ”


Althea said and we laughed.


I was already set.



“As the bride’s maid you will come with her, I will go with Nichol, you guys should be fast okay ” she kissed my cheek . “Thanks Althea” I said .


She quickly left.


Soon I and Tobi went out, diva smiled at me and opened the back door of the car for me, I thanked him and got in followed by Tobi and we set out to the wedding venue.


I can’t wait to see my handsome Nicholas in his Armani suit, am sure his going to look so handsome.


“How many minutes do we still have diva ? I asked .


“Just 30 ms hayes”he replied.


I smiled ,


“Someone can’t wait to see her future husband how nice” Tobi teased and I blush .


“Of course” I replied.


And diva continued driving,

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Everything happened like a flash, a car drove from no where and block our car diva quickly matched break, three strong men came out of the car and pulled my door open , he was pointing a gun, fear grip me ,as he pulled me out forcefully. “Nooooo….let go off me ” I tried to free myself. The other pointed a gun at Tobi in the car.


“If you move I will shoot ” he said to her Tobi quickly covered her mouth In fear . Diva came out and tried to pull me, but he got short on his arm , I screamed, the other two holding me pushed me into their car, diva lay on the floor bleeding as the car speed off. Am so scared I started fighting them in the car but before I knew they place an handkerchief over my nose and I passed out. That was all I remembered.




I woke up later to something holding my hands together, and it looks like am in the air, my legs wasn’t touching the floor , I try to open my eyes to see well and soon I succeeded.


My eyes seem so dark, for how long have I been out.i can see am still wearing my wedding gown, I remembered what happened, I was kidnapped, who did such a thing? On my wedding day for that matter .


“The queen is finally awake” a familiar voice said , I turned to see Dorris smiling and clapping her hand, but do you know what scares me more , am looking down at her, where did she tie me to,i looked up on the ceiling and my hand’s were tied with two ropes from the side, what’s going on, why am I tied up.


“How did I get up here? I asked


My hands are paining me so badly .


“Oh, it seems you haven’t noticed what’s under you ” she said smiling Evily .


I quickly looked under me and what I saw shocked me, it’s a very big round metal in shape like it’s a very big pot or should I say drum and there was water in it, not just water a very big hot water smoke was coming out of it, and am getting heated under .


I looked back at her in fear.


“Do you like what you see? She asked .


“Dorris …why would you tie me up here and a drum of hot water under me? I yelled.


“Oops…it’s your wedding gift, did you think I won’t come back , of course I did “she said taking a seat which made her look more smaller in my eyes due to the place I was tied too.


“Dorris you can’t do this…you have to let me go” I pleaded.


“You will have to get your gift first , do you know why this big hot water is under you? She asked but I just cried silently.


“You see this rope tied to your hand, once I cut it, you will fall straight into the hot water and you will boil before my eyes “she said .


I looked down and seriously the water is boiling, oh my goodness am going to die, it was seriously boiling.


” Dorris please….. please..don’t kill me ” I pleaded.


“Your not supposed to be part of it, but then your the only person i could get to bring Nicholas here ….if he doesn’t make it on time …I will cut the rope and you will fall into it and I will watch you die” she said .


oh my God , someone should help me, am seriously going to die, my baby, my unborn child , she or he wouldn’t get to see the world, no …I can’t die …


“Dorris please….you can’t do this ” I pleaded.


“Oh sure I will , enjoy the heat till your husband comes …you will have to complete your wedding here and don’t think the water will get cold, it’s heating from the under so it will keep boiling,till Nicholas comes” she laughed and walked out of the room.




shouted but she was already gone.


I looked down at the water and uncontrollable tears rushed down , if I fall into this water am going to die straight even the heat coming up from the water is already


Making me to sweat, god am I going to die?….what will happen to me … Nicholas


please come save me, your baby and I are in danger …. please.


This heat is going to kill me , what if Nicholas doesn’t come on time, I will die ….I


will die , I cried harder, as I looked down at the water .


“Someone please help me” I whispered, as I cried more.


What happened next??

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