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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 1

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Chapter 1




I walked down the stairs of my apartment with my laptop in my hand .

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I know you must be wondering what am doing.hmm well am looking for a job, I’ve been looking for job for months now …but all the stupid looking old fools want something from me…


Any first day of new work the bosses Try to hit on me, arggn they make me sick. I reached my little sitting room and starts uprating and browsing hoping to at least see a better job again.


Sorry my manners , my name is Iyna hayes …am 22, I was living In California but moved here 5 months ago, well my family lived in California, well my mom…..


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My mom is actually a prostitute who gave birth to me I don’t even know my father if you ask me .



Mom hates me so much , she says am her worse mistake,but my grandma is a very lovly woman…her name is Puma ,when ever my mom hit me she will be there to save me.


My grandma puma told me my mom wanted to abort me but she had told her not to try it.


She said she mostly took care of me as a kid , well yes that’s true cause am close to my grandma and I love her so much.


Well I also have a elder brother whom is 5 years older than me , well mom got pregnant for a man she dearly loved and gave birth to my brother Raymon…but the man ran away and never showed up to take responsibility..,so mom went back into prostitution….along the way I came into the picture after 5 years .


My life isn’t as good as you might think tho , cause am from a very poor background, and I really hate men, yes I do hate men alot ….


Ask me why….why? Good …. because I’ve seen what happened to my mom, it’s


really bad … imagine the first man she loved ran away and didn’t love her

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back…and then I came into the picture and the same thing happened to my mom again…my dad ran away ….


Now tell me , if your the one would you blame me? Mom has been on my neck to go into her kind of lifestyle but am not a fool trust me ….so that I can be giving birth like chicken for different men… NEVER.


Well enough about me, right now am searching for an online job ok….


The front door open and my bestfriend Tobi walked in …if your wondering she’s a female..full name is Tobia …I’ve known her for 5 months now and we live together,shes been the best friend ever you can imagine. “Tobi…where have you been? I asked .


it’s been since morning she left and now it’s 4 .


“Out … my boyfriend was just giving me headache he says I don’t spend time with him like before so he asked me to stay with him….infact am planning to break up with him…” She said


I looked at her with wide eyes.


“Why …what happened”? I asked .


“Ummm…maybe I fell out of love, …I mean girl…the guy is just asking for one thing I can never give him even in my dreams…which is sex” she said removing her heels.


“Oops!!! I Chuckled she glared at me.


“That’s why I told you I will never make a mistake having a boyfriend” I said .


She rolled her eyes at me.



“Iyna your so crazy …am sure your just blabbing, you haven’t seen a guy who will steal that pretty little heart of yours yet ….” She said and I scoffed.


“It can’t happen cause I don’t let guys into me , you know how I hate them” I said and faced by laptop back.


“Yeah, but if you keep living in the dark just because of your mother’s story am afraid you will chase away a good guy once he comes , and trust me babe….you

will get tired of claiming virgin Mary ..,you will definitely need a hot sexy Greek


god in your life ” she cheered .


I just rolled my eyes .


“It won’t happen, trust me …I don’t have time for them” I said and continue uprating my laptop.


“Tell me Iyna …,what are you doing? She asked coming to seat beside me.


“Am doing job hunting on line “I said and she smiled .


“Let me help you , there’s this company I heard about trust me you will try to get a


job there,umm what’s the name again …..


She started thinking.


“Yessss…..I remember it’s called …N.H CO-OPERATION….” She said .


I frowned.


“What’s N.H CO-OPERATION? I asked .


“Silly girl …it’s a name of the most largest and wealthiest company here in America” she said ….


“And trust me girl, it will take brilliant people to work there …and your so brilliant am sure they will hire you …look the interview is tomorrow, so you better be ready to go ” she said .


Ummm I think I’d like this company tho.


“okay …but when will it start? I asked .


“Anything 10 so you better hurry up and be there on time ” she said happily i just smiled .


” Okay …. thanks” I said .


“Yeah…I will only accept your thanks if you go with me to the club ” she said winking at me .


“Tobi…I don’t …..


“No Iyna your going, there’s no ….no to it … period, get ready we’ll be going once


it’s 6” Tobi said standing up and leaving.


I just rolled my eyes, well Tobi won’t allow me , and this is the only way to tell her thank you for Saving me from the stress of that job thing. God thank you for giving me Tobia.


Nicholas p.o.v


“WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? I shouted at Ravis one of my employees, he moved back scared at my outburst as I looked at him angrily.


“S_s_sir….I really don’t know….”he said slutter.


I gave him the *are you crazy look*


“You don’t know, explain to me this fu.ckin shit in this laptop” I said turning the laptop to him .


“Mr hensmith, it was a mistake believe me , the other companies entrusted more of the ships into there allies hands ,…by the time I checked all the emails sent …they stole half a million from the account….and they ……..


“Just shut up ….I thought you could do this job better, how could you be so


careless leaving the bank loan on desert and explaining rubbish to me ,….half a


million is been stolen and now my company has suffered another loss …did I put you as my fu.ckin accountant so my money can keep Missing? I yelled at him . He looked down avoiding my eyes.


“You know what your fired ” I said angrily sitting back on my chair he looked at me shocked.


“Please Mr Hensmith…I assure you I will get to the bottom of this,… please don’t fire me …” He pleaded.


Ravis is one of my best workers and that’s why I put him to handle my money , but recently my money keep getting stolen ..the last time was 700 thousand and now it’s half a million, it’s really bad and I can’t comprehend who is behind it.


Well am the first twin son of my family, Jason and Vanessa hensmith, my dad is very handsome and my mom is an epitome of true beauty…did I forget my grandma Babianca she’s already old but still look so take away ….and my grandpa


Timmy …his my best , he calls me his boy am his favorite actually while my twin sister Nichol is my granny’s.


Am 25 and my dad has handed this company to me when I turned 23 , well so I changed the name from J.H CO-OPERATION to N.H CO-OPERATION. Which is Nicholas Hensmith co-operation.


My family are fu.ckin rich , starting from my grandma and grandpa Timmy and Babianca hensmith.


I must say , our second name is wealth.


My twin sister Nichol is a fashion designer, she makes cloths bags shoes and lots more …her company is very big I must say , and she’s the madam of her own,.


Right from childhood we both fight alot I don’t mean to the extent of me hitting her


….my father will just kill me ..well but at least she gives me headache alot and I


make sure to give her triple.


My younger sister Althea ,is planning to be a model ,well shes working with Nichol tho, sometimes she goes for training and all.


While me I took over my dad’s business, I must say this company is one in a billion, our name is money .


But that doesn’t mean am bad , am good but women , they just can’t stay away from me , some are coming cause of my good looks while some are after my money …


Well if you need my money then you have to follow me to my hotel and we can talk business there.


I know you must be thinking am a playboy, but I don’t believe in love , gosh when I heard my grandparents story how grandpa and grandma hurt each other ….I just


can’t think of it then coming to my mom and dad …how they got separated,and hurt each other and came back after 6yrs ..,it just make me sick.


Love filled with all this problems,i can’t just stand it,i don’t even want to think of it …am not ready to love any woman who will hurt me or I will hurt in fact I love the way I am …no woman no stress….just living the way I want . So back to present.


I listened as he apologized.


“Ravis…I want you to get to the bottom of this ” I said calmly and he nodded .


“I promise Mr hensmith I will” he said and left .


And just then my best friend, jack and kelvin walked in.


“Hay…what’s up bro ” kelvin said coming to handshake me .


I shook hands with them as they both sat on the two chairs facing my desk, jack put his both legs on my desk and cross them i gave him the *are you mad * look and he chuckled.


“Did you buy anything here ….get your fealty legs from my desk” I said trying to


hit him as he quickly removed it and they both chuckle.


“Nick…Nick…your sounding upset today what’s wrong? Jack asked .


“Seriously…the ships has gone down again and half a million is missing” I said .

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They looked surprised.


“Seriously man… someone is doing this on purpose…”kelvin said .


“I think you should install a C.C TV camera everywhere around your building” jack said .


“Of course there’s c.c TV camera everywhere…” I replied.



“Look man …put it in all your workers offices …it will help you know who is cheating you “kelvin said .


I reasoned, they might be correct.


“I will do that “I replied.


“Umm…we are here to tell you , we are going to the club Tonight” jack said rubbing his Pam together smirking.


“Yeah …and you need to com with us ” kelvin said .


“You know I can never say no ….I need a woman to warm my bed Tonight” I said




“Sure then …we are going for the party…can’t wait to meet some hot cheeks ” jack grinned as I and kelvin smirked.


Well I really need to go to that club and get some drink into my system and a sexy


woman to bed tonight.


So hw was it?



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