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How I Killed My Husband – Episode 7

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I wept all night. I sat on the bare floor of the room and cried like never before.


I knew my son would be in so much pain and would need me by husband side.


But I had no choice but to wait till tomorrow which I was going to be taken to court.


I fell into an uneasy sleep and had different bad dreams.


The door opened the best morning, jerking me up from sleep.


I sat up and robed my hands against my face. It was already morning.


“Madam,come out.” A voice said outside the door. I staggered up and moved towards the door.


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My hands were immediately handcuffed. I was taken outside the the counter where the D.P.O gave me some papers to sign.


Just then Esther came in and I rushed towards her but the police man near ne drew me back.


“My son.. how’s Christ?” I asked,not withstanding the pain in my arm.


“Relax, Erica. Christopher is fine. He’s still in the hospital. I was there yesterday and this morning.


The nurse in charge told me not to worry. He’s going to be fine ” Esther assured me.


“And Blessing? Where is she?, Isn’t she with him?” I asked again.


Esther breathed in and shook her head.” Erica, she’s no where to be found. I suppose she’s your house girl?” Esther asked.


I was heartbroken. How could Blessing disappear at a time like this? I needed her! Yes,she was supposed to be here to bear me witness.


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She was supposed to be here to tell the police man what Samuel has been doing…


using me for money.


“Time up.” Inspector Dike said, taking me by my arm.


He looked at me. I felt his eyes on me and looked up.


“Move it.” He said,as we all heeded out.


“Have faith, Erica. I’ve got you a good lawyer. You have to be strong. Nothing will happen to you.” Esther assured me.


Breathing in,I climbed up into the black Maria parked outside,hoping and praying that I would be vindicated.


We got to court,and I was brought down from the van.


Almost immediately,a lady attacked me from nowhere.


“Murderer! Witch! You have succeeded I’m killing my brother! Aahh!! You will not only rot in jail! You will be buried there!”


I tried to yank myself away. But because I was handcuffed it wasn’t easy. The police men came to my rescue.


It was Hanna, Samuel’s sister. Mama was coming from behind.


“Officers! What are you waiting for! Let’s get things done and send this murderer to jail!” Mama shouted, glaring at me with so much wickedness.



Esther’s car arrived and she quickly came out to stand beside me.


“Don’t run your smelly mouths on her already! Don’t you think it’s too early!” Esther snapped.


“Who’s this one? Who the hell do you think you are talking to?” Hanna raved.


The police man came to the rescue and stopped them from fighting.


Esther and I with inspector Dike went under a shape where the lawyer whom Esther had brought to handle my casw was waiting.


“This is Mr Osai. He’s the very food lawyer I brought to handle your case.” Esther told me


I managed a smile as we exchanged greetings.


“Okay,Mrs Erica. All you have to do to help me in there is to be bold, outspoken and clear. Don’t panic.


Be courageous and have faith. All will be well and we shall win, okay?” The lawyer told me.


I was amazed at his voice. It looked more older than his face. Mr Osai would definitely be in his early thirties. No doubts about it.


I nodded as he shook hands with me.


I was taken inside. People were already coming in and sitting down.


My mind was made up that I would not shed a single tear no matter what came out.


I was taken to the suspect’s stand.


Esther sat in front at the first role while Mama and Hanna sat at the other side.


There were murmuring among the crowd as I stood there looking at the floor.


Another lawyer was sitting beside mama. A female and she was looking so wicked and determined.


I feat Mr Osai would not be good as her and was going to lost the case.


Mr Osai sat beside Esther. I turned to look at them and they gave me a smile full of courage.




“Arise!” Silence fell across the whole room.


The judge was coming in and my heartbeat accelerated so badly I wanted to fall in the ground and faint.


I tried to control it but I just couldn’t.


The judge, barrister Koffi had his seat and business began.




Mrs Erica, will you please tell this honourable court what happened on the twenty third of April, two thousand and eighteen?” Miss Ned asked me, standing beside my stand.


I breathed in and nodded. “Yes I will. I will tell you everything.. everything you need to know.” I said.


“Good. We are all ears ” she responded staring straight into my eyes but I refused to get scared.

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“After learning about my husband’s secret from my son’s new nanny,I was so embittered and shocked he could do that to me. I did not want to believe it.



Before I tell you what this secret is,I will like to go back on a review of how I suffered in the hands in Samuel. I was brutally beaten and raped.


I was an object of ridicule in my own matrimonial home.


Samuel was not only a beast, he was a demon sent from hell to torment me.


I had several injuries and my doctor once told me I had injuries in my private part.


I cried and cried but no one came to my rescue. Then I was pregnant.


I had no strength to rejoice over it but I was very happy about it.


Then came the devil again. He beat me up for no reason at all.


He kicked my tummy and I ended up losing my pregnancy.” I says and broke down in tears. I could not go on.


People sympathized behind me with different sounds like eyaaa!! Chai! And other words that could bring more tears.


I continued my story. ” Then I thought I’ve had it up to my neck and I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to plan out something based in what my son’s nanny told me.”


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“Hold on a minute,madam!” Miss Ned cut me short. I stopped. “You were busy telling us how demonic your husband was.


You had bruises and injury in your private part? Hmm. Interesting. Where’s your prove? And by the way… while all this was going on,who did you tell? Who did you reported to? The police? The crime fighters? Your mother inlaw? Your family members? Who? You could tell us?

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Did you reported to the police and what prove have you got because right now ….I


see no injury on you!” Mrs Ned’s voice sounded in my ears.


I stood like a statue looking at her with my heart beating loud.



I loved him so much I did not report nor tell anyone….I had no prove.


I was doomed and doomed forever..will I ever get out of here??









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