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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 15

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Chapter 15


Iyna’s p.o.v


Nicholas picked me up the following morning and we drove to the company, he came out and opened my door for me , I thanked him and came out .


He placed his hand on my waist and we both walked into the company, I was so shy cause everyone was looking at us and with the way his hand was around me I feel so uncomfortable,.


We reached my office door and he pulled me to him.


“Nicholas…what are you doing? I asked.


“I want to kiss you “he said moving his head down, I use my eyes to scan if anyone was coming.

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“Nicholas…we are outside let’s not do it here” I said trying to push him . “Iyna you must kiss me or I won’t leave you “he said stubbornly I signed and tip_toe and perked him, but he pulled me at once and deepened the kiss. He pulled away and smirked at me then wink.


“Gosh you this man” I muttered.


He chuckled Kiss my cheek and went to his office, I turned and enter mine.



I head out of my office later to go make coffee for Nicholas suddenly Rose and Andy rushed me.


“Oh my gosh you guys scared me” I said.


“Iyna gist us….what happened between you both, Mr hensmith suddenly looks


happy and he even held your waist ” rose says cheerfully.


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“It’s not usual of him to do that , I think there’s something going on… please Iyna tell us we are your friends’ Andy pout like a girl. I Chuckled

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“Promise me you won’t tell anyone”i said.


“Pinky promise”they both said.


I looked around and saw no one I face them.


“We are dating” I whispered.


They both gasped.


“Really….like real Dating? Rose asked .


I nodded.


“Am not surprised….I was expecting it” Andy said.


“Oh Andy how could you be so wicked ….after you and I are like this ” rose


crossed her fingers.


“Yet you noticed and you didn’t tell me ” she faked a angry face .


“Well I thought you will notice since your a girl , it seems as if boys do the work well this days” Andy said and I Chuckled.


“Umm I need to go , I have to make coffee for him” I said “Am so happy for you girl, “rose hugged me. “Yeah me too”Andy replied.


I nodded and I left to the kitchen to make him coffee .


My phone started ringing it was my grandma Calling I happily picked it up.


“Hello granny …”I said happily.


“Oh iynaama how are you ? She asked .


“Am fine granny , how are you doing how is your health? I asked .


“Am getting better dear “she said .


“Granny I was actually planning to call you I want to tell you something” I said.


“Go on my dear “she said .


“Granny… in…love ” I said .


She gasped.


“Oh my world…. finally you open your heart….tell me who is the lucky man? She




“Umm…it’s my boss “I said .


“You fell for your boss….is he an old man…oh my god I hope he isn’t an old man


….”she said worriedly.


I laughed .


“Granny of course not, his a very young man , maybe his elder then me for 3 or 2 ” I replied.


She gave a sign of relief.


“Oh my dear , that’s nice then am happy for you ….I hope we will be introduced


soon? She asked.


“Yes granny ….”I replied.


“Okay dear ….I will look forward to that, bye” she said .


“Bye , ” I smiled and hanged up.


Am so happy.


I finally made the coffee I knocked on his door and i heard come in.


He smiled at me, and got walking to me ,I smiled .


“You shouldn’t knock next time , just enter “he said pulling me gently to him I blushed.


“Nicholas you should drink your coffee before it gets cold ” I said.


He kissed my hair collected the coffee and dropped it on the desk , he rest on tge


desk and pulled me between his legs .


He started kissing my neck .


“Ni…Cho…las… should really start working” I try to pull away .


“Common Iyna ….I don’t have anything to do …how about we go to my house? He


said .


I looked at him surprised.


“Your house? I asked surprised.


“Yes” he replied.


“When do you suddenly become so lazy Mr hensmith? I teased him playing with his shirt .


“Since the day I had your lips on mine…..I wanna kiss you Everytime and never


stop” he replied.


I blushed.


“I see ….”I replied smiling.


He pulled my head down and was about to kiss me.


“Nicholas…anyone could enter ….”I try to get him to stop.


“No one will dare open my office without knocking,” he said .


And he kissed my neck as I closed my eyes and feel his lips on my skin , then we started kissing passionately.



God his just like a drug to me , he lifted me up and placed me on the desk and stood between my legs , he mistakenly knocked the coffee down. “Oh my gosh”.


“Shit” we both said at the same time and chuckled.


“Look at what you’ve done ” I said looking at the broken cup on the floor “We will clean it later ” he says and kissed me again.


I kissed him back and soon he was undoing my botton while I was doing his too . Suddenly the door flung open and we jerked apart to see who dare entered like that .


And my eyes widen at the sight , Nicholas looked like his about to murder someone.


“Sir I really try to stop her , but she refused” Miranda the Secretary explained. Who else……?


Of course it’s Dorris.


Nicholas’s p.o.v


What is she doing here? What does she want , how dare her badge into my office like that .


“It’s okay Miranda…you can go” I said she nodded abd left .


Dorris smiled and Started coming towards me .


“Oh baby I miss you so much ” she tries to hug me I push her away .


“What are you doing here? I asked angrily.


Dorris looked over at Iyna who just stood giving her deadly glare .


“Umm…baby …I came for us to talk, we weren’t able to talk at the party …that’s why ” she said dropping her bag on my desk I looked at her angrily,has she gone mad.


“What do you want to talk about? I asked .


She eyed iyna and back to me .


“Baby why don’t she leave….we need privacy” she said pointing at Iyna .


“Am sorry but she’s staying here, anything you wanna say,say it and leave am busy ” I said .


“Common baby ….I need to talk to you in private” she said .


“Umm…. Nicholas…I will be in my office” Iyna said moving away I grab her hand




“Your staying here ….” I said .


“Please, talk to her ….I have something I wanna do ,”she said .


I really didn’t want her to go, gosh this stupid Dorris, I pulled her to me and kissed her lips she blushed .



Dorris looks so angry, Iyna kissed my cheek and left I smiled at her till she closed the door .


I faced Dorris back who was ready to punch my wall, I love that .


“So…what do you want? I asked going to seat on my desk.


“Nicholas…are you really dating that bitch ? She cursed .


“What did you just call her..?… aint you the one that’s the bitch ? I asked angrily.


How dare her call my Iyna a bitch I could strangle this loser .


“Baby am sorry , I didn’t mean to get you angry” she said coming towards me.


I stare at her .


“What do you want Dorris ? I asked .


“Baby you ” she said.


Is she mad? I Chuckled then I looked at her angrily.


“Are you okay …are you sure you didn’t miss your way ? I asked . She bend towards me and touched my chest I pushed her hand away


“Don’t you dare touch me like that again…what are you up too? I asked angrily. “Look Nicholas…I know what I did was wrong am sorry but I want you back , let’s settle this and come back together….I realized I loved you so much am sorry ” she said .

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“You disgust me ….I can’t believe you came to tell me this , please you have to


leave”I told her getting up.


“Please Nicholas….I know somewhere in your heart you still feel something


towards me let’s come back together and I promise not to repeat my mistake” she said trying to touch my cheek


I held her hand and pull her away .


“Am sorry but your 5 years late …I’ve moved on , I don’t want anything to do with


you ” i said .


She looks angry .


“Is it because your sleeping with your P.A? She asked .


“She’s not just my P.A but my girlfriend…so you can leave now ” I said.


“I can’t believe your going to push me away because of that girl …. Nicholas you


and I belong together…we love each other I know you don’t love her ….your doing


it because your mad at me ” she said .


Gosh she’s Making me so angry now.


“Really ..,you think i do?..I thought you were the one Dorris …then you turned around and walked out of our relationship….so I found someone better …and to me


you don’t exist anymore…. it’s like I’ve never even met …if you ask me how many


times I thought about you….it’s ZERO….so your hope’s are useless….your nothing


to me ” I said truthfully.


She looked so angry .


Then like she was about to cry .


“Nicholas…I know I betrayed you with Collins i didn’t know what came over me,


Collins made me thought he loved me, I was blinded to see it but I really want you


to forgive me , please ” she begged.


What’s she up to, I can’t trust her.


“Am sorry but you can’t play tricks on me Dorris … please leave ….and I don’t want


to see you ever again…I have a new life now ….I don’t want you in it ” I said.


She looked at me surprised.




“You better leave before i call the security” I said with a hard tone.


“Alright ….I will leave , but you will hear from me ” she said with that she picked


her bag and walked out .


I took In a deep breath and fell back on my chair , that woman is crazy to think her tricks will work on me , I just hope I never see her again. Dorris p.o.v


He thinks am sorry for leaving him, I never regretted it, I never loved him I just want to destroy him. He has to pay for the sins of his father and mother, they hurt my mother it’s time for my revange.


What happened next, find out in the next episode

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