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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 11

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Chapter 11


Iyna’s p.o.v


Please don’t ask me how i got home last night cause I don’t know,


Am still thinking how I ended up falling asleep,gosh am sure he saw me Sleeping , I feel so embarrassed.


“Iyna….you know, I think it’s not bad he brought you home, would you had prefer


he lock you up in the office and go home ….am sure you will call him heartless,


Iyna …your so funny ” Tobi said and I eyed her.

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“Tobi.. please tell me how did it happen, what did he say when he drop me off? I asked inquisitively.


“Iyna…he didn’t just drop you off,….calm down okay and hear the story … please


don’t shout okay till I finish okay ? She said and I nodded.


She breath in and out.


“Iyna….don’t shout ok” she said again.


Gosh she’s Making me scared.


“Just tell me already” I said.


“Okay okay … please don’t shout, you are supposed to reserve that shout for what am about to tell you , so don’t shout or eals I won’t tell you ” she said faking a sad face.

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I smiled.


“Sorry Tobs I won’t shout … please just tell me ” I said edger to hear it.


“Okay ….you see….your prince charming brought you back home last-night, gosh


he was looking so handsome that my eyes wanted to pull out …but then I picked my eyes from the ground since I know he only wants yours ” she said and I Chuckled.


“So…he carried you in his arms like a baby , you were sleeping peacefully and to be sincere you really look tiny around him you suddenly looked like the sleeping beauty” she said and my mouth hanged open. I gave her an angry look.


“Tobi are you insulting me? I asked.


“No,no…am not seriously…what am telling you is the truth , he took you to your room , I followed behind and he dropped you gently on your bed, ….do you know what he did next ? She asked .


I shook my head quickly.


“Umm….Iyna …don’t shout okay ….your boss….umm….your boss kind of kissed me


” she said cheerfully.


My mouth hanged open I’m shocked.


“You ????? I asked angrily.


“Hay….I got you …your angry aint you ….Iyna ….it was you he kissed …” She




My eyes popped open.


“What ? I asked .


“Yes….it was you …but I so wanted it to be me , look you this woman …if you keep


pretending that you don’t have a crush on your boss I will knock your teeth out.


Pull out your eyes and feed it to the vultures…it’s so visible that you like your


boss….I told you he kissed me and you freaked out ….that’s it ….” She said happily.


I looked at her angry .


“I don’t feel anything towards him, so forget it” I said .


“You know Iyna ….you can lie to everyone or to yourself..but not to me okay ” she


eyed me I eyed her back .


She’s right, do I like him, but his so arrogant I can’t like him gosh , he has stupid attitudes.


I got to work , 2 days later ,I walked to my office and drop my stuff, am supposed to make him coffee this morning,i went to knock on his office but no answer .


I pushed the door open but no one was there , am surprised, he always comes early why isn’t he here yet, I suddenly became worried. I turned and saw Rose .


“Rose …”I called.


She smiled.


“Oh thank goodness Iyna Mr hensmith sent a message to the office that he won’t be in today ….I really don’t know why but …I wanted to go check up on him, it’s not

usual for him to miss work but am surprised he took off today ….I would had gone


but I have so many things to do here would you please go and check him then you can return” she asked .


What ,? Go to Nicholas house to check him, can I do this , after all his my boss , I feel something isn’t right, cause his not in the office. “Sure Rose …but I don’t know his house ” I said.


“Oh Iyna that’s not a problem…take this , that’s the address you quickly go okay


….I feel Mr hensmith is not okay …it’s not Normal for him to miss work especially


when he has important meeting today ” she said .


I collected the address and nodded.


“Okay Rose …I will go now ” she smiled and left .


I quickly got into my office took my bag and hurried out of the company, took a


cab and head to his house.


I Just hope his okay?


The cab finally stopped at his house , gosh is this place a house ? It looks so beautiful this is heaven on earth, I went to the gate and knocked .


Gosh securities are all over here , the gate man opened the door and i entered.


“Please who are you ? He asked .


“Umm…am Mr hensmith’s P.A….I came to see him? I said.


“Does he know your coming ? He asked .


Gosh this house , I didn’t prepare for investigation.


“Umm..not really…but….


“Please your ID card ms ” another one said , I checked my bag but couldn’t find my ID …oh my God I’ve forgotten it At home .


“Umm…well, it’s actually….I forgot it, but seriously am his P.A he asked me to


come here ” I lied .


Hoping they let me in.


They looked at each other then back at me.


“Sorry ms but we can’t let you in” The first one said , I frowned , this is really bad I wonder if his okay now I will have to go back home and get my ID, I took a deep breath,


“Alright” I whispered


I turned to go when I heard my name.


“Ms Hayes”


I turned to see diva smiling coming towards me. .. thank goodness.


“Diva it’s a good thing I saw you … please am here to see Mr hensmith” I said .


“Sure common ” he said .


“She’s Mr hensmith P.A ….” He told the securities and they nodded .


“Sorry ms ” they apologized I smiled at them


I and diva walked to the front door, this house is so big and beautiful, what a notorious life, gosh his so rich .


“Ms Hayes…I will leave you here , just go in…” He said I nodded.


“Thanks diva ” I said he smiled and left .


I faced the door and took a deep breath, then I gently open the door.


This place is exclusively made , wow! The standard of this mansion is incredibly gorgeous, I touched the couch and looked at the walls .


Wow no pictures at all but flower frame all over , why is here so quiet? Isn’t he home but diva said his in.


I dropped my bag on the couch and gently try to find him, I saw the stairs it’s a Zig


zag stairs so beautiful and glass like .


This beast is fu.ckin rich .


I walked on it and I reached a door , I don’t even know where am going.


“Mr Hensmith” I shouted.


No answer.


“Mr hensmith it’s Iyna …hello….hello…” I shouted .


No answer.


“What’s wrong, here seem so quiet” I muttered .


I held the door knob and gently pulled the door open .


And what I saw shocked me .


Nicholas lay on the bed shaking so badly , oh my god what’s wrong with him I rushed to him and try to touch him.


“Mr hensmith….are you okay ? I touched his body .


Jesus Christ ! It’s seriously burning.


I became scared.


“Mr Hensmith…oh my god” I don’t even know what to do.


“Iyna…what are ..y_you d_doing here …. please leave” he said with a shaking voice




Is he mad , his dieing and he asked me to leave does he think am that heartless. “Nicholas am going no where …gosh your burning…why didn’t you tell me ? I asked angrily.


“Please just go”, he says .

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“No…your sick and you didn’t tell anyone…how could you, even if you and I aint on good terms that doesn’t mean am heartless to leave you in this condition….just stay right here am coming”


I quickly stood up and ran down stairs, gosh what do I do , I quickly rushed to his kitchen, thankfully it wasn’t hard to locate .


I quickly made some hot soup and pour it In a bowl then took a spoon and I rushed upstairs.


My grandma told me hot soup help alot , so I did it .


I rushed to his room and drop the bowl on the table , I try to help him up.


“Nicholas…you need to sit ” I said.


“I don’t want it”, he says.


“Don’t be stubborn…your not well, you need to ” I help him rest on the bed post took the soup and filled it in the spoon , he was just staring at me .


“Why didn’t you call the doctor or probably your family, why do you let your self all alone in such condition…are you planning to kill your self ? I asked angrily.


I feed him and he took it and swallowed all the while he was looking at me , but I ignored and kept feeding him


“Iyna that’s enough” he said pushing the spoon away .


“No your drinking all…” I said and he sighed and finally finished everything.


“Do you have any tablets at all? I asked he nodded.


“Check the drawer ” he said and I hurried to find the drug , thank God it’s fever drug cause his having fever .


I filled a glass of water and went to him put two tablets in his hand , he took it and drank it .


“You need to rest now , you will get better soon, ” I said and helped him back to


lay on the bed.


I covered him,


He was just looking at me.


“I will be downstairs…you need to sleep , so it will work ” I said ,he didn’t reply but just looked at me .


I turned to go and he grab my hand , my chest started beating fast .


“Please stay ” he said .


I turned to him and he stare at me …I nodded gently and sat on the bed , I rested my back on the bed post and what he did next surprised me.


He moved closer to me and put his head on my lab, I look at him surprised.


I gently touched his hair ,it’s so curly and I smiled , I don’t know what his doing to me , but I think I really like my boss.



Sickness could turn someone different, I played with his hair until i fell asleep with his head on my lab.and with one question in my head. “Am I falling for my boss?



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