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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 16

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Chapter 16


Dorris p.o.v


I walked into my mansion angrily and went straight to the bar and took a glass of whiskey.


Gosh I can’t believe he found out I was tricking him, I really want him to pay , his father hurt my mother so badly ..


“Dorris? My mom called as I looked up at her.


“How did it go? She asked


“It didn’t work out, his already dating the bitch and I think that’s it ….”I said


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My mother was arrested 25 years ago when she Short Vanessa Clinton, she and Patra got into prison.


Well along the way , she and patra escaped from prison but Patra was short at the process so she was the only one who escaped ,she went into another city and she changed her self completely to a different person, now she had changed her looks .it’s hard to recognize her.


When she told me about how she loved Nicholas father but instead he pushed her away and said it was Vanessa he wanted, my blood boiled and to even think she went into prison for it.


She had me for another man the following year , she got pregnant, well she got married to him but 3 year’s later he died.


When my mom told me about Nicholas family and her revenge i was against it but somehow i agreed to do what she wanted since she’s my mother and I love her so much, she told me she only married my dad because of money and because she got pregnant.


Well I don’t blame her, because she’s still so much inlove with Nicholas father, well what can I say about that ? I’ve always looked up to Jason hensmith, wishing his my father if only he loved my mom and married I would had been his daughter instead.


Mom asked me to be close to Nicholas and make him fall for me which we succeeded, but I was really furious with his parents and decided to end the relationship.


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But I made a mistake, I would have continued the relationship with him so I could have the opportunity to ruin him for good, Collins thought I loved him that’s why I followed him .


I later told him I was not interested in him but although we are working together, he wàs the one who gave me information about that P.A of a girl . Well she’s not actually my problem, Nicholas and his family are .


And with the information I have found about Iyna hayes, I could destroy her and that of Nicholas reputation, yes I made investigation on her .


And I found out her mom is a prostitute and she has an elder brother whom is


fatherless same goes to her , they don’t know there father , once I pass this


information to the press Nicholas reputation will be ruined…but not really ruined


but ateast that’s where am starting from.


Let them wait and watch .


“So what’s gonna happen? Mom asked .


“With the information we have so far about his P.A I think we could start from there ….you know when I went to that business party , Jason was so happy around


Vanessa …. little do they know am only gonna destroy them.”I said drinking my




I pull out a cigarette and light it , and smoke.


“Jason thought it’s over , he neglected my love and choose Vanessa over me ….I


wanted him dead but so bad he survived that accident…and then Vanessa took the bullet for him…and she survived it …..if only he knew how much i love him….he

said I was obsessed with him….well he should watch and see how I destroy his


precious family” mom said and I smirked.


She took a cigarette and smoke too.


“The game has just begin” I said.


She smirked, filled another glass with whiskey and we toast .


“It has” she replied.


Iyna’s p.o.v


After Dorris left I went back to Nicholas, he sat down looking through some files when I opened his office door , he looked at me and smiled .


“Am sorry I didn’t call you to tell you the bitch already left ” he said and I Chuckled.


I walked to him and sat on his lap wrapping my arms around his neck .


“Why was she here? I asked .


“Umm, should I say …to beg,? But it’s not working am not letting her little tricks on me “he says .


I touched his cheek .


“Did she ask you to come back to her or something? I asked.


He signed.


“She did , but I asked her to leave, cause she was making me upset” he said . “Hmmm….okay …but I hope she won’t show up again…cause am still surprised she just came after 5 years to confess love to you ” I said feeling upset .


Nicholas pulled my face to him.


“Hay baby …you don’t need to be sad or worried, your the one I love and will love for ever, you shouldn’t let Dorris make you upset ” he said , I smiled. I leaned down and kissed his lips .


“I really want you on my bed right now ms hayes” he said rubbing his nose with mine .


I pushed his face away and he chuckled.


“Your so crazy ” I said .


“I know, you make me crazy though…I feel like taking you on my desk ” he whispered Kissing my neck .


And his hand moved under my cloth.


I pushed his hand away and got up from his lab giving him a glare .


“Your so unbelievable Mr hensmith”I said and he chuckled.


“I should go now “I said and left his office but I heard him laughing.


Arggn that beast.


I smiled to myself


“Iyna ” I heard someone called my name I turned to see Rose smiling and coming towards me .


“Let’s have lunch together” she said cheerfully


“Umm..okay , just hold on let me tell mr hensmith” I said .


She smiled and I opened his office after I told him and he agreed ,I smiled and left


with Rose to the restaurant to eat .


Now we are seated eating,


“Umm…this meal is so delicious, this is one of the best restaurants,so fantastic you know” she said taking a spoon of her tomato porridge, I smiled at her . Well am eating, beef and sauce salad .


“It’s really delicious” I moaned too.


Rose stare at me with wide eyes .


“Did you just moan Iyna…oh my gosh …mr hensmith isn’t even kissing you neither romancing your body and you moaned ? She asked .I Chuckled.


“Don’t get it wrong the food is delicious, don’t get it wrong” I said she smiled .


And we continued eating.


“Here comes Mr hensmith enemy ” Rose said and I turned to see who she was referring too and it was no one else but Collins.


Our eyes met and he smirked I rolled my eyes and faced rose back.


“I really don’t want him to come here ” I muttered.


“He is already” Rose said and truly the bastard came.


“Hey ms hayes” he said taking a seat at the empty chair .

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I gave him a fake smile .


“Someone isn’t in a good mood,what happened? He asked .


“Are you stalking me mr brand , am sure you know my boyfriend won’t like this ” I said.


“Boyfriend? Wait which boyfriend? Cause am sure it can’t be Nicholas” he said .


I gave him an angry look .


“Well sorry to disappoint you …he happens to be the one ” I answered.


He looked surprised and angry .


“I can’t believe you fell for the lying bastard, his just gonna dumb you like he did to others ” he said.


I looked at him angrily.


“I would like it if you stop intruding in matters that doesn’t concern you ” I said angrily.


“Feisty are we? Common ms hayes…why are you pretending like you don’t know who Nicholas is, am sure his playing one of his dirty games on you…and you happen to believe him” he said.


God I could slap this idiot for speaking so much nonsense.


“Well excuse me do you kind of have a problem with my boss Mr brand? Rose asked giving him the * are you okay look” Collins looked at her .


“You don’t need to bother Mending words with him Rose, let’s get out of here ” I


said getting up while Rose got up too.


But Collins grabbed my wrist .


“Why are you in a hurry ms hayes, does it hurt you so much to hear the truth that your just one of his flings and he will dish you away once his done ? Collins asked. I don’t know where the courage came From but I took my soda drink and at once I poured it on him in a flash .


“Fuck! He cursed and gave me an angry look.


“Next time , don’t you dare talk to me you asshole” I yelled and walked out with Rose following me laughing her head out .


How dare him talk about Nicholas like that , yes his been with women but he Confessed his love to me and I believe him, he won’t abandon me , I believe him, I know I could trust him .


I need to tell him about this

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