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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 21

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Chapter 21


Dorris p.o.v


I wanted to ruin him so badly ,but then the slut told him everything and he spoke to the press , all my plans got ruined , but now he won’t escape today, everything will end today.


Right now I , my mom and Collins are seated waiting for Nicholas and his father to arrive, am so glad this game will end today , I just want to end them and get it over with , I checked my time continuously, what’s keeping them?


Just then , two people was approaching us, I smirked Evily as we stood up , I made sure my gun is intact , so I can strike on time .


“Well well well , the BILLIONAIRE’S Finally arrived ” my mom mocked . Nicholas p.o.v

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I and my dad stood looking at the mother and daughter, there’s no doubt, Dorris is really her daughter,same smile character and devils heart.


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“I thought you guys won’t make it , but it seems I thought wrong” serina said . “Can someone explain why we are here ? My dad pretended like he doesn’t know. “Oops , mom I think someone doesn’t recognize you anymore”Dorris said smirking.


“Yeah.,I thought too,”she replied.


“Jason, you thought it was over didn’t you,? How about I refresh your memory,do you still remember the one and only serina Clark’s? She asked . My dad looked confused.


“Well, I still do, and how do you know her,? He asked .


They laughed.


“Well, it happens that am her” she said .


I smirked in my mind , I look over at Collins he smirked too.


My dad pretended to be shock oh dad is a good actor, I don’t think I can pretend like that , truth be told .


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“Yes” she said pulling out a gun and pointing it at my father, my eyes widen. “You thought I won’t come back for you right Jason,? Did you think it was really over between us? She asked .



“I can’t believe your back to this again serina , what happened it’s been 25 good years I expect you to forget everything but no…your still hell bent over it ” dad says angrily.


“Yes…I want to destroy you ,. And your precious family, do you think I would rest? Never , you were my first love, but then you choose your crazy ass bitch of a wife over me, I can’t just seat and do nothing, nothing will Glade’s my heart this moment than to watch you die right Infront of your precious son” she said Evily. “I really can’t believe your this heartless, just because my dad didn’t choose you, you let your self out of the shell and do things unexpected, don’t you think it’s already getting out of hand , it’s been 25 years , that’s a long time ago”I yelled. Dorris pulled out her gun and pointed it at me , Collins brought his out too but didn’t point it at anyone.


Thank goodness the police are hiding close by.


“Nicholas, I played you like they play football, you were so naive and innocent to think I was inlove with you back then, I was only aiming for revange, but it seems the most beautiful day of my life has just come ….I could end you here for the sins of your father ” she said .


I looked at my dad as he returned it.


” Dorris , I hate you so much ” I said.


“Your meant to you don’t have a choice” she said .


“How do you think you could escape me so easily Jason, am not the one to give up


and I get what I want , you being here right now with your son is very good cause


by the time I kill you both , the press will have a news to share to the world right


Dorris ? She asked .


They laughed.


“Of course” she replied.


Collins moved from them and came to us and pointed the gun at them all of a sudden, they look at him confused.


“What are you doing Collins ? Dorris asked .


“Do you think I was really gonna support you to the end, do you realize how you tarnished I and Nicholas friendship, then you all of a sudden tell me you never loved me and you only used me ….I pretended to work for you both devils so that I Can get revange, so wonderful that you both were fooled.” Collins said .


My dad and I smirked at them.


“You bastard” serina cursed.



“Yes, all the information we’ve discussed, I shared it with them , there’s nothing more to hide from you too since you both will be dieing now anyway, but it happened you messed with the wrong guy ” Collins said .


“Fuck you Collins , I trusted you …how could you betray us like this? Dorris shouted .


“And I played my card well , all thanks to you both for giving me beneficial


information’s” Collins replied.


“Damn ” Serina cursed “rot in hell”


Befor i could blink , serina short my dad , Dorris short Collins arm, we heard gun shot from the back and serina was short . “Get her” one of the police shouted .


Which means Dorris ran off.


I quickly reached for my dad , Collins was struggling with his one injured arm, gosh the bullet went on my dad’s chest .


“Dad” I called , his eyes still open , but he was terrible bleeding.


Serina lay on the floor bleeding as one of the police checked her .


“She’s dead” he announced.


“Quickly get the ambulance” another police called ,Collins moved towards me to look at my dad.


“Thank God his breathing” he said .


The police that chase after Dorris ran back, after some minutes.


“Where is she ? The inspector shouted .


“We are sorry sir but she escaped” one of them said .


“You morons , how can 1 person escape three of you , you fool’s?”The inspector shouted .


“We are sorry sir, but we missed her,and she short one of us” the police said . Gm palz


Which means she killed one of the police, God she’s so evil.


The inspector started making call, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying since he left us.


Soon the ambulance came and we rushed my dad to the hospital.


Thank God serina is dead, the police is working to find Dorris , I pray they find her.




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