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How I Killed My Husband – Episode 5

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The time was half past eight when I got home that night.


Mama was already sleeping in the guest room which made it more easier for me.


“Where the hell are you coming from? Did you not know I was going to eat before going to bed?” Samuel asked as I came into the room.

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I faked a smile. “I rushed out to buy you your favourite wine cos there was none in the fridge.” I answered and put a bottle of wine down beside him.


“Who told you this is my best wine?” He asked,looking down at it.


“Oh…I thought you liked Brandywine.” I pretended.



I’ve mixed a substance that was going to make him unstable even with one gulp.

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“You will like it. Try it.” I said going out immediately before he would suspect anything.


Samuel took the wine and came down to eat. Immediately he started taking the drink,I went outside.


The prostitute I met at the bar,whose name was Susie was waiting outside.


“I think it’s time. He’s taking the wine already. Once he’s drunk..he will come inside the bedroom and have sex with you. Remember…’s going to be painful.


You just have to endure… please. And hide your face.” I told her but she only laughed, telling me not to worry.


Susie went inside our bedroom from the back door and changes into my nighties.


Then layed on the bed. I stood outside, watching from the slightly opened window.


Just as I expected,the bastard sauntered inside the room, drunk and shouting my name.

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“Get up for the last time! Did I gave you the permission to sleep already!” Samuel yelled and pulled Susie out of the bed, throwing her on the floor.


Samuel removed his clothing immediately and ordered her to strip.


Bowing her head,Susie obeyed.


He pushed her unto the bed and went down with her.


Closing my eyes,I looked away and stepped away from the window side.


Tears filled my eyes immediately as my husband’s wicked groans reached my ears.


At that point,I began to regret why I had to give to go to that extreme.


I sat at the back garden in the dark, covering my ears and weeping too.


Then I slept off.


I woke up to a gentle hand tapping me on the shoulder. I opened my eyes a d rushed off the floor. It was Susie. She was all dressed and ready to leave.


“I’m done with what you asked me to do. Guess it’s payment time.”


She said and I brought out my phone then transfer some money into her account.

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“You have to leave this marriage, girl. Yeah! If this us what you actually face all the time,I will advise you leave the marriage.


Can you imagine?” Susie said before leaving the compound.


I looked at the time. It was almost eleven. Now,I was so scared of going inside.


Now that he had slept with another woman,what was going to happen?


I could not tell but I had to go inside.


When I got inside the room,I was surprised to see him sleeping soundly and snoring away.


Slowly I crept under the covers of the bedspread and layed down turning to the other side,then slept off.


The next morning,a loud sound of the family photo in our room jerked me uo from sleep.


I screamed when I opened my eyes. My husband’s face was full of blood.


He shouted like a mad man and lifted our plasma, smashing it on the floor.


“You! You! I will destroy you!” Samuel was screaming now.


I came down from bed,my eyes bulging. I wanted to run out of the room but my legs would not obey.


On the floor was a sharp kitchen knife which had dropped from the drawer.


Samuel looked so crazy. He tore his shirt away,still shouting.


“Please,calm down! What’s wrong with you!!” I yelled, running back as he charged towards me with the eye of a murderer.


Of course I knew what was wrong with him. He slept with another woman.


I was shaking. Samuel has been using me for money.


“I will kill you! How dare you! How dare you do this to me!!” He was still shouting.


God, does it mean that this old witch of a mother inlaw was still asleep?


Where is Blessing? For crying out loud,Samuel was going to bring down the roof.


He raised the wall clock from the wall abd smashed it on the floor.


Everything in the room was broken.


He picked a large broken bottle from the floor and ran towards me.


I screamed as he threw the broken bottle towards me. I was fast enough. I dodged it but then something terrible which I was never going to forget in a flash happened.


Immediately he threw the bottle,the door opened. I was standing just right in front of the door.


I dodged as the bottle ran past me then I heard the cry.



Even without turning back to look I knew the cry belonged to my little boy.


I turned sharply and screamed as I saw my baby laying down on the ground. The broken bottle was struck in his left eye and blood oozed out from his ear and eye.


I could not believe the sight before me.


Slowly,I turned back to stare at Samuel with my head….my hands….all of my body


shaking terribly.


This was it. The last pain I could take!


Samuel was breathing very fast as he stared daggers at me. He did not spare our dying son a glance.


“I will destroy you.” He said. I totally lost it. This was the last pain I could take from him. No more!


With a loud burst of scream and uncontrollable cries,I charged forward at him and before he could regain his balance,I bent down and grabbed the sharp kitchen knife on the floor and drove it straight into his bare stomach.


Time stopped. Space stopped. The world stopped breathing as I stared into the shocked eyes if my husband.


He stars back at me..his mouth wide open….my hands were still in the knife..that


was still inside his stomach.


“My husband…” I said as blood rushed down, sipping into the blue rogue.








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