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How I Killed My Husband – Episode 9

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“Who’s…dead?” I stammered, looking at her.


“Your son. He died this morning.” Blessing replied.


I wept like never before. I was screaming and disturbing the whole of the station and they had no choice but to grant me bail immediately.


That was how I left the station.


However,I got to the hospital expecting to see my son’s corpse but what I saw was entirely different.


Christopher was sitting on the hospital bed, looking happy and comfortable.


I was stunned as I turned to look at Blessing who was smiling.


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“It was doctor Rachel’s idea. She said we should tell you that so they would be able to release you.” Blessing said.


I smiled happily as I walked up to Christopher and hugged him. His affected eye was still red and swollen.


“Please stay with him. Let me quickly ho home and bring his favourite food.” I says to Blessing who smiled and nodded.


I walked out of the hospital feeling so relieved and happy I was free again.


I stood by the road side waiting for a cab when a Land Cruiser parked in front of me.


The driver whined down the screen and an handsome looking man became visible.


“Hi. Mind I give you a ride? I think the sun is too high for you.” The driver said


I hesitated for a while before ducking my head to catch his gaze.” Thanks but never mind.


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I will just wait here for a cab.” I said nervously remembering I met Samuel this way.


He invited me into his car and I quickly jumped in then.


“Are you scared of me? Come on don’t be. I just want to give you a ride. Trust me.” He said in a cool voice.


Finally I relaxed and entered. Immediately I entered,I was glad I did.

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The AC was awesome. We began talking and having a lot of conversations. I found out he was so friendly and outspoken.



Mike as I later learnt his name was drove me home.


We exchanged contacts and I found myself thinking about him.


I made lunch for my son and quickly went back to the hospital so I could take care of him.


After feeding him, doctor Rachel called me into her office.


Apprehensively,I went.


I say down as she breathed in heavily, looking at me.


“Doctor, please…talk to me. What’s happening? Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked, moving forward uncomfortably in my seat.


Doctor Rachel stretched out her hand and took mine. “I’m sorry,Mrs Erica. I tried to see to this but.. couldn’t. Your…womb has been damaged.”


She finally threw the bombshell. My heartbeat accelerated.


I screamed and fell on the ground and cried a river. Even though he was dead,I caused Samuel in his grave.


I was unconsolable. Without thinking twice,I rushed out of the hospital, heading straight for Mama’s house.


“Are you satisfied? Are you! I’ve lost all the children in my stomach! Hope you are satisfied!” I cried, screaming at her.


Mama was speechless. She could not talk. She only watched me as I displayed my madness.


It was too painfully for me to bear. I left the house and headed straight back to the hospital.


First thing the next day,I planned to leave town for good.


As I came into the hospital, I came face to face with Mike, wearing a doctor’s coat.


I was surprised. “Mike?


“Hey. What are you doing here?” He asked, equally surprised.


“My son’s admitted here. Is this your..?” I left the word hanging cos he had started nodding his head.


“This is my hospital. I never knew I would meet you here.” He answered.


Doctor Rachel came out with a file and smiled on seeing me. “Oh you are back. I was very worried cos you were looking so furious as you ran out.” She said. I only nodded.

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“My God. Is she the woman having those results you showed me earlier?” Mike asked.


“My dear. It’s not the end of the world. You have to take heart.” Mike says before putting a hand on my shoulder.


It watered my eyes cos his hand felt so good on my shoulder. It really comforted me and I smiled again.


Mike and I got real close. He was a single parent with two lovely daughters.


Despite the fact that I had lost my womb,Mike asked for my hand in marriage.


I was overjoyed but careful this time around as I watched him closely.


Mike was just too perfect for me and my son. He was Samuel’s opposite.


Finally I found joy, peace and happiness. Mike made me believe all men were not the same.


Together with Mike and his daughters with my son we lived happily ever after.





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