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How I Killed My Husband – Episode 4

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I was so much ready to break free. I desperately wanted ti know what was going on.


I dismissed Blessing, telling her to help me watch out.


The next day,I was doing my laundry when mama,my mother in law came visiting.


I was instantly in sorrow.


I knew I was doomed. Mama hated me to the bone. Just like her son.


She saw nothing wrong with the way her son treated me. She was told me I deserved it.


“Hold your witch craft greetings to yourself!” She shoned me as I came out to greet her.


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“Mama. It’s just a greeting. Please,don’t be offended.” I said immediately, promising myself I would try hard to avoid her.


“You must be very stupid for that statement,Erica. Are you trying to teach me English?” Mama shouted at me.


“No mama. I said I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have bothered greeting you.” I said trying to go back to my work when she shouted.



“Eehh!! Ewo…my son has married a witch! Kai!! I told him about this oh but he would never listen.


See let me gist you my dear. I’m a bigger witch and I’m going to drive you out of this house before you kill my son.” Mama said bluntly to my amazement.


I almost laughed at the statement. Who was killing who?


“Mama,it’s obvious you don’t even want to see me at all.


So,I’m going back to what I was doing before you came in.

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If you need anything,you can always call me.” I said,turned around and left the living room.


Not long after,Samuel returned from work.


I was shocked to hear mama burst into tears. A very loud one.


I rushed down the stairs to know what was going on.


“Mom, what’s happening? What happened to you? Why is your face so red?” I heard Samuel asking her as I got inside the living room.


Mama’s roads were still with her.


She pointed at me. I stood, wondering what the woman was doing.


“Help me ask your wife what I did to her? She practically insulted me and refused to unpack my loads.


She called me all sort of names, Samuel. What have I done to her? Look at my face.” Mama cried bitterly.


I was in a daze. I stared at mama, shocked.


“Mama! You are a liar…!!”



A thunderous slap landed on my face before I could complete that statement.


Samuel hit me do hard I lost my balance and staggered back, blindly.


“How dare you!” He asked, coming closer to me. I backed off, alarmed.


“You slapped me because of such a lie! Samuel,you are a monster! You are evil! What have I ever done to you!” I cried, looking at birth mother and son with tears in my eyes.


Mama made silent jests at me and I felt like strangling the old witch.


Samuel grabbed my neck, shoving me into the nearest sofa. He descended on me, kicking and slapping.


I screamed. Shouted. Cursed.


But mama stood there, laughing silently.


“How dare you ! How dare you reign insults on my own mother!” Samuel kept yelling as he beated me.


Blood rushed out of my mouth from where he hit me with his fist.


Mama quickly pulled him away,pleading with him.


“Nonsense!” Samuel spat out breathing like he just ran a long metres of race.


I layed down there ib the sofa in pains but refusing to cry.


I watched them leave with hatred and vengeance in my eyes.


No! I would never continue like this else I would die, leaving my son at another person’s mercy.


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I remembered all what Blessing told me and I sprang up on my feet, determined to do something this time around.


I would not seat down and watch my life being wasted.


That very night,I left home with a deadly plan on my mind.


If what Blessing said was true…..then I had to use it and punish the monster of a




I would make sure he gets drunk that night.


That night I walked to a club house.


I located the prostitutes residence and looked around.


There were so many young women like me. The music was so loud I had to cover my ears.


I was looking for something. A woman with my type of shape and height,that would be able to actualize my plan.


Walking to the bar stand,I met a woman there, drinking and making call.


She was standing. I nodded my head in satisfaction. She was the same height as me. Her shape and everything was just perfect. And I was sure she was among the prostitutes and would be willing to do the job so far money was going to be involved.


“Evening.” I said immediately she ended the call. She turned to look up and down at me. I faked a smile.


She was still staring. “Yes? How may I help you?” She asked,not quite pleased.


She must be expecting a male instead.


“I need your help.” I told her.



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“I have a job offer for you. Name your price…only if you can do it.” I said.


She brought out a cigarette and lit it up. Taking one deep breath into her,she looked at me. “What’s it? And by the way,who are you?” She asked me.

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“Knowing who I am is not the problem right now. You will get to know later on. I just need you to sleep with someone tonight with any amount of your choice.” I said and felt the tears sprang up from my eyes at what I was about to do.


But I just had to…. I’ve suffered enough and the wicked shall pay for his crimes.








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