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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 18

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Chapter 18


Collins p.o.v


Right now am in my car heading to meet Dorris, she called me and asked us to meet in her house and right now I’ve arrived.


I know why she called, she must have found out about the hensmith’s finding out she’s behind the stolen money.


I went In and saw her working on her laptop with full concentration her mom sat beside her .


“Well, what’s happening? I asked pretending like I don’t know.


“Collins i think the hensmith’s has somehow found out about the GPRs numbers, and its like they are trying to track us ” Dorris said . I sat down.


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“That’s impossible…the number is secured how can they just find out like that ? I asked angrily.


“I think someone linked it” serina said .


I eyed her.


“Well…I think your kind of ..not right , we need to find out the person if you think tho” I said .


“Look Collins ….I will make sure I will destroy that hensmith’s before they know it


…and starting from that Iyna girl …I will make sure her information ruined the hensmith’s reputation…am not gonna waste time about it anymore” she said angrily.


No , no way, I can’t let this happen, if she link out iyna’s background life it will be


so horrible for the press to take In, what do I do to stop this ?


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“Umm…um…Dorris , just calm down , am sure we could try to find this out in a


good way , let’s not link iyna’s identity yet ” I said .


Gosh she’s so evil.


“But we have to act fast before they track us ” serina said .


“Just calm down…let me try to see what I can do to dislocate them …but firstly we need to change the numbers …she block the old one ,with that they won’t be able to track us” I said .


They were quite for a while but then nodded .


“Okay Collins please do your best ” Dorris said .


Of course I will do my best to ruin you and your precious mother , just wait and watch as I turn the battle against you both . “Sure …I have to go now ” I stood up.


“Alright,once anything come up let us know” serina said .


“Sure ” I replied and head out .


I quickly went to my car ,


Damn, Iyna has to tell Nicholas about her background before this bitch ruins everything.


Collins think , do something before it’s too late , you need to see Nicholas, but how would you ….


Right , I know what to do , I just hope this time around it works .


And with that i drive off.


Iyna’s p.o.v


Nicholas has been so furious since yesterday, I can’t believe Dorris and Collins have been stealing the company money .


“So you mean to say …it was the Collins guy who always stalk you ? Tobi asked . “Yes…and the idiot ex girlfriend,i just feel like Killing that girl with my bare hands” I said angrily.


“Well I just pray his able to track them down before it’s too late this is really disastrous” Tobi said.


We sat quietly untill there was a knock on the door , who could it be ?


“I will check that out ” Tobi said getting up to open the door but she was looking


out and bend to take something.


“Tobi who is there? I asked.


She turned to face me holding a bunch of flowers in her hand and closed the door .


“I think it’s yours Iyna ” she says I frowned.


“Who dropped it? I asked


“I didn’t see anyone , you should take a look ” she says handing me the flowers.


I quickly collected it and checked the card .it says .


*My sunshine, I will do what ever it takes to break you and Nicholas up* From Collins .


I gasped, oh my God , it’s Collins.


“What happened? Tobi asked .


I gave her and she read it .


“Oh my word Iyna …what’s he up too …? Tobi asked .


“I need to tell Nicholas about this ” I said .


I quickly took my phone and dialed his number.


“Baby …what’s…..

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“Nicholas i need to show you something it’s really important, are you home ? I


quickly asked cutting him off.


“Yes baby …I am ‘ he replied.


“Good am coming” I said and hanged .


“Am going to see him”I said rushing to my room , I changed took my handbag and the flowers and rushed to get a cab to his house . Collins is crossing his limit , Nicholas has to hear this .


Nicholas’s p.o.v


I stare at the card in my hand and read the word over and over again.


How dare Collins , I smashed the flowers with my feet.


“Calm down Nicholas… nothing will happen of such ” Iyna try to calm me down . “What the does he ,want? Why is he always hell bent on getting everything from me , I trusted him as my close friend, but then be betrayed by stealing Dorris from me. He didn’t even care if it hurts …and now his after you , I will kill that son of a bitch once I get hold of him,” I growled angry hitting the wall. Iyna pulled me back .


“Nicholas believe me nothing of such will happen, I love you and I will never leave you ” she said looking deep into my eyes .


I saw honesty in it, I pulled her and kissed her, god I don’t want to loss her, I will kill that bastard.


Her phone began ringing and we pulled apart , she searched through her bag and brought it out she looked at the screen but frowned . “Hello .,who is this? She asked .


Suddenly she looked upset .


“Collins what the hell do you …..


I grabbed the phone from her at once and barged in the phone .


“How dare you try to mess with me Collins .,I could destroy you for this …how dare you threatened to break us up? I yelled .


“Someone seems so upset ….how about we meet and discuss this dear friend? He


asked .


I suddenly smirked, this is a good opportunity to get him , and I will be able to


track Dorris.


“Why ? I asked.


“Aint you so protective of your Iyna …let’s meet and I will tell you why …I will text you where we could meet ” he said and hanged up. I looked at the phone angrily.


“What did he say Nicholas? Iyna asked .


“Am meeting with the son of a bitch , he said he has something to tell me ” I said .


“Let me go with you “she said .


No way I can’t let her go with me.


“No Iyna …you should go back home now , I will tell you everything once am back I promise” I said .


She was quite for a while and nodded .


“Please be careful” she says


I hugged and kissed her hair .


“I will tell diva to drop you off” I said .


She nodded.


Some minutes later Iyna went back home and i got the address shortly.


I quickly, got into my Mercedes Benz and drove off to meet the BASTARD….


I arrived at the place, it was a little building, I gently knocked on the door and 5 minutes later it opened , it was Collins.


He was smirking at me , before I could stop myself I punched him hard on the face


he staggered back I charged towards him again grabbing his collar. “You bastard…how dare you send flowers to Iyna” I punched him again.


But he wasn’t fighting back, why the hell isn’t he fighting back, I could even kill him now.


“NICHOLAS STOP IT” he shouted and my fist hanged half way to make a contact with his face again.


I shoved my hand away and he spit out blood , I really want to murder the




“I didn’t call you here for this nonsense…so you just behave” he said breathing hard is he looked at me.



He moved to close the door I just stare at him, what is he up too, planning to kill me so no one knows?


“So what is it you want to tell me , and why are you fu.ckin stalking Iyna …? After all you did taking dorris from me I won’t let you have your wat with Iyna too” I yelled .


“I think what happened 5, years ago was even good , cause you won’t be standing


here by now Nicholas” he shouted.

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I stare at him confused.


“What nonsense are you talking about ? I asked .


“You think Dorris loved you, she never did, she only faked the relationship and got you to fall for her ….I have all the information you need to get about Dorris ” he yelled .


I don’t get him , fake ?


“Collins …if this is one of your tricks then it won’t work…I swear i will kill you ” I yelled .


“You don’t seem to get it do you ,…?…Dorris only wants revenge for her mother and they have information which could ruin your reputation…” He said. “That’s a lie ” I said.


“You think it’s a lie .? Dorris isn’t who you think she is Nicholas…her mother is no


one else but serina Clark’s…the one who short your mother 25 years ago … does the


name ring a bell? He asked.


I moved back shocked.


I heard of the story, serina Clark’s..Dorris mother ? Revenge ? What’s going on?






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